Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



NCMUD (Northern Crossroads) was my favorite, by far.


Just hit me up if you need help with hacking environmental kills. I got plenty. (Partially why I am saying this is because I am bored, also am I allowed to swear here.)


A future scene (rough draft, could be revised)

Details of... the FUTURE!

“Cover your sister and get out, now! We will meet at the rendevous point at the appointed time.”

An explosion rocked the hallway and caused the pictures on the glass desk to shake. Typing quickly, the man was trying to remove data from the server but was having issues with the backups.

“Dr. Bryson, I cannot leave you here unprotected!” A feminine voice said from behind him.

“Please, Sophie. Humanity’s future must be preserved and your sister needs a chance to live her life.” He sighed as his makeshift worm began to finish off the data on site, he would need to try to crack the offsite farm once more. “I must stay.”

“Very well, sir.” was the only reply as the voice faded away. Soon Dr. Bryson was the only one in the office and the only sounds that he could hear were more explosions and screams. He needed to finish and leave this place…

A different alarm started to sound “Warning! Containment breach in generator 4. Meltdown imminent.”

“Dear God, I may not have enough time…”


Ah so she are what you talking about that have same name as Sophia? And by the way,

Typo there @IronRaptor

It’s should be rendezvous


I said I would have characters named after fans/friends. This is a tease of hers. :slight_smile:

I am not seeing the typo unless you are saying I need italics.


:fearful: gasps I honestly have not seen your WiP but sounds cool I’ll read nw



Tentatively. Especially since I am using other sources of energy elsewhere. (I.e. cold fusion, dark matter.)


O.o Unstable stuff now my interest is even more peaked


Let’s zoom it, shall we?

Another zoom…

Does this scene contain a secret message, IronRappy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I told you earlier in this thread that there would be a character named after you. There you are. :slight_smile: Granted I leave it to dilligent readers of the thread to find the details about her and the role she will play. :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe you’re going to make her a villain…



20 mysterious and ambiguous characters.


Sounds fairly accurate xD Or if she isn’t a villain: morally ambiguous. XD


She is morally neutral atm. She is another AI. Your AI’s “sister” in fact. That is all that I will reveal from that scene.


Ooh, didn’t see that coming. This will make the MC’s relationship with the AI all the more interesting… I won’t tempt you to divulge any further…but I’m definitely eager to read more chapters.


I will still entertain theories but I won’t give specifics.


She’s AI’s evil sister like Red Queen from Resident Evil :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, she is not. She does have an agenda though.


I know this is kinda weird to ask but @IronRaptor do you still have your prototype book because I kind of want to read it.


The sad thing is, the IF game has more progress and detail than the book. The notes are the interesting tidbits and they are locked in my head. Ask questions and I’ll give you my ideas, if it won’t spoil the story totally.