'tempStatWrites' error (Fixed!)


Six months later and I finally break my game.

The first time I uploaded the demo, everything was working smoothly. The second time, the error message ‘tempStatWrites is not defined’ appeared. This pops up specifically when I click the next button on page one. When I click on stats, it’s now ‘transferTempStatWrites is not defined’.

I figured this was happening because I tampered with the mygame index and style files. Yet, despite having replaced them with their original files, the error’s still there. The game works flawlessly in IDE. Otherwise, nope. Also, I never created a temp variable called ‘StatWrites’ in the game itself, if that’s worth noting.

Thank you in advance for your assisstance!

EDIT: Never mind, I fixed it myself. I had to reinstall all my files in order to get rid of… whatever that strange error was.

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