Take me seriously now :(


The other day you asked me for something to draw I said try a fanart pic
You picked a zombie, a short time later you quit and wanted something else
So I gave you a bunch of other stuff you could draw, you picked something else spooky cabin
Then you wanted to draw a vampire hunter, I said draw what you want
When you came back online you had a little simple sketch of Gandalf

And all this was in a forum you made to hire out your skills as an artist, you asked people if they had something they needed done
I was kinda stunned when you couldn’t draw the thing YOU picked,
like I don’t even have an “I’m an artist” forum, and people pay me to draw things for them

Your actions did not really make me think “wow I gotta read his stuff I bet it’s really great”
I thought “wow he gave up really fast”

Diligence and work ethic my friend, they create legends
not telling people to take you seriously
Just pick something and stick with it, and do it because YOU want to, because YOU believe in it

This is just my own opinion of my own limited creative interactions with you I’m sure your a cool guy


@bocoom calm down. When I started writing my post, yours hadn’t been posted yet. Have you gotten up on the wrong side of the bed?


@ViliamFiedler Some people just take great delight in being borderline obnoxious and insulting (i.e. very careful to not quite step over the mark for a mod to act). I’m sure you’ve encountered their type on the net before. Unfortunately, we’re not immune here.


@bocoom no need to be angry, or sarcastic. Try and look at things from other points of view. I actually thought @ViliamFiedler was making a different point to you, and that his point was better structured, and easier to read and understand.


DUDE. YOU MADE HOW MANY GAMES THAT YOU GAVE UP ON? I am surprised. It seems you don’t really try on the games then get upset when others don’t worship it.


Keep your chin up. When you go to work, you have to be genuinely inspired. Will power alone does not typically carry someone through some thing, and it will make your project into crap. Try this: Read books, watch some movies, talk to people, and then just sit back for a couple of hours and day dream, and every time you catch yourself trying to copy someone elses ideas, steer away from it. Then pull out a pen and notepad and write down names, ideas, words of interest, places, all the things that come to mind.

After all that you can develop a basis for a story. Some people backwards plan from end to beginning. Others go through process of elimination and write out all the plots they can think of, then start mix and matching. But most importantly you have to do this for you, or your team, not the “fame” or “glory” of internet fans. I feel writing should be about sharing your imagination with other people, not holding it over them.

Lastly, and this is the hardest part to swallow, sometimes writing like this is not for certain people. Sometimes people are not ready to write something great, because they have not found the right spark. Do you know if your story is going to rock? No of coarse not! But as long as your proud that you saw it through and you like what you wrote, then none of that crap matters!


It is spurious to suggest that others will value your work if you do not appear to value it yourself.


When I suggested you study the art and basics of writing, I thought I was giving good advice. After all, you must have a solid grasp of the mechanics of writing in order to create fully-formed ideas. I felt like I was ignored. No, the solution is not to start over. The same thing will happen. You need to love writing. I’ve worked years to improve my work to get to where I am (which isnt far, admittedly, but I’m proud and like what I do). For you to expect to get attention when you haven’t worked on improvement is a bit silly. Learn to focus. Learn to plan. Writing is not magic. It’s skill, dedication and hard work.


I disagree with farside on the part where writing isn’t magic because writing can do anything it can make people angry, sad, happy, etc. Though I do agree with the fact that no one can just write it and make it magic you have to put your heart and soul into it you have to keep going and going til the end not just quite and start anew. Oh and irule I beleive at least five or more people have commented on this so people do pay attention an mostly all the people that criticize your work want to see you make it.


Criticism can be tough, but I have found that I learn more from it and make a better story than if people just patted me on the back and said way to go even if what I wrote was complete crap (and between you and me, I have written some real doozy’s!).

I think you have gotten a lot of good advice here, so there is not much need for me to repeat it.

Oh, and @Blackheart, I don’t think Farside was saying writing isn’t magical, she was saying that you can’t just say, pull an excellent and compelling story out of a hat. It takes work, practice, and dedication.


Okay, well I definitely think abandoning each game and making a new one right after is a bad idea to begin with. If you have multiple ideas and want to see which is the most popular, why not make one post with all of the game ideas, and have people say which they like best? From there, try that game and stick to it. Make a good portion of the game - say, a chapter or two - and allow people to try it. If you get a lot of people who like it (remember, it may not happen right away) keep going. If absolutely nobody likes it, ask yourself, or ask them: why don’t they? Is it the theme, the writing, is it too linear, etc. etc.

Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but this is personally true for me: when I see someone’s post (even if its just on the forums and not in a game) and it contains a lot of misspelled words, run-on sentences, and all around bad grammar, I tend to take them less seriously. It has nothing to do with if they can or can’t spell; some people are good at that, and some people aren’t. However, on a computer, you could very easily put your posts into Microsoft Word or some other software, and check for errors. To me, poor grammar on a computer equals laziness.


first of Pale stider that was one of my old pics he wizard one i still have to make the cabin 1 i dint give up on that well dint give up yet… and i am not blaming any1 to be discouraging i am just asking a question is it bad to quit my game and i got the awnser. i just said that i get discouraged. But yeah u see the title its : Take me seriously now… mean i want another chance a chance to start over, as iam a kid i do not know if that is possible but if that is then i would be grateful


otherwise i will just… i don`t know proove it u guys though i do not believe u guys will want to even read my game


and farside and blackheart i do try hard i practice my writing u guys should remember i have not lived far i my life, i need more experience… u guys have been practicing for i dont know like 5 years well i cant just start writing when i am 5… and farside i do not know wat u mean by practicing the basics. i will learn that in school and i can`t really teach myself so i had to ignore u… srry bout that well just tell me ur awnsers can i get a chance to start over if not then oh well i will just go somewhere else and remember these mistakes…(hopefully)



If that’s what you want you don’t need to make a topic. Just focus on one sole project, knuckle down and get the first chapter done, post it on dropbox and show people you’re serious.

Actions speak a thousand words!


ok if that so i will do my best though i doubt that my best will be good :stuck_out_tongue:


It is hard to read your stories sometimes. If you really wanted to get good at writing, then spell and use good grammer all the time. I have noticed people who do this tend to have better grammer and spelling on their stories then those who don’t. Just my two cents.


Imo there is no such thing as bad writing only good writing and practice. Keep at it and you’ll get better I’ve got over 10 years practice and I still make silly mistakes and rubbish stories. That’s why you listen to feedback and revise.


well i do try my best well at most points espacially in this demi god game and it still dint cam out good


Keep working on it and it’ll get better.