Tales of the Wooly Hat Tiger Warrior

I am new to the ChoiceScript community and wrote a comedy-horror title called TALES OF THE WOOLY HAT TIGER WARRIOR.

In this short game, you play the role of a tax accountant with a tendency to save the world from zombies and monsters and explore several thousand ways of imagining a better work commute in the morning.

This game is currently pretty much finished and I am looking for some constructive feedback before to publish it. It is intended as a short 20-30 minute uninterrupted narrative experience.

To play the game, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/totalbrutal/tales-of-the-wooly-hat-tiger-warrior/mygame/

I am currently developing a small 8bit game as a follow-up to this story.

Thank you for your feedback


Honest opinion, I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding this format. It’s drastically different from anything else I played…which makes me more likely to remember it…but also has the issue of being drastically different.

That’s a problem for figuring out what I’m supposed to being doing, if I’m doing it well or how I should be doing it. From what I can tell, I should be striving for a better score and the like. Possibly?

Definitely not the standard game you see on COG and despite popular belief, I don’t like sounding negative all the time…but I can’t say this is my kind of game, specifically even though it’s unique.

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“Unique” is a way of putting this, I suppose.

I guess there is an audience for disjointed narrations like this, but to be honest, I’m not certain a purely text-based medium is the best suited format. Having a choice game were actual choices seem to be made at random might not be terribly engaging to some, too.

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This title seems to aim for excessively dramatic and surreal heroism split along two genre paths.

It does this well, but I’m afraid without some kind of base normal day prologue to familiarize myself with the character at his less epic moments, the experience, at least for me, falls a little flat.

Credit where credits due. You have done an excellent drop portraying a world where anything’s possible and the question is not why or how but “Geronimo” or “Allons-y”.

That said I feel as if some additional narrative and a bit of restructuring is required before this is ready for release.


Put the title under *title in the startup file, so it’s present on every page. You then don’t need to put the title on every page, and can remove the *script and the title variable.

Also, insert *author in the startup file and put your name under it.

Place the “Copyright 2018 by Sandy Louchart” in a *comment.

I really like the idea of progressing in one part helping you progress in the second.

However, I find I find the format confusing at times and going from one universe to the other can be jarring, especially since you don’t use the same person pov in Fantasy Commute and Kommutor II.

It’s got an old school arcade-feel to it, which is both its strength and weakness as it’s not at all what we usually see in CYOA games. I think you can get a very nice game, albeit maybe niche, if you rework some stuff to make it less confusing and more accessible to CYOA audiences, adding more narration for example.

Is the demo completed version and is there romance and that

Dear all,
Thank you for your comments and advice. I understand that this story and its format are quite different to the COG discussed on this forum and appreciate your help and support.
I will look into adding a better description of the intended experience and the relationships between the different aspects of the game. I will re-work so that it is less confusing to the audience.
Thanks again

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