Hey, everyone. I was just wondering, has anybody though of making a game about being a teacher? If someone has, can you pointme to the discussion, and if not, what do you all think about that type of game?


Sounds like it could be good i would definitely play it if you wrote it and eventually put up a demo


I would play it


I can dig it


Would definitly be an interesting experience with skills like discipline, gentleness, knowledge and things like that.


Having taught for a few years, let me offer some possible stats…

Bladder size
Eyes in back of head
Superhuman patience


I have to agree with the superhuman patience, and paperwork for sure.


Also would it possibly include romance?


@StarWarsMaster, that would be illegal!


I meant like between the adults not teacher and student


Forbidden Teacher/Student love. Does it even happen that often?


Happened to the members of Van Halen… “I’m Hot for teacher!”


Or you could work as a professor at college or university


If the game is like Hell Teacher Nūbē it’s going to be funny


Bladder size xD lol!


Definitly! I love the stats! I have summer break coming up in about a week and a half, so I guess I will start writng it! Thanks guys!