T.v versons

Do you know a CYOA that is about t.v shows here is one about NCIS http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5338606/1/bChoose_b_bYour_b_bOwn_b_bNCIS_b_Adventure

Aren’t CYOs banned on Fanfiction.net?

There was an online one some time ago based on Scrubs, but it was awful. Nothing branched and every other choice led you to a game over. I think there’s probably a couple for Buffy as well, and depending on how far you want to streach the ‘TV’ definition, Animorphs had some interesting ones.

Really if you want to maintain the flavor of a TV series and keep choice open, I’d suggest running a game or two of Primetime Adventures.

thank you and yes it did banned them which I don’t like. thank you and I guess I mean Doctor Who and Star Trek TOS.