Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



I have one huge question will I be able to decapitate someone with a saw blade gun, or kill someone in a very impractical way ex. Picking them up and throw them into a wood chipper.


While that question gives me Unreal Tournament flashbacks, I am sad to say that the answer is: No. I have added in as many weapons as I want to.


How about environmental kills. I got a whole bunch of them.


The closest I will get to those will be done via hacking.


So hacking an electric saw and cause it to overload sending a flying blade to someone’s head killing them leaving their head to fly up in the air. Then it will eventually hit another enemy in head causing them to be dazed for a while leaving you to perform a final blow.


Well, the smart saw would have to be on a network, which is possible. The trick is what is controlled via the network? Not enough to cause saw blades to go flying, imo.


Uh so will we ever be able to Defect to villians and/or betray our team?


Who are the villains?

Why would you want to? Go.


Our creator/s who are hunting us?

Well there can be a highly manipulative pseudo RO on Villians side who will persuade MC and make them believe that they have changed over time and that their team are bad guys (which won’t be surprising since they are mercs) and MC would turn on them but still die as the Organization just wanted to serve their needs, would make a good-ish path right?


The over charge of electricity could cause it shoot like a rail gun, or the capacitor they used has a very volatile reaction to heat causing enough combustion to launch the blade. So the capacitor is hooked up to the network for cooling purposes and when you sever the connection it gets so hot it explodes launching the blade.


It’d have to be random like…3/5 chance


Imagine your Character accidentally saying this to themselves with the comm open after a sniping

Edit or worse this…


BTW how do you link videos?


Good, you are at the start of the right track. Any info beyond that has not been revealed.

It is a good idea but there are two things that would keep it from this title. I have already made the overall arc and know how the villain will launch their plan for this book.

In fact… You will not come face to face with the main villain in this book at all.

I am debating just how far up the “food chain” you will go in the villain’s hierarchy. If I want the bad “RO” to come into being (s)he will have to be the equal to you.


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I spent too much time in my HS computer lab playing that with classmates. I couldn’t help that I was too quick in completeing my tasks. Also played MUDs while I was in there. If anyone of you know what a MUD is (without Googling it), you are free to join the old folks club.


Ah okay… so you are planning on a series! I’d suggest you add bad RO’s role to the game but not to be romance-able just a few flirts and add her to be romaced when/after we meet villian


Oh thanks :slight_smile:


What was your favorite mud mine is dragonrealms.


:smirk:This is sounding like my WIP (minus the RO)…