Tech VS Magic


@Galador and @Yamato I made the thread now so the debate may continue without derailing the WWU thread. Debate my friends, on this topic we all know and love! (though a little less on the know in my case XD)


Not part of the original debate, but I will say Magic beats Tech.

Though IRL tech can come about, and magic cannot.


However that may seem at first, @Yamato makes some good points that make you think twice about it. And from looking at those posts i’ve seen that its not 1-sided like you might think at first.


@Antitorpiliko Although we are on the same side, you must do better than that! Why does magic beat technology? Please elaborate, or else there is no debate, just people going back and forth saying they’re better.

@God_of_Demonz Thanks for making the thread!


One could argue that magic is just science we don’t yet understand, and since science is the source of tech… They are arguably - in a roundabout sort of way - the same thing.


I say tech is better, only for one reason. Magic is banned in my religion. Very banned. There is no such thing as White/ Good Magic, that is called something else. Plain and simple.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke


@BlueOwl358 What religion?


@LordOfAwesomness , Islam


Actually, does this debate spread to things beside warfare? like industry, economics, and such? just for some variety in the debate


What’s the previous discussion that you said started the debate?


Hey, just to add something new to the debate… If magic and tech existed in the same world, wouldn’t you combine both to make them better? Like, if your talking about weapons and battle magic, couldn’t you just enchant a missle to make it indestructable so that magic couldn’t do anything to it?


Or create a gun that shoots out deadly magic?


The previous discussion was on the Way Walkers thread:


@LordOfAwesomness it started on the WW:U sequel thread

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@Micah88 You mean like a magical wand with charges of a spell inside? That’s incredibly common and it is really the same thing you are talking about with that gun except that a wand is far more portable.

@God_of_Demonz Well, magic can indeed spread to other industries. Have you read the Inheritance Cycle? The magic-users in that tale actually decide to make lace and sell cheap lace in order to fund their entire campaign against Galbatorix. They do this because lace was so expensive and it took a long time to make, but it didn’t really take a lot of energy to do so, just time. So the wizards, even the people with only the most basic and small magical ability helped magically spin lace (not sure actually if lace is “spun,” but you get the idea!) They made huge quantities of it and put everyone who made lace by hand out of business by selling theirs for cheap because even though it was cheap, people still wanted it because it looked pretty, and they sold more of it because it was both fashionable and affordable!


I read those books. They were pretty good. But that’s what I meant! Industry VS magic industry.


It’s usually a rule that Magic takes a lot of time and effort to learn, if it’s not outright restricted to a few people. So what if the rookies can spin lace? A factory can pump out a batch of bombers/guns/tanks each day. We’re not talking about artisans making things by hand, we’re talking about an entire military-industrial complex.


Science is the study of how the world works. Technology is the application of that knowledge. Magic is the word used to describe things we don’t yet understand. So technically (hehe…) they’re the same thing. The only difference I think is that magic implies a sense of ignorance - as if it is beyond our understanding. Personally I prefer technology. Because when you know the x and y’s and the physical and molecular interactions behind summoning a fireball, can you really still call it magic?


Well, I was actually trying to branch out and discuss how magic could spread to other areas entirely different from warfare like God_of_Demonz suggested. There are plenty of other ways magic is useful besides just war, and plenty other ways to debate magic and technology.

Anyway, only tyrants afraid of losing dominion to wizards restrict magic.

Magic would be an excellent tool to work in the transportation industry. Why ride a train when you can have a wizard enchant a horse to run at three times the speed of a train? Or why ride a plane when you can have a wizard teleport you instead?

@hahaha01357 That’s not magic in the fantasy sense!