Tell Me If There's A Way Home (WIP: UPDATE 9.30.21)

hey there!

I completely understand that it’s confusing right now - that was completely the intention, so while that is not working for you as of now, I’m still happy that you’re experiencing that confusion! As for the lack of variety, I think I understand that that’s coming from the small amount of material I have available for consumption, but again I understand and appreciate that this story may not be for everyone!

thank you for the congratulations and for your kind criticism!! have a great day : )

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Yeah that was too harsh for the very beginning of the story, where the lack of variety can be a narrative decision.
Good to see you wanted that confusion, showing that you know what to do! Anyway see you in the next update.

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Absolutely entranced by the way you write! Nothing I can think of as far as feedback goes besides that and the fact that I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update. You’ve got me hooked and I’m looking forward to seeing how this mystery unfolds. Also congrats on starting! Thank you for taking the plunge and sharing this part of yourself with us!

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oh my gosh ahhh!!! you’re so sweet!! <333 thank YOU so much for taking the time out of your day to read this and comment, this has honestly made my day : ) I’m so glad to be able to share this piece of myself with y’all. thanks for sticking around <3!

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Thisnis really cool! :two_hearts:

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you’re very kind <3 thank you so much for looking at this and commenting! i hope you have a wonderful day <333

That was fun. Looking forward to more.

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i still haven’t read the demo, but colour me intrigued! two of the ro’s are based on the major arcana, right?

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thanks for checking it out <3 have a great day!

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hey!! thanks so much for being interested <3

yep! you’re going to find that a lot of characters in this story are based off of the major arcana or have direct inspiration from them : )

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The art is very, very beautiful, but also very, very low-resolution, unless that’s just my wonky internet.

Also, eyebrows were mentioned just a bit too often IMO.

“You’re hot and starting to die of thirst”: maybe this is just a me thing, but rather that saying “you’re starting to die of thirst” - something you probably wouldn’t be aware of - how about describing how it feels?

“When you blink next, you’ll find that The Sphinx is gone” - small tense problem here. Should be “you find”.


I love the dreamlike atmosphere and can’t wait for another update, you got me hooked.

“The blood of divinity rests in your old cowboy boots” is probably the coolest sentence ever written.


hey!! i just want to say your username made me laugh <3

thanks for pointing out some of these issues, I’ll be sure to look over those for the next update <3 genuinely, it’s criticism like this that makes me a better writer so thanks again!

thanks for commenting and checking this out, though!!


Rather than anything I’d call a “city”, my MC seems to have ended up at some old western frontier town. Dust, wood rot, and all. :thinking:

I haven’t looked into other paths yet, but if this is an indication that there’s a lot more variation than you might initially find with one blind run, then color me impressed! The writing is very atmospheric, even when the story beats are completely disjointed, seemingly unrelated in a couple cases. There’s a mystery to dig up, and it has my full attention. :wink:

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Even being so short, this was a very facinating, intriguing read and I’m really looking forward to the updates! I also loved the playlist and listened while I read (which I rarely do, hah) :heart_eyes:

And I only found one minor error - missing quote mark, in the third option after shaking/not shaking the woman’s hand.


hey welcome to the community!! i’m so glad to have you here <3

ahh thank you so much for checking out the playlist, I put a lot of work into it to see if I can replicate the vibes I wanted for this story. It still needs work, but it makes me so incredibly happy that you love it!

thanks for catching that error, lol : ) i’m putting all of y’alls suggestion and thoughts in a list so I can look it over for the next update. i’m so glad that you’re loving it so far, despite the short amount of content. have a great day !!

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haha hey!! your comment made me laugh in the best of ways <3 I don’t have a lot up as of now, but I am hopeful in successfully creating different routes that really will have an impact on the way that the story unfolds… here’s to hoping!! thank you so much for your kind words <333



howdy y’all!!

first and foremost, i really, really want to emphasize how much i appreciate each and everyone who is joining me along for this story – every like, every comment, every follow means so incredibly much for me.

thank you

it means so much more than i will ever be able to put into words <3

because of this, i really want to be more than just a blog y’all read and then never really interact with until i post an update, so would any of you be interested if i started a Discord server for this story? maybe then it would be easier for me to talk to you guys and ask your thoughts on the story and who your Traveler is as a person and what you’re expecting to happen.

i’m also thinking this might be an easy way for me to find Beta readers. i have a friend that i love and adore that pours over this story with me and gives me feedback, but it’s a lot to ask of just one person so i think this upcoming week i’m going to officially reach out and ask for a handful of Beta readers.

let me know what y’all think.

with the housekeeping out of the way, here’s the progress that i made on the story

words: 7,205 → 15,078 (+7,873)

my goal for this story is to update each chapter by parts, just so that it’s easier to manage myself and also so that i can push more content out faster. that being said, i would say that i’ve got the 3/4 of the skeleton for chapter 1 part 2. i don’t know exactly when i will be done writing, editing, and coding this next part, but it will for sure be within this month.

as for the coding aspect, i included the save plug-in and organized the startup and stats page, just for easier viewing for myself. i’ve also added in the option for an asexual mc and will include an option to romance characters, just for inclusivity and in the event a reader doesn’t want to romance anyone in this story.

in this next part, we’re introduced to one of my favorite characters. i’ll include a picture of him below.

next week goals

my hope for next week is that i can finish this next part of the chapter, edit it, code it, and then upload it. that’s my hope, at least. we’ll see if that actually works out the way that i expect it to. if i can get this done, then i will start working on the final part of chapter 1, which will be part 3

without too many spoilers, i’m wanting to include a horse in the game that you get to customize and make your own. i also want to implement an inventory system for upcoming chapters.

that’s pretty much it for now!! i’m always open so if any of you have any questions or prompts or thoughts, please send them my way - i love each and every one of them <33

sneak peak


the little cowboy dude is cute!


howdy there!

so last week i mentioned that I was thinking of making a discord channel and i really want to be able to talk and hang out with y’all and just eavesdrop in on what y’all are thinking, honestly.

so here it is !

this is my first time making a community server so if i set up some of the channels wrong please let me know!

i’m asking all of y’all for patience and kindness and love towards each other.


howdy y’all!

i’m so, so, so, sorry for my radio silence for the past few weeks… i got super super sick and was essentially bed ridden. i’m all better now but suffice to say that i really haven’t gotten as much writing done as i would have liked to : (

i’m also moving out and into a new place - oh and starting school this fall.

my goals this week include getting more writing done for this next part!!!

thank you so much for y’alls support <3