Tabletop Recruitment

just looking for people wanting to take part in my mobile tabletop RPG. needing experienced GMs, people with an eye for tabletop mechanic balancing, and most importantly players. two sessions have already began but it will be extremely easy to catch anyone up, anyway as a person who has grown to love this community, and has even gathered inspiration for my game frome this community, I would love for you guys to take part in this!

The world of Capes and Cloaks, is one of unimaginable fun, and engaging, character-driven stories set in realistic setting, things to expect with CaC are as follows


It’s 2025 and the world we live in has began to give birth to Heroes, people gifted with superhuman abilities, capable of shaping the physical world in ways thought unimaginable! Through the science of genetics, and CRISPR technology finally finding footing in consumer society, not only that, but after Paragons rise to heroic fame post stopping a meteor from striking the Earth; after years of organizing, and petitioning for commercial usage of superpowers Paragon has allowed the passage of the Cloaks and Capes Act, allowing several randomly selected powered individuals to train under his guidance, and being the world’s first line of defense against criminals, natural events, and the alarmingly growing number of villains. YOU are one of these heroes in training or maybe you’re a up and coming villain with something to prove, the choice is yours.


-realism, and a grounded approach to heroism

-abilities not predetermined by the player, but fleshed out through progression, and character development

-an emphasis on moral diversity, and a warm welcome to heroes and villains alike

-a potential faction system (think teen titans/jla/ avengers) depending on public support

-support for ideas, as long as the are cohesive, and go in line with my goals for CaC

-and last, but not least a campaign focused on storytelling rather than dice rolls. I know some plays enjoy the suspense of rolling a 20 with 1 hit point left and killing the big bad, but I want emphasis on character development, campaign expansion, an play enjoyment (dice rolling still emphasized!)


to apply and be selected for the world of CaC Hero Selection there are certain prerequisites and precautions that are in place to ensure fun, and quality of life for all parties involved, here are those prerequisites. also before we get into this, we are NOT playing D&D! what I want is a game that’s not based on spell slots, or fights dependant on a single dice roll, I want a game where characters interact; good or bad, in order to progress a story driven by none other than you guys. I will be the GM and an occasional character, but I’m not making the story, that’s up to you guys

  1. Name (player)

  2. Must speak fluent English

  3. Must be able to play most sessions (will not accept if not compatible with Central US and Canada Timezone)

  4. Reason for wanting to join (well written explanation as to why you should be consider for hero selection)

  5. Patience for new players, and those who are not familiar with tabletop

  6. Creativity; I may ask you what sort of story lines you want just to see if you can come up with something, and if I like it I may implement it to the overall narative. don’t worry if you can’t think of something after all this is supposed to be fun!

PART3 - Extra Information

GM Info - for those of you want to possibly GM that would be a great help considering this will be my first time, and I would love for an expert’s feedback

Acceptance - following acceptance,I will reach out to you and send social media links if possible to discuss character details, and further series information!!!

I hope this goes well, and I am eager to hear from any and everyone want g to be apart of this soon to be great series! if you have suggestions and further questions contact me

here’s the link… also for those of you who are interested in potentially creating a comic, or doing character designs feel free to email me as well!!!

Looking for GMs, advice, and more players for my superhero/villain themed tabletop roleplay. Join my mRPG campaign "Capes & Cloaks "

email me for serious inquiries:


What hours would that be? I have a 7 hours difference with the U.S./Canada, so if it’s in the morning/afternoon, I should be able to manage.

I like to think I’m a decent GM, but I’m not sure of I can do it in english.

The same as him. I would be interested, but I would need a timetable or something similar to know if I could or not.

Does this RPG use any type of game system or no?

Right now we are doing morning, to afternoon unofficial sessions that I could use some help with, although the timezone I’m working in is central US/Canada, but I’d you want to be apart of it I will work with you to get something figured out

Time would be 7pm central US/Canada, but like I told Harroc we have earlier sessions so I could work with you if you were wanting to seriously join!

Also this RPG is using a D&D 5E skeleton but, because it’s less roll-centric, and more of a role-playing type thing, we are making changes to the system as we go hence why I’d like someone who is good with balancing, and knows RPG systems well. after all I want this to be enjoyable, but I do want it to be somewhat balanced for logical reasons!

Balance is difficult, and something even the creators of tabletop systems struggle with. However, I mainly want to make sure that there are both ways to mechanically distinguish oneself as well as ensure strengths and weaknesses. D&D does at least do that, even if I’m not a fan of it.

so what do you say, we could use someone who is willing to look over the stats with us and let us know what works and what doesn’t

Why not? I like brainstorming new stuff. Naturally, though, I have to ask why you wouldn’t just use a superhero system, since there are some pretty simple and dramatically appropriate ones. The Marvel Universe RPG is a system based on resource (ie how much energy you devote to an action). This makes encounters more about choice and less about luck. It’s actually a diceless system.

taking the time to learn a new system is… straining to say the least, and I can barely get my head around D&D mechanics most of the time. I would love to move to a less stat-based system but that would be hard considering I have so many players already, and I think most people are familiar with D&D, so it would be easier to tweak precrafted mechanics to our purpose

Definitely understandable. I’m interested in checking it out.

so click on the mRPG app link, once you do that I’ll help you from there

If you’re willing, we’ll be able to set something up, since most of my time is free, and I could spend it helping in both balancing (I’m not much of a GM, but I know a thing or two) and creating the timetable. Mine is a 8 hour difference.

well we start playing at 7 to 8 pm, that would be noon for you

let me know when you have the app downloaded

Will do. Might be a bit, as I just moved into a new apartment and don’t have internet yet.

that’s cool, just let me know when you’re available to start

which days is it?