Swamp Castle walkthrough?

I found that out. Ah, at least it works for barbarians. I was able to win later fight thanks to the one of the other comments.

Depends on what difficulty you are in, if you are at easy, 40+ archers will do, along with a few mages.

Can you tell me how to cooperate with druids in swamp castle? Because i’ve never knew that i actually can cooperate with them

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Thank you.

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Oh, wow, damn. Seeing as I don’t remember the game much, I’ll drop off a quick reply which isn’t helpful at all. I think it’s something related to swamps and that you shouldn’t dry them out or something? I forgot, really. Sorry.

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Answer “yes” in the early game when you are asked if you want to hear about the history of the castle. Then, you need to choose “#what resources does this Castle and surrounding lands have?”. That gives you a point in history. That unlocks a choice when the farmer approaches. You can choose to “forbid any such thing”. Then, the druids are unlocked.


That option also unlocks mages. :grin:

And you know, everybody told me I was daft to build a castle in a swamp, but I built it all the same, just to show them… It sank into the swamp. So I built another castle… That sank into the swamp. So I built a third one… It burned down, fell over and then sank into the swamp. :yum:



Thank you so much, now i can cooperate with druids, but they’re just give two druids to me :confused: , unbelievable. Thanks anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You can still get magicians if you let the peasants drain the swamp. When I usually play, I drain it anyway because druids don’t actually have any significant role. Magicians on the other matter can help with war.

There’s a choice where you pick to support the king, support the rebels or declare your lands independent

I chose the rebel path first i died then i chose the support the king path and i still died Any tips how to win?

The independent path seems locked how do i unlocked it?

For the independent path, you need over 20 rule points. Look at post 67.

To win a war, build a large army. I prefer to get as many votes as possible in the election to sell them to Gensa for money for troops.
Alternatively, you can use the suggestion on post 68.

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How come this game was never released on steam.

When I play, never choose to support them. You will die either way, choose neutral. Your second choice affects if you win or not. But, you also need a good army. For independent,

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Finished hard mode once again ahaha i want more like swamp castle 2… That i want my swamp castle to be the new capital once i become king

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Does anyone know how to study barbarian customs for negotiations

I’d say higher intelligence stat, or maybe diplomacy but to me it’s rather intelligence.

Hello, does anyone know how to get “dark arts” achievement? It is the last one i haven’t got yet. I tried using dark magic spell or necromancer staff but i found nothing, apart from making bandits flee when going to Gensa. I will be greatful for any hint.

It is not an easy achievement to get, but I will give you a hint.

Visit the magicians and get the staff from the mage, you need at a high diplomacy rank to do this. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to use it during a forest ambush. Then you will have another opportunity to use it during battle when you’re helping the king fight off a rebel attack. If you get that staff and use it at least twice, it opens up a new quest line, but you have to make some dark decisions to ultimately get there.You may not have unlocked it due to the fact that your light stat is too high. Good luck.

There is actually one best path in the game(literally)
And the it is mentioned in the game (the great tournament)
In that game when u visit the capital for the first time during the feast u talk with sir Robert gale… When u ask him about the king he tells u that the king isn’t really of royal blood and proceeds to tell how the king’s father became a king without being born as a nobility… In that story he actually gives the entire plot(best possible one) for swamp castle… The reason this is the best is because of 2 reasons… One, this would act as a perfect prequel for the great tournament…second, this is the only possible ending where u and the king both survive the final assassin attempt and then the king chooses u as his heir

For people asking about how to get an independent kingdom (my opinion best route), I would recommend doing it on easy since I couldn’t do it on normal due to low rule stat. Be the Nobleman since you get more money and higher intelligence and make sure to spend your money on more workers and then upgrade everything possible. When the subjects come in, pay the requested amount to all the projects (250 for each) beside that random lizard farmer. The druids are useless so don’t care about them. To get a higher rule stat after, grow your army signifigantly so that it has around 20 miltia, 30 or more guards, 10 knights, 12 archers, 3 mages, etc and get Varys as an advisor. Get at leasty 12 workers and farmers to build the other things, like that peasant house, the cleric building, and the library. After, go to war with the barbarians (increase intelligence and leadership since that increases army damage) and enlist more men through volunteer, connections, and other towns. Increase morale by doing good leader options. Help as many people as you can like the merchant folks and the village on fire Then, you have pretty much a 20+ rule stat. To get the independence option, make sure to not be interested into politics when Gensa asks until you can say you want to “secure your kingdom”. Then he will invite you to his manor in a bit and you just have to play along and pretend to be loyal and nice to him. After, just be neutral until you see the independence option and DONE!

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invest in militia the end, get lots of magicians, knights. save that other general storm the castle. just conscript everyone at the end you wont be collecting taxes from them anymore. cheers