Szaal is looking for private testers

Boom! :boom:

Heya, folks :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:
I’ve finally completed the Prologue of my WIP, and I can begin working on Chapter 1.

So, I’m working on a yet another Medieval European fantasy story. Expect classic tropes such as magitech, sufficiently analyzed magic, hegemonic empire, phlebotinum, and the chosen one inside the story.
But that’s all I can say for now!

However, before posting my own WIP thread, I’d like for this Prologue to be as polished as possible. Therefore, I need :facepunch:t4: you to see the Prologue for me.

Leave a comment or send me a PM if you want to be my minion in squashing out those bugs and typos :medal_military:

And as usual, some info you may need to know before enlisting in my private-tester army:

  • Currently, there’s no substantial amount of narration in this prologue
  • This prologue mostly serves as the mood-setter and mechanics introductory to the reader/player

That being said, my story will be quite code-heavy. Expect bugs, errors, bizarre story transitions, <<placeholders>>, and other weird stuff that doesn’t make that “click” on your playthrough (although keep in mind that it passes the randomtest :] )

Or… maybe you just want to hang out at here. That’s fine too :raised_hand:t4:


The reason why I’m going through this private-testing path is that the nature of the game itself.
It’s currently low on content, heavy on code, and probably doesn’t take 10 mins to finish.

So, feel free to skip this one if you’re more into the story rather than the bug-fixing.
But don’t worry! Once I have enough content to present and polished the structure here and there, I’ll put up the WIP thread publicly.

2nd Wave Private Testing is now open!
:point_down:t4: Go down here:

Edit: Still looking for testers, btw :slight_smile:

I have some free time, so I would like to try your WiP :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not code-savvy per se, but you’ve been so helpful to so many others I would like to help out if you’re interested. I figure I don’t have to know much myself just to send screenshots of what goes wrong and give a general impression of how the mechanics feel form a player’s perspective.


I want in!! P.S where is the farm I bought from you @Szaal?

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Eh hehe.
About the farm… well…
The universe where your piece of land situated at is no longer exist, I’m afraid. For the event known as the 1st Descension causes a great calamity and it requires total rework of the planet to be habitable again.
Totally canon story right there :"

Anyway, incoming PM from me. For the others, check your message box as well! (if you haven’t checked it yet)

I know next to nothing about code, but I’m willing to take screenshots of bugs and tell you my impression of the design from a players perspective if thats enough to sign up for the testing.

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To be crystal clear… code (ChoiceScript) and design bugs only? I don’t know CS so I’m out there, but what exactly design-wise are you asking for help with?

It’s like the ergonomic aspect of a product.
Do you feel the choice options is too overwhelming? Is something feels missing? Are there any improvements can be made for better experience?

Stuff like that :roll_eyes:
So… interested in playtesting? :pray:t4:

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As long as you don’t expect coding help from me, I’ll help you out! :smile:

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I’m interested. I’m not an experienced coder but getting there. I’ve had a lot of experience with game design in the tabletop RPG industry and I’m always keen to see new things.

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hi, i can help test. I’m working as a QA tester for web-based application though, but I’ll try my best to help provide code-based feedback

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Thank you for everyone who take part on this private testing. Your overwhelming feedback is appreciated :sweat_smile:

As for your information, I think I have enough play-testers for this session. For now, I’ll close the current “recruitment” session.

But if you miss it, don’t worry! I’ll reopen this thread again when I need more private testers, or maybe put up the public version of the game when I feel it’s ready.

@moderators mind if you guys close this thread?

Hello, folks. :wave:t4:
I’m finally back on the thread.

So, progress report, I finally polished the prologue of the story and optimized all the “mechanics” in it. Now, I need someone (or sometwo) to see this new polished version of the draft.

And if previously I only need code-based and design-based feedback, now I’m going to be more loose this time and you can give any feedback you want, including story-ish one!

As usual, PM me or just put a comment on here to take part in the 2nd wave of private-testing.

FYI, current draft contains ~7k words.


are you going to let the first wave see the new version or they have to re-enlist, or they shouldn’t?

Hey, im quite a recent forum lurk, and am allways intrested in new works and will give any advice i can in as an as fair as i can way :smile: so, yeah looking forward to seeing what your games gonna be like.

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Okkie :ok_hand:t4:
I’ll send a PM right away!

The First Wave Testers will be able to see the latest version regardless of this new… “enlistment”.

In fact, I give out regular update notifications for those who are actively engage in the PM and provide feedbacks :wink:
But yeah, just drop by at the PM thread I’ve sent to you guys. I’m awaiting your precious feedback :open_hands:t4:


Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that the progression is going smoothly :]
And the private-tester recruitment is still open. Come come!