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I’ve been for some time on a well-known forum, and I’ve seen that at the category “Forum Games”, they had a sub-category “Roleplaying”. So I thought, why don’t we do a RolePlay on this forum? The RolePlay will not be on the forum itself, but on a Chatzy room I’ve started (Chatzy lets you make chat rooms where everyone can join).

The role-play theme will be “Zombie Apocalypse”.

The Chatzy room (note that my name is Alex): http://us7.chatzy.com/89173370178438

Also, note that you do NOT need to make an account. Write your name, set up a few preferences and you’re off!


  1. Don’t spam.
  2. If you have questions about this RolePlay, post them here, not on the Chatzy RP-only room.
  3. Don’t threaten other people on the RolePlay. This is meant to be fun and FUN only.
  4. If you do not want to RolePlay, just don’t go on the room.
  5. If you hate this RolePlay, post here, not on that Chatzy RP Room.
  6. If you want to join the RolePlay, post here on the forums with your Chatzy username.

Why am I doing this? Well, why not? I will still have time to code and do other stuff, and RolePlaying is fun in my opinion.

What is this “RolePlay” thing? RolePlaying means acting like in real-life. What if a Zombie Apocalypse would happen in real-life? If it would, then you would act the same as in the game presumably, because that’s what RolePlay is meant for.


Hmm, seems interesting, I suppose.
Just make sure none of the roleplay leaks in to this thread, the CoG staff announced a while back that the roleplaying threads were to be banished, if it does happen to leak on to this thread, it could be counted as you breaking a rule, which is a ban.
Anyway, i’ll be sure to check it out Alex. :smiley:


It will not, that is a rule of this RolePlay (that I hope everyone will respect, although I can’t control human behavior, which tends to not obey rules once in a while, and I’m talking about others, not me). Anyways…don’t you want to join? :smiley:


I have a forum you can use. We already have some CoG people there.


Well, then, could you point me out the link…? I’d rather go do this on a forum than on a chatbox (the reason for not doing it on this discussion was mentioned by @Daisuke above).


http://z10.invisionfree.com/swordsofjustice/index.php? … I am a memeber their


All right, the Zombie Apocalypse RP is moving there in about half an hour (until I finish setting up everything). Thanks for pointing that out!


I think @ScarletGeisha was refering to Lord’s (I think that’s his name, if it isn’t, sorry!) forum that he made specifically for CoG forum RPG’s, although I may be wrong.


Yes I opened a board for rp choice players http://www.lordirish.com/CoRP/


@Scarlet has her own RP site and also I dont think she is a part of first quest


No I don’t think so will have to check it out.

Edit it is a very nice board.


I didn’t know that about another RP board.


I’ll just make one on both forums.




You’re welcome. And welcome to forum RP. =)