Telltale Games just shut down


Another bad TWD related news but not TT related.


Whilst I am happy to see WD saved for the Final Season I am still concerned if Wolf Among Us 2 and more seasons of Batman are doomed never to happen. WAU2 was already deep in development for next year and after a long wait I would hate to see that never materialize. Not sure if Skybound are likely to keep any future projects TT was planning in mind but if not I would like it if Warner offered to see both WAU2 and a last season of Batman completed.


Batman was never a good seller despite how awesome it was so write that one off completely. Twau 2 unlikely but possible


I think you’d find none of the TT games sold well outside of S1 of Walking Dead and Minecraft Story Mode, but Batman had enough interest and complexity with Enemy Within to make a third season to round off the trilogy in my opinion. Time will tell of course…


I damn well hope someone makes one last Batman, although extremely unlikely, a dreamer can dream :man_shrugging::innocent:
Besides, I need more time with Catwoman :wink:


If Warner could pick it up and finish the series then that would be awesome, same goes for WAU2. I’m more of an Avesta person now but I would be happy to see more Bat/Cat romance. (Unless Zatanna shows up then all bets are off.)

I am toying with making a Batman Season 3 Story Builder on Ink or Twine, so we’ll see if that happens…




The only thing that hits me in the gut about telltale shutting down is the barman series. I really enjoyed the batman telltale series and was anxious for the third season, now my hopes are shattered.



Fetch me an ale!!


If they had made a Barman game, they’d still be in business now. The vast collective desire for CYOA alcohol serving remains untapped. Pun intended.


Reports from Philomena seems promising!


Ah, but in Barman, you would be using your paycheck as a secret agent to pay your way through bartender school.


I think we’re onto something here. Someone draft up a design doc.


This could be the next Kriotopia!


Meant as in ‘batman’ but uh I like where this is going.

“Just put it on my tab”


Special Agent James Barman was cursed with expert marksmanship, unstoppable close combat skills and the ability to seduce any sultry dame who laid eyes on him. He dutifully stopped diabolical villains, mowed down henchmen and always got the girl, but what he could never get was juuuust the right amount of vermouth in the martinis he mixed. Will he ever be able to get his printable diploma from correspondence school?

I’m done, I’m done.

I’m probably done.


Think you meant to end on “…?”.


Perhaps. Or maybe I meant “The living end…?”


Just a few months later, Telltale Games has now begun liquidating. According to the report from GameDaily, that process will affect gamers, too, in the form of some games becoming immediately delisted from Steam.

So far, players will no longer be able to purchase Tales of Monkey Island, Jurassic Park or Back to the Future: The Game from Valve’s digital storefront, although at least for now, both of those titles are available on GOG if fans want to make sure they get them before they are potentially taken down.

While the liquidation process might not be directly involved in this - it’s more likely that the studio’s closure is now causing some licensing issues - these games and more could start disappearing from other locations as well as Steam.

It appears that other companies may be able to file for their games to be taken down in the near future, though, based on some of the finer details in the report, which includes updates on former employees’ benefits being cut even faster than previously understood thanks to the liquidation of Telltale Games.

What this process also indicates, however, is that the end is coming much quicker than anticipated for the studio. Originally, the 25 remaining employees were meant to help the company continue for the foreseeable future. Telltale CEO Pete Hawley had indicated as much on Twitter.

Now, though, it appears Hawley has either deleted his Twitter or changed his account name, and that Telltale will be closing much more swiftly, which probably spells the end for any of the projects the studio was supposedly still working on.


This kinda the reason why I’ve not deleted the final season on my Xbox, prepare for that inevitable. But that probably reminds me to check if the tittles starting from 2012 are still downloadable on my iPad.