Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



How many books is this going to be.


762,123 books…:smirk:


9 more seasons or 97 more years worth of content. Whatever comes first. shrugs

(The Merc’s series will be a trilogy. However I have left enough room to allow myself to do other stories within the universe. i.e. A story involving the Confed navy. )


Will you ever do a collaboration with Sophia


I’m not doing so already? :thinking:

checks the dining room scenes, castle courtyard scenes

I’d do a project together, if we both had the time and weren’t already doing projects of our own right now.


How many cameos do you have in your story already, and how many are you planning on having.


Sophia and Microwave are confirmed. Who else? We’ll see. I’ve not promised anyone else.


senpai!! what’s Micros cameo?(who is going to be?)


Logan-kun, I believe it is post #482. That scene will show up in Chapter 3.


Hitting that damn microwave. Luckily I wasn’t there or I would throw it into a black hole or an atomic dissassembler. Why use and old microwave when you can make a new one that cooks food instantly and perfectly. However that is just me some people like old tech and rather fix it until it’s fully dead. Now I want a gun that shots arcs of electricity.

Totally unrelated lots a of people think I am a redneck because of the Cajun part of my name.


I watched as Rhino angrily stomped out of the room. Every impact of his metallic legs sent light tremors of the metallic floor.

“Don’t mind him, he has a serious love/hate relationship with old technology.” I heard Dove’s voice speak from within the caffeteria. Stepping inside, I walked over to the replicator which was just past the sparking and smoldering ruin of the microwave.

I spoke to the replicator’s computer, “Bacon and eggs plus a cup of coffee, please.” A beep of acknowledgement came from the computer. Meanwhile I could hear Samantha grumble about clogged arteries as I turned to reply to Dove.

“Ok, I’ll bite. Why does the metallic man insist on using an antique while he has a perfectly good replicator here?”

I grabbed the produced plate of food as well as a coffee mug as I went to sit by Dove. She brushed back a lock of black hair behind her ear and smiled, “Because he doesn’t trust a ‘damn computer to cook and heat his food.’” She noted this with a hint of irony.

Dove continued, “The problem is, these microwaves are old and prone to breaking down. This microwave is the 10th on our casualty list.”

(A continuation of that scene, for fun.)


Ey! @microwave04 You have made a cameo in da Supra Humanum! :laughing:


Oooo, ooo!! Me! As a fellow old guy! LOL

Loved that little microwave bit. That said… remember how I said earlier that swords for our MC made me think of Adam Jensen? …guess who is replaying his 2 Deus Ex games. <.<

I find this appropriate.


LOL So true. Usually that someone is me. :laughing:


Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Deus Ex.
xE sueD, xE sueD, xE sueD, xE sueD, xE sueD, xE sueD

There we go all is at balance…:innocent::crazy_face:


So…Im now someone senpai, and a punching bag. Huh. Just like real life


I will grant the PC an opportunity to fix up a microwave for Rhino as a way to get relationship points.

You have the technology you can make it better, stronger, faster…

You could even make it bombard food with gamma radiation if you so desired. :stuck_out_tongue: (Maybe not that last part but if you wanted to rig it to blow, I suppose I could let that happen.)


The next generation of the human race…IS LIVING IN MY BASEMENT? (please tell me that isnt just a meme in my town)


I forget how old you are. Here, you may educate yourself: