So can you write on an RCN tablet?


not sure which tablet that is, but if it runs droid then yes.


Gok so I found the book its powerd by android so should I download notpad ++ to write?


nope Jota or jota + notepad its for pc


Droid edit works well, the free version is ok but live the paid version.


Are their any other good writing apps for tablets that you guys can think of and also any drawing apps would be kool as well thanks for the help


I agree with lordirishdas- Droid Edit works very well. Can’t remember the differences between the free and paid versions, but I liked the free version enough to fork over some cash. Haven’t found anything better, personally.


If I could get the IDE in droid version I would be in heaven. Droid edit works very well, it was worth forking over the few bucks for the full version.


I use iota + and you don’t need paid version. Its perfect for coding, shows spaces, line code etc. is really useful easy to utilize


Droid edit works very well, but I can’t remember the difference with the free and the paid version.

@vampierkid222 These are what I use as a drawing or sketching app. (android)

SketchBook Mobile Express – Is only used for a quick sketching since it doesn’t have transformation tools, and no gradients to allow you freedom of work.

Infinite Painter - Is an all-round painting app.

ArtFlow Tablet Sketchbook – Is a drawing and sketching app.


Thanks for the help I’m gonna try out the apps and see which ones I like


Hay @lordirish if you didn’t know they have the Droid edit for $1.33 right now