Thank you, Choice of Games


Hi! I know that this is kinda irrelevant in a forum since I am not really encouraging a discussion, but I just personally feel unsatisfied if this is left unsaid. So, when I say “Thank you, CoG,” I meant gratitude not only to the organization CoG itself, but also its imaginative authors blessed with such magical way for creating something out of their ridiculous minds.

I have always loved reading and my love just got stronger and stronger since I stumbled upon this website. I have always liked interactive novels and when I accidentally discovered this website, can you just imagine what I felt? Since 2014, I became a fan.

I will not special mention any title, but just so you know, I purchased about 70% of your products already. When I got my smartphone, I promise to never buy anything from the store ever. Then I decided that breaking my promise for good reads is very much worth it.

Another thing, I’m not much for expressing myself this much online but for this I’ll make an exception. I guess it says something about how special this organization is to me.

They say that love makes you do the things you are not willing to do for someone/something else that’s not special. So I suppose you could say that me breaking my promise not to buy anything and me posting a message right here is my expression of love for this awesome, awesome organization. Choice of Games.

You guys have been influential to me and I will not be shocked if there are people out there who feels just like what I am feeling. Here’s hoping that the authors will continue to have the motivation, creativity, and endurance to inspire people like me. Please continue doing what you’re doing.

An Avid Fan

P.S. Sorry if posts like this is not allowed.


I’d like to say the same thing. I struggled with my video game addiction to the point that all my relationships deteriorated or disappeared and my other interests evaporated. Quitting was very hard and created a huge void in my life where there had once been creative interaction with plots, characters, landscapes and ideas.

Eventually I sorted myself out, but I don’t think it would have happened without the enormously accessible medium of choicescript (and my supportive partner). Now I write when I feel that obsessive compulsion. . . so thanks. Really, thanks.


Just wanted to say thanks for implementing the staff icons.

It makes it much clearer for those who don’t know who is who yet on the forums. I don’t know if it was difficult, but if not maybe an icon could be used to identify mods one day?

And thank you for all the information you’ve been distributing recently - (full style guidelines and everything). It’s all been a great help. :purple_heart: