Tales From The Seas (W.I.P) Become the most fearsome pirate in the Golden Age Of Piracy! ...Or strive to bring an end to piracy once and for all!

Hello! I’m Midas and this is my most ambitious CS project up to date!

In Tales From The Seas,you play as a pirate under the legendary Greybeard’s wing…But when you find Greybeard murdered in his cabin,things are about to drastically change…

Will you take command of the very crew you were part of,not so long ago?..

…Will you turn a new leaf and join the navy instead,in an attempt to eradicate piracy once and for all?!

Hell,if you are ambitious enough and magically gifted,you can even try to locate the fabled Waters of Youth,who are said to grant immortality…

…But most importantly,how will you treat your crew?

Be a good leader and the more inclined they will be to serve you and obey your orders…

Be a ruthless tyrant,and you may call for a mutiny!

Oh,and you still have to find who or what killed Graybeard,your adoptive father.


1.Buy or “Aquire” your very own flagship! And command it along with your own crew!

2.Lose an eye or a leg (or two) to bad decisions! And choose how to replace them! (I’m looking at you wooden leg pirate enthusiasts!)

3.Will you cement piracy for many more ages to come? Or will you bring an end to this,so called,“Golden Age”?

4.Doom yourself (and your crew) under various curses,should you invoke the wrath of the supernatural.

5.Should you be a bad leader,warrant a mutiny!

6.Chase immortality and rule forever…If that appeals to you.

7.A world that interacts based on your reputation! Will your name be adored amongst the general population?..Or will you only hear it in hushed reverent tones?

8.And of course romance! (Though,it’s pretty underdeveloped at this point.)

Currently the prologue’s finished (5.5k words,without code),and I plan on updating the demo every month.If everything goes according to plan…

Feedback I’m looking for : I’m open to all feedback as long as it’s constructive. Especially since English,is not my first language.

What you can expect in the next major update,which will include Chapter 1 : Main character customization and more delving into the romance options (which so far include, Cesar and Liz).

I will also provide portraits of them,for reference. (Courtesy of Art Breeder,most likely.)

TRIGGER WARNING : Foul Language,Murder and everything else you can expect from a semi-medieval setting…Viewer discretion is advised.You’ve been warned.

To play the demo,go here: https://moody.ink/play/kingmidas/tales-from-the-seas/mygame/

Old farts,do not fret! I have you covered : https://dashingdon.com/play/kingmidas/tales-from-the-seas/mygame/

Thank you for reading.


P.S. When I try to open the stats screen on both moody and dashingdon demo’s,the game freezes.If someone could test it and confirm it’s not only me,i would greatly appreciate it.I haven’t found a work-around to this issue yet,sadly,because i have no idea what’s causing it.


There’s not much I can say but I will try to be as respectable as possible here:

You need to work on your writing descriptiveness and the tone consistency, the pages are not only unnecessarily short but also immersion breaking with the ill timed attempts at humor.


There’s a bug: when u use magic attacking the ship u get struck in a loop trying to recruit one of them to our side


I can confirm that both froze when I tried it too. Dashigdon’s saves are also bad, they say Bad Slot- Has smPlugin been included, so maybe that has something to do with it?

My thoughts

The concept seems pretty cool. The biggest thing I have to offer is

  1. Make sure you add spaces after commas.
  2. When pranking Cesar it says: “Cuz it was a prank you fool!” Cuz is slang that doesn’t quite fit here. It would be more accurate to replace it with 'Cause.
  3. When you board the ship after picking any option other than the magic one you only have the choice to fight with magic and if you fail you die. I’m assuming there will be more choices here later although I would recommend that instead of an instant death in prologue you turn it into one of the options mentioned earlier to lose an eye or a leg. Even if it was scripted to fail without magic and we earned a scar or lost an eye then that would be an interesting moment for our character to go through. I think it would be cool to start with an unexpected but important moment that can shape our thoughts going forward but where it is currently it’s just a restart and doesn’t leave much impact.

I tried to strike a balance between what would someone consider short and long between pages but alas,seems like i have failed.I will work on it, in the coming days.

Could you elaborate more on that,if you don’t mind?

Thanks for reading.

Thank you.Going to fix this right now!

Going to take a look,thanks!

You got it!

Good catch!

This is actually a great idea.I’m going to implement this in the coming days.Excellent suggestion,thank you!


Hey! I’m enjoying the premise thus far, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with the ROs hehe

In addition to @Xoromin 's pointers, here’s some feedback I’d like to add:

  1. For dialogue, consider joining all the disjointed bits into one. For example, when you are pranking Cesar, there’s a line that goes: “Cesar!” “Cesar!” “Wake up!” “Ship’s sinking”,as you start off your devious prank. Imo, it would look less jarring if you were to write: “Cesar! Cesar! Wake up! The ship’s sinking!”

  2. Also, take note that punctuation should always go before quotation marks! For example: “Ambush,by the Navy”.“We got hit badly”.You continue. This should instead look something like: “Ambushed by the navy. We got hit badly,” you continue. Or even: “Ambushed by the navy,” you continue. “We got hit badly.”

  3. Mind your tenses and apostrophes, too! For example: “Now,lets go!” “We got a long day today”.With Cesar nodding and following you to the deck. You might wanna consider changing it to: “Now, let’s go! We’ve got a long day ahead,” you say. Cesar nods and follows you onto the deck.

  4. Also, “Fire!”, you command … should look like: “Fire!” you command … The comma after the exclamation mark isn’t necessary.

Keep it up, though!! :smile:


Sure. I haven’t played much so take it with the reasonable grain of salt it comes with: You do not describe the scenes nearly enough, sure we’re in a battle but how far is the other ship? What’s the relative positioning? The door, how did we know it was locked before trying to open it? Things like that may not seem important to an untrained eye but it makes all the difference in terms of immersion and scene construction.

Also, you’ve tried to strike a balance in terms of page length? Is it that the first few pages are oddly short or is that the result of your efforts? If the former is true, I suggest revamping the entire work and possibly reading about the figures of speech of the specific timeframe. If the latter is true, I have to say that your efforts are in fact not finished, you’re a long ways off.

EDIT: If the guy didn’t wake up with a gunshot at his door, how would we wake him up with just shouting?

Good catch! I see now the plot holes it might create…I shall add only the option with the bucket (and more flavor text) if you’ve chosen to shoot the door open…I’m working now in an update, addressing all the issues you all have pointed out.Expect it to go live in a few hours.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Never said it was all my effort.It just was something I had in mind while writing and tried to get a feeling of what would be satisfactory.Turns out,I haven’t done well in that regard so far,so I’ll try to remedy this in the upcoming patches.

Thanks for all the valuable feedback.

@hayxo Glad you enjoyed it!

Is that so? Then the next chapter is going to be a treat for your eyes! :smile:

Thanks for all the useful feedback.I’ll get right to addressing these issues.


This feel a bit too much similar to Choices of Pirates.


Getting too much recursion error from both sites.

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My story’s main inspirations are pirates in the Golden Age Of Piracy and Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Now,i can’t talk about “Choice of the Pirate” 's inspirations since I do not know them,but having read the CYOA,we both take inspiration from the same age.Since there is a limited material in real life,considering piracy didn’t lasted for that long (compared to other ages),of course you may find some similar parts.

I’d disagree with “too much similar” but each to their own.

Rest assured,i will try to make this story as unique and referesing as i can.

Try now.If the issue still persists,let me know with a screenshot.


Small update is live : In it, i removed the perma death scenario and added the possibility to lose an eye (along with a new achievement) should you fail the stat checks and removed some unnecessary apostrophes and commas.

I also removed the save plugin since I can’t get it to work, and I still can’t get the stat screen to load in both dashingdon and moody…So please if any experienced code divers read this, could you take a look? I have no idea what’s causing the stat screen to not load,while in the IDE it loads just fine and doesn’t give me any errors.

EDIT : Fixed some coding errors, play again.Everything should be working correctly now, besides the stats screen loading.


I get stuck in a loop when trying to recruit the first person after choosing magic. Also it loads slowly on either sight. Other than that the idea is interesting even though the demo is fairly short

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Yeah I said earlier and the author is trying to fix it.

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Fixed! It was just inconsistency with indentation on my part.Now you shouldn’t get stuck in a loop and should have two more options, either kill, or spare the mercenary.

I’m not sure how i can help with that.Could be on your end but if not,please do let me know!

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m still getting the loop when you fail to recruit the guy on the merchant vessel (I’m using the moody ink link).

Infinity loop at the cargo hold recruitment scene


That’s really weird,i tested manually on CSIDE and didn’t got any loops nor errors.

Let me look again.

I will edit this post when I think I’ve finally fixed this.

EDIT : Infinity loop at the cargo hold should be fixed by now.Let me know, if that’s not the case.

Still happening for me. Tried multiple browsers. Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. Same result for all of them.


The same thing happens to me as well

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I suggest reading up on Henry Avery and his crew and their story. Plus documentaries on pirates and how they talked, lived, behaved and most importantly remeber to make this game realistic and hard hitting. Pirates were extremely cut throat. They would burn down a city and kill everyone there just because someone coughed too loud(exaggerating but you get the idea).