The Abyssal (WIP) - 05/15 DEMO Update and PATREON. Play as death itself!

I will write more detailed thoughts later on when I go deeper in the demo (I will say though that I’m already hooked and curious to see more of the story); I just wanted to share a thought that has been rather persistent in my mind ever since playing the demo and reading the bio of the gods.

Hulda and Helmos sound very close with each other; the fact neither is often seen without the other seem to be a strong implication of this fact. They both were also ones of the gods that took far too much pleasure in doing their own part in imprisoning Death. And I have seen many cases in stories where people looking for justice against some kind of wrong get creative with how they go about it, to the point death would seem like a mercy.

…So what if a Death, who had a thirst for revenge to some degree, decided to do something to one twin, make sure the other twin was completely aware of what was happening, but putting that remaining twin in a position of helplessness by making it too late for that twin to do anything to aid the other, while keeping the duo from being unable to even be together? :thinking:

At least, that’s the idea that’s come to my mind with one way to deal with the twins. Still trying to play with what way Death could probably approach their payback in regards to Chamion (who seemed to enjoy his own part in dealing with Death probably even more than the twins).


getting some redo of a healer vibes from this


Er, not that far; they go crazy with the revenge delivery from what my friend had told me (then again, that story world’s sounds like a REALLY crappy place to live in)… :sweat_smile:


yeah I just thought of a mad, revenge driven death (basically Keyaru but much more powerful) doing some… nasty things to one of the twins

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Ok, that might have been why our thoughts went in kinda different directions. :laughing:

I was imagining a Death who only really intended on dealing with anyone from the Pantheon who either 1) actively goes out of their way to try to forcefully imprison Death once more or 2) were having a little too much fun in their cruelty while imprisoning Death. Basically, either a Death who may only retaliate of the other gods give them no peace or one who tempers their vengeance to not overly cross a line of cruelty, but still deliver a (arguably) reasonable punishment (reasons may vary).

So when I thought of Death dealing with the twins, I was thinking of them giving the twins a taste of hubris destroying pie. They certainly mock and talk up a tough game when at advantage against Death and when together…but what happens when they are the ones who are at a disadvantage and may not even have one another’s support to help each other through it? How would they handle being in a state of helplessness and getting a taste of what they eagerly subjected Death to?


Hii, I’ve replayed the demo a couple more times and I have a question. There’s a possibility that we can begin a romantic relationship with Sol if we choose the friendship route? It would make sense for Death or Sol, or even both, to be in love with each other but be too afraid to take the next step, since they value their friendship above all else. Sorry if this question was already asked :blush:


Nope. It will be explained later in the game as well.


@Ogleebes and @BookieMonster I’m actually contemplating the idea of making that possible, I still have a long way to go, and no decision is set in stone yet. :wink:


is it possible if you can make sol gender selectable if not its ok I was just wondering that’s all

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sol is not gender selectable. The author has already decided that.


The author has stated multiple times that Sol WILL NOT BE GENDER SELECTABLE. I’m sorry, but I’m actually getting annoyed at people asking the author to make him genderflipable. Please just respect them for their decision.


Ooo very interesting! Looking forward for more!


Maybe it would be good to actually add that to the Disclaimers or the “About the ROs” categories in the first post? :thinking:
The thread is getting a bit long, and looking for / finding information like that can be a bit tedious if you can only scroll to look for it.
Having it in the original post (or even making a FAQ segment to the OP that would include that) could help in avoiding people asking the same questions again and again and risking making people unconfortable.
A win-win for everyone, in my opinion?


Considering that there is a special connection between Death and romanced Sol, would Death be able to use this connection to force Sol to feel what Death felt while being imprisoned once they meet again?


@Konoi Nice idea! I’ll be sure to add a FAQ on the first post with some of the most asked questions!

@jefaulmann The connection cannot be used that way, and even if it could Sol would be able to block his end from receiving any unwanted emotions. Sol and Death connection will be explained in depth when they meet again, don’t worry.


Just finished the work once, and was definitely attracted to it!!! Must say that the details are awesome!!! Like the descriptions given about the color(Really helps to sink myself in) and the opinions about the man in the field. Reeeeeeally looking for more! About the stories between the Gods…(Awww why there is only one chapter;( )