Task of the Burdened One (WIP) 4/30/2020

love how story made

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The game reminds me of fire emblem but that’s not a bad thing I love the fire emblem series so see a book like this makes me really excited. I can’t wait to see more :blush:

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@km_perry Funnily enough, the Fire Emblem references were not in mind when I started writing it, but I can definitely see where they influenced me in creating this. XD

Update: 02/06/2020

As promised! Here is the first update for The Warrior backgrounds.

I’ve updated a scene in the Market path of Glas background
I’ve added the Novik Desert background chunk
I’ve also updated the Stats screen w/ new Kingdom page

Plan for next update:
-add Ashwin background chunk
-add Lucan Tribe background chunk
-add name/gender/customization scene in all backgrounds

Check out the update here.


just finished playing the demo! this feels really promising. i’m enjoying it very much! the prince/princess as an RO? chef’s kiss and the fact that i can still romance the prince/princess despite being on other side? chef’s kiss i also really love the different backgrounds! looking forward to the next update <3 good luck! xx


Update: 2/9/2020

So I wasn’t very happy with the original intro, so I decided to work on revamping it out and making it more interesting.

(I’m also working on revamping stats, but the intro is playable! Let me know what you think :D)

An additional 12k of content has been added, which includes:

-name/gender/appearance customization options

-some up-close and personal time with the goddess Yenia (who is officially an RO starting with this update!)

-an introduction to Vikander/Viktoria and Elias/Ellyn

-brief appearances from Talarae, Orion and Marcol!

-Alice gets mentioned by name XD

Feedback on spelling/errors would be great! As well as what you like or dislike about the change from the original intro!

Check out the updated intro here.


Yay! So she is now an RO. Splendid job! :+1:

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Oooooh a DAO reference!
The writing is really great, and I get to customise MC. I can’t wait for more!


Good story can’t wait for more

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Who ARE you?


I am so sorry for that awful joke! :bowing_woman:

Moving on from whatever that was... Feedback for you.

The hair portion of the character description after customizing your character’s appearance reads a little clunky.

“Your hair is dark brown, straight and in a pinned back at the nape, down your back style.”

The format might read a little smoother if it looked more like; “Your [length], [texture] hair is [color], and [style].”

I’ll use the options I chose for my own as an example; “Your long, straight hair is dark brown, and pinned back at the nape.”

I’m not 100% on whether that would work for all possible hair types, but the style choice is the only spot I can think of that would need extra focus to sound good. :slightly_smiling_face:


I loved the demo, i’m definitely looking forward for future updates!!!

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@LadyUmbreon89 yeah the coding for this was really awkward when I was writing it out. In order to include all those possible hair style options, some of the language gets a little weird. I’ll have to toy with it a little more, but I will try your suggestion with some of the other options and see how those read! Thank you!

(also I cackled when I saw your joke lmfao)


So! Since I am in the process of redoing the stats system, I wanted to get an idea of what types of personalities people like to play in COG games and what they prefer to have options for. You can choose up to 3 personality types you like to play:

  • Friendly
  • Sarcastic
  • Stoic
  • Brash
  • Shy
  • Charming
  • Cold
  • Other

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If you choose Other, please reply to this post with the other personality type you like to play as, so I can consider that personality type as well!

P.S: If you are interested in the Cruel/Manipulative personality, like this post here
If you are interested in a Calculating personality, like this post here
If you are interested in a Easygoing/Laidback personality, like this post here


Genuine personality is also good, ^^ I kinda confused the difference between cold and stoic? :sweat_smile:


@Fitra_Ai I sort of see stoic as the silent, doesn’t show emotions type. Cold is similar but I see that more as being outright dismissive, or the opposite of friendly: someone who is nice and kind.

Stoic can still be kind, they just don’t demonstrate it outwardly.

But hey! this poll is meant to determine who wants to play what, cold may not even make it in lol


Can you add a cruel and manipulative option? :3c


@OMG_Im_Really_Dying If I knew how to update the poll without messing with the results, I would lol. I’ll edit the post and ask people to vote for cruel by liking your post lmao


Perhaps there could be a calculating option. Not someone who is cruel but rather someone who thinks about their every move and the consequences they could have before acting


@Ollangar Oooh I like this one. I’ll do the same thing with cruel and edit the post so people who are interested can like your post

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@Mosspool13 Great introduction to the world and story you’re telling but I have a question, If I’m at war with the Ilder Kingdom why did I spare the soldier that tried to kill me by knocking him out ? Did the MC knock him out so he could be interrogated for information ?