Take me seriously now :(


Ok first off this is not a rage discussion so mods Plz dont close this.… ok it feels like hardly any1 is taking my games seriously I may be mistaken but I believe that it is because I do not finish my games… Iam not mad at u guys I am just questioning u m I right or m I mistaken Plz reply thnx :slight_smile:


Okay, I agree you have the attention span of a squirrel when it comes to a Cog , BUT you show potential so I will help. do you want to know how to stick to a game ?


Well like you said, you don’t finish your games.
Do you see how this might be a major issue?


Ok if that is y I want to tell u guys something I only stop making my game if u guys don ’ t like it, it feels like I am writing a game for no1 I would love to finish a game but the descoragemeant makes me stop I am not blaming any 1 no1 is discouraging me on purpose but I still get discouraged I feel the same now as no1 is replying to my discussion


I’ve seen plenty of people respond to your discussions. They may not always reply right away, but that’s because they have other things to do. From what I’ve read, everyone has been nothing but helpful and been giving their honest opinion on your work. I’m sorry if you take that as discouragement, but that’s kind of how it goes. If I may make a suggestion, how about you concentrate more working out more of your story and not so much on pushing out a demo? While we’re always eager to play a new game demo, it does no one, not you and not us, any good to play a demo that’s only a few pages long and has little substance. The CoG community is patient, so please work on a story you feel passionate about, and we’re always here to offer help.


well i feel myself that i am doing wrong by quiting a game but i dont got no other choice if some1 says that the game is not good. but this i will stick with my game that is a promise plz remind me of promising this if i ever try to quit :stuck_out_tongue: this will help me


and if my attension deos not go up i might think of quiting and going to cys (chooseyourstory) and sarting over


or maybe i can make a new account :wink: no1 will know, i bet no1 else is even going to read this disscusion


I bet they will, although most are asleep right now, I think.


ok lets see if more than 5 more people reply to this than maybe my attension is not that low


im reading it THT


well u guys r my friends so that deosnt really count


o but it dose you said 5 people we are people


musiclover, wiredchimpanzee, vampierkid,fantom don`t count cause i know u guys very well and i am pretty sure u guys will reply


see thats 4 people right their


The people you listed are also regulars in the forums, so if you discount them you’re also discounting a good chunk of the community.


You can only ever allow yourself to be discouraged, it’s not something others force on you.
It’s a state of mind.


@irule9344 ok im about to give you my hard, straight, fast, and RAW opinion on this!! If you can’t handle less than 100% of people kissing your ass and fawning over everything you do then you do NOT belong on the Internet because you’re too damn sensitive!!! Trust me you will get nowhere if you keep this up kid!! You WILL get criticisms on everything you write!! and sometimes it will be harsh criticisms!! Just don’t let stuff like that bother you and take the criticisms and make your work better. And just keep that “what if some1 says that the game is not good” attitude out of your head you WILL be good!


Criticism is something that is pushing you to improve your skills. Quit making new and new projects. If you want to start something, think it through first, maybe even write par of it and THEN post it here.

And don’t think that everyone will take you seriously if you keep starting discussions like this one. You sound like annoying brat.

Don’t give up and work hard to improve yourself, everybody is doing so. CoG has a great community which can give you good hints, opinions and even help you write. I’m not here for a long time but I could have noticed this. Community like this is something very rare on the Internet.


@ViliamFiedler thank you for restating for what i JUST said in my last post!! you were REALLY helpful and added something new to this discussion!!