Tale of a Kingdom: Swamp Castle - Beta Test

Hello everyone,

I am working on my first ChoiceScript game, and I just wanted to get your take on the game. It is a little different than the traditional interactive novel, it focuses more on decision making and kingdom building simulation. I thought it would be fun to use different forms of combat, and make sure that every decision affects you in some way (it may be really small, or it may be really important). Theoretically a series of seemingly minor or insignificant decisions could end up being the reason for your downfall or the reason you win the game. There are multiple ways to play and win.

Basically the background is you are recently appointed the Lord of a castle and province in a small Kingdom. You choose your background story and can customize various things about your character including their name and stats. Do you choose to be a merciful and peaceful ruler…relying on diplomacy and trade to strengthen your kingdom…or do you choose to be ruthless and cunning relying on power and intimidation to grow your kingdom?

It is a relatively short game (compared to some of the really long ones I have seen here). What I really want to know is…did you enjoy the concept? Did you find the game too hard or too easy? Did you agree with how your decisions affected your character and the story? Also what was your play style?

I hope you all enjoy it.

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p.s. As I stated this is my first ChoiceScript game so keep that in mind. If you did you like, please post here, even if it is just to say you enjoyed it. If you really hated it, please try to be at least constructive in your criticism or remarks so I can improve it.

I added an additional chapter, achievements, and difficulty levels. I also fixed some issues mentioned in the comments below.


I enjoyed it so far :wink:

I think I’ve found a bug, or is that intentional ?

When helping the King and attacking the rebels attacking the castle, I have no more army, yet the rebels still take casualties, as the option “Order your men to charge” is still available, despite having no more men XD

Score : 18 is that good or bad ? :smiley:

Might be a bit nitpicky, but why would the peasant weir dirty clothes to a petition for his liege? Wouldn’t he wanna look his best? Even if he is so poor that he only has one pair of clothes, he could at least have them stitched up and washed.

That is a bug, thank you for finding it!

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Quix you’re right, good point. I will update it that he is wearing clean clothes and trying to look presentable, but still looks under-dressed surrounded by so many nobles.

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Score 18 is really good, you did very well. 10 is normal.

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If it was not for the bug, I would have been defeated :joy:

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Was trying to check game out but an error right off the bat, line 133 sm_init

Sorry, I was trying to add a save option to the game, but I may do that later. Try it now!

I will try to upload the version with saves and stats.

Several thoughts:

  1. The game itself is engaging and interesting enough as it is for at least one session
  2. The only part I did not like was the multiple times I had to “fight” during a war, it took 20 clicks to reach a conclusion.
  3. Each individual part of the game can be greatly expanded upon and you will have an engaging game worth multiple sessions of play-through.
  4. Already stated above but a stat page to reference would be good.
  5. Good use of artwork
  6. Game part is well developed; story part of the WiP needs to be greatly expanded.

@Snowpanther - not a great general, huh? :smile_cat:

I was forced to play a “lord” named: Elizabeth … perhaps develop an option for a Lady of the Castle… you have female NPCs.

I started as the Knight, and I emphasized diplomacy and leadership. I drained the swamp, supported merchants and rebuilt the castle.

One thing - it was hard to know what was considered “sufficient” troops… 50, 500 or 5000… I did not know until the end war. That should be made clearer.

Overall decisions and consequences made sense.


HI Zolataya,

Your second point is valid. I had one friend make a similar comment. The way I originally had it, the combat went by faster, but I thought you didn’t have enough control over the battle. Maybe I need to find some middle ground or have an option to do an all out attack once you have reached enough numbers.

I want to expand so you can pick your gender, I just didn’t write it in yet, so no worries there. I will also try to give more hints on what number of troops is considered a strong force.

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

p.s. I just uploaded a new version that has the stats enabled.

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I enjoyed the writing and made me chuckle in a few places. The story draws you in early and for the most part keeps you there. I did a have few problems with the choices, such as I greeted the subjects first but then was not able to read the letter. When going to the tavern and the guard recognized me I would have liked to give a wink and a finger to the lips, Granted the guard may not have played along but would have given the feeling of a chance to slip in unnoticed. I will be keeping an eye on this game. :slight_smile:

*edit One final note I played back through and took the disguise off and would have liked to be honest with the guard. He still may have strong feeling about me being there but I want to be up front with my subjects as much as possible.


Played as far as defending the King, had lot of good option but then got stuck with only attack. I was still out numbered so went ahead and played figuring I was going to die. But hit an error, I figure you are using selectable_if in the choices as the error happens when there are no choices left. I also watched the numbers and it felt as the number of the enemy jumped up once or twice, of course I may have been wrong on that. As far as the battle system it is a little slow to work with, of course I am still working on a good battle system myself so no answer there for you.

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I liked the game. I think that you likely need to tweak the combat. Ordering your men to charge in wave after wave was a bit repetitive. And generally I tend to think some attempt at coordination with your allies or some shift in tactics would make more sense than five minutes of sending more meat into the grinder. I started to feel bad for my fellow’s foot soldiers…but hey I became king so that works out I guess?

Dude Great Game And Also Did I Do Good Because I Got A Score Of 23 And The King Adpoted Me And Named Me His Heir?

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Hey Lordirish, thank you for the comments. The number if enemies may have jumped up if your ally lost his battle. I will have to double check. If that is the case I may need to make it more clear. I will also look into that error you mentioned. As for the battle combat scenes when you give orders to your men, glad I am not the only one. If you have any ideas to make it flow by more smoothly please let me know. Thank you!

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Exodus you did really good. You have the highest score so far! What kind of character did you play? Did you solve disputes with diplomacy, force, or a little of both?

Thanks for your comments Chris. I think I may tweak the combat system a little, but I am glad you enjoyed it. I really appreciate you taking the time to test and play it. Thank you!