Temple of Endless Night (WIP) (Chapter 6 is COMPLETE!)

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Wait, I’m currently trying alchemist route but I can’t meet Merkeure? I went to the cave and managed to translate but I only got weird dream (Menkeure didn’t show up) and the day changed. Before I was able to communicate with him when I was a scholar.

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@lynossa Were your stats high enough?

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Just by picking alchemist, this is my stat:

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@lynossa Your stats look okay to me. You’ll easily get +5 to willpower just by playing the game and picking some magic related options, and you can get a few extra knowledge of netjeru points by either telling the rest of the caravan about your patron or picking Waset as your town.

10 September 2020 (Second update today!)

  • Added another path - magic - to Chapter 5 (ca. 2678 words, excluding code).
  • Fixed a very rare spellsword related bug in Chapter 4.

12 September 2020

  • Added Apepi’s path (ca. 2000 words, excluding code). Only two paths left!
  • Fixed some spelling errors.

Ngl I was waiting on the Apepi path to drop and now that it’s here I am hyped

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I’m glad! Only two more paths, and I’ll be able to start working on the scenes that’ll let you take the romances to… another level! :innocent: It’s gonna happen in Chapter 5.


2890 BCE -2670 BCE Bastet gains popularity in the Second Dynasty of Egypt.

2400 BCE - 2300 BCE associated as nursemaid and protector.

2134 BCE- 2040 BCE Known as protector of the dead.

525 BCE Persia invades Egypt where they use the image of Bastet to force the egyptians to surrender known as Battle of Pelusium.

From 5th century BCE (Before the common era) you find Bastet represented as a woman with the head of a lion. she is closely associated with a godess called Sekhmet (sakhmet) but sakhmet s iconography is different and more agressive. but over time Bastet images softened and was looked on as a companion (or a helper)

over time her role has changed

but Bastet and sakhmet is not the same. in the start they were almost the same but Bastet changed over time to be a kinder godess than sakhmeth
early days both took the shape of a feline protecting the innocent and know as avengers of the wronged. tho they are looked on as twins

sekhmet is representing upper Egypt

Bastet is representing lower Egypt

its important to note that these deities are not popular at the same time
Amun was popular in the new kingdom.

i could write 100 pages on this but then you would get bored

To the Dynasties there were around 30-32 Dynasty in Egypt its a serie of rulers sharing a common orgin. these rulers are grouped in to kingdoms and intermediate periods.

what do you mean by late in the Egyptian history?

anyway i like your story and the way you write it
good work!


@ihauk I simply meant that Bastet grew in importance. I didn’t mean that she wasn’t important. Sekhmet was simply more often associated with the royal cult, just like Hathor.

For the purpose of this game, I judge every deity by its proximity to Ra. I’ve introduced multiple changes to ancient Egypt and to the Egyptian religion, and one of those changes is the fact that Amun was not popular in the New Kingdom.

Ra was and still is (in the game world) the most important god, and the other gods are stronger if they have a closer connection to Ra.

Anyway, thank you so much for your remarks! I’m glad you liked the story!


so let me get this right the game is not historical accurate? if not then i think it is important to mention in the game

Amon grew in popularity since the middle kingdom spritually and political so during the new kingdom he was recognized as the king of gods. Egypt was at this point something like a theocracy. and egypt approached monotheism witch means the other gods became mere symbols of his power. towards 2040 BC amon and ra become one god.

Ra was at it peak in the Old kingdom or as some call it The pyramid age.

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Correct. The game is not historically accurate. However, it’s not historically inaccurate because of my lack of knowldge but because I want it to be. I’ve decided to make some changes - for example Egypt started thousands of years earlier than it did in our world. There’s also magic and Egypt exists to this day. If you read the chronicle (in the stats menu), you’ll even see that Egypt controls most of Africa.

Thank you for writing about the relationship between Amun and Ra, but I already know all of this. I study Egyptology. I change things because I want to.

This isn’t historical fiction. It’s a fantasy game and it says so in the first post.

There will probably be a disclaimer in the version I submit to Hosted Games.

Still, thank you for reading! :blush:


Ya – the history nerds like myself will thank you for putting their minds at ease early.

I actually had to test my Introduction and disclaimers out on readers to make sure they knew what to expect… and that is the key – set your audience’s expectations and you’ll be golden.


Cool then it is good :smiley:
a fellow archaeology student then?

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll try adding a proper disclaimer with the next update!

Not quite, but I guess it’s close enough.
I study Egyptology. We focus mostly on language and culture. :blush:


14 September 2020

  • Added one more path - servant rebellion - (ca. 2150 words, excluding code).
  • Added a disclaimer at the beginning of the game.

Chapter 5 is COMPLETE!

17 September 2020

  • Added the rest of Chapter 5 (ca. 4600 words, excluding code). I really hope everything is sfw.
  • Slightly lowered a strength check in Chapter 1.
  • Fixed some typos.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to take a bit of a break from Temple of Endless Night. I’d like to use that time to outline the first few chapters of the Chronicles and, hopefully, finally write that prologue.

26 September 2020

  • Changed a couple of sentences in the night scene with Z/M.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues in Chapter 5.
  • Fixed some typos.

I don’t trust anyone in this game :joy: not even myself. It is genuinely terrifying. I love it.


4 October 2020

  • Added the beginning of Chapter 6 (ca. 5400 words, excluding code). The story ends when you choose one of the two doors.
  • Fixed some typos.