Temporary *create's?


Is there a way to make a temporary *create because in my story they could be very helpful but I just do not know how to make a temporary one that I can remove from the stats list later. Is there a way to add a temporary *create so I can make
it appear later in the game and then make it disappear after im finished with it? For example I dont add poker chips into
the beginning of my story but later on I will add poker chips just for it to appear during that moment of the game. And then
I will make it invisible off of stats screen when im finished with the poker concept.


Perhaps this will help you:


That did not solve my problem. I am trying to make it invisible at the start of the start up file but on the start up file I need it later on. So I need to make it invisible at the beginning and then visible later on but then invisible again on the same file.


I think you want to *create it in startup.txt, but show/hide it on the stat screen temporarily. The stat will remain lurking for the whole game, but you’ll only use/show it when you need it.

If you only want to hide a stat temporarily, you’ll need to wrap the *stat_chart command in an *if statement, like this:

*if KnowsAboutMagic
        percent Magic

You can break your *stat_chart up into multiple smaller *stat_chart commands and use *if like this to hide just some of the charts.


That is what I am trying to do but I dont understand it. Can you please try to fix my code for me?

Start up
*create Chips 0

and then later on in the story

*set Chips 100

In the stat file
*if Chips >= 100
text Chips

I dont understand what im doing wrong.


Well, can the player lose chips? If so, then the chart won’t show up if the chips are less than 100.

May I suggest if yo wish to go about it this way, creating a boolean instead, that way you could have something that looks a bit like this:

*create chips 0
*create showchips false

then on your stats screen you could have something to the extent of

*if showchips
		text Chips

So that way all you have to do to have the chips show and stop showing would put in a

*set showchips true

When you want it to start and a

*set showchips false

When you want it to stop.

Maybe that’ll work?


It worked but now I have run into another problem. It is now hiding all my other stats that is below this command.


mistaken info - ignore


Well, indentation!

You won’t want to nest all of your remaining code below the conditional check (*if showchips). Try to write it something like this

*if showchips
      text Chips
   text The
   percent Other
   text Stats


Thank you so much this is the most helpful answer I have seen.

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