Tempus Fugit [WIP] - Demo Available (Updated 06/15)

Hi. So, uh. I’ve been playing with ChoiceScript for the last couple of months and finally cobbled together a short first chapter of an idea I’ve had for a while. I know a lot of people don’t like sifting through long introductions, so if you’d like to just start the game now, here’s the link:


And the long and boring intro:

Tempus Fugit is a high fantasy story set in the country of Cael Mortu, a land of hermetic magic, a 1940’s-ish level of technology, and a collision of Southern European, Middle Eastern and North African cultural and religious influences (although the bulk of it is based off of post-Hellenistic Rome). Born in the village of Permar, a town said to be made of ash and magic, you are one of the few people with the ability to enter- and alter- the memories of others to subtly affect your future. As you learn the mysteries of the world’s grisly beginnings, you can try to rewrite history in order to prevent the world from destroying itself-- or you can use your knowledge to conquer the world in your name.

The link above is currently only a very short first chapter, since most of the past month was spent figuring out ChoiceScript and then fixing all of my many mistakes in ChoiceScript instead of making actual progress. I’ve (mostly) got the hang of it now (mostly), so further updates will have a lot more content.

Anyway, I’d greatly appreciate feedback on any errors you happen to come across- spelling, grammar, coding, continuity, or any parts of the story that are confusing/boring/you just don’t like/etc. This is my first ChoiceScript game, and my first attempt at programming, so there’s bound to be a lot of mistakes-- don’t be afraid to tell me if something sucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!


I liked this it was an enjoyable read i’ll keep an eye on this WIP. I would like to know more about the world you’ve created though, Magic exsist but in what way? are there those born with magic and those who are not? Can it be taught? You brifely metioned social class just how much does it affect peoples lives?

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Blood magic and demon summoning?
Thats all I needed to hear. Color me interested.

Also we have the power to influence time.
But paradoxes how will you deal with these
Example. The grandfather paradox which is to say what happebs if we sleep with our parents unknowingly or something like that?

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Thank you so much!

To use magic, all you need is a body, vis (magical energy), and the will to do so. So nearly everyone can use it, but few people have the time or discipline to really master it to an extent. It’s like any other skill in real life: Virtually anyone could become an expert in a martial art after years of study and dedication, but most people will just visit a mall dojo for a week, get bored, and go back to spending their evenings watching Netflix.

Social class is influenced a lot by what kind of family you come from. People will treat you differently if you’re an orphan with no last name, but you won’t be restricted by the same social obligations as someone who has to worry about disgracing their family name.

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Haha, thank you!

Every time you significantly alter the past (which won’t happen until a bit later in the story-- at first, you’ll only be able to observe people’s memories), you create an alternate timeline that “forces” itself to make sense; so if you went in the past and became your own grandparent, the new timeline would be one where it’s impossible for you to exist without being your own grandparent. You created yourself, so that you could be born and go back in time to create yourself. (You can never go back to the timeline you left after you start a new one, by the way, so you won’t be able to instantly reset things.)

I’m not sure if that explanation made a whole lot of sense. I’ll try to explain it better in the game. :grin:

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I think I get it.
So MC creates grandfather paradox they are forced to continue the paradox on repeat to ensure their existence.

Now i’m wondering if you will let us be our own grandparents.

It’ll be really difficult to do, but totally be possible. I’m thinking of making it an achievement.

There’s not really enough of a demo to make a full judgement but I like what I’ve seen so far. I’ll be watching this WIP with interest.

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Seems buggy. I chose the Academy, ran to get help from the man, and saw, "You scream for your parents, your breath burning in your lungs-- you’re almost to the back door… You scream for your grandmother, your breath burning in your lungs-- you’re almost to the back door… "
Edit: Then it says the mill has disappeared, the cottage has disappeared, and so on for all four places. It seems to be showing text for all four paths in several various places. I think this might be because I looked at each choice of home and chose to look at the other ones before choosing the academy?

I chose the wand shop then changed my mind and went to the academy, then ran for the forest without encountering any bugs. It’s still in it’s begining stages but looks like it could be quite an original CYOA :slight_smile: Good luck with it

(And watch futurama for ideas on how it’s possible to be your own grandfather lol)

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I really enjoyed the demo! Keep up the great work ;’) @Alopax looking forward to more. By the way is there any RO’S planned for this game? And an evil path xD haha sorry im just so curious.

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It’s hard to explain, but something about your writing is … interesting.
Anyways, I enjoyed the demo so far, as somewhat confusing as it was at this point.

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Aw man, why’d it have to end so soon? But seriously, it may be short, but I’m already engaged with the story, and I like your writing style. Can’t wait to see more.

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Thanks for catching that, @Crotale! Should be fixed now.

@GloriaRose: Yes to both!

@RagEgnite: Was there anything in particular that was confusing? I have a really stupid habit of forgetting to explain some things when I’m writing, so please feel free to call me out whenever it happens in the story.

Thank you for the comments, everyone! I’m sorry for it being so short; I have more of an idea of what I’m doing now, so I’ll try to get it to a decent length by the end of the weekend.

its good. i cant wait to read the of it after its finished

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I like what I’ve seen so far! Will the birth month have an effect on anything or is it just for flavor?

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Not so much that, as you have an interesting way of writing that I find hard to describe.

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Looks good so far – I’ll be following it!

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The game seems quite interesting and writing style is engaging and flows pleasantly. :smile:
Can’t wait for more! :blush:

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A fantasy story NOT set in a pseudo-Medieval England?? Count me in.
Loving this so far! Your world-building and attention to detail are great!

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