Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Make it a team upgrade. Except they get retractable shades where your is installed in your eyes.


I have been summo-

Oh wait. He’s just looking at me creepily.

fades into the darkness again


Well, if we are to use it properly alongside the rest of our team. We shouldn’t even be looking at the blast when we deploy a flash bang. For instance.,, shows police deploying a flashbang when seeking to gain entry into a house. The upgrade may be unnecessary.


You can’t have something that isn’t connected to the internet or a wifi network. The smart grenade can only be armed through a peer-to-peer network that is made by your physical touch.

These are your own nanites, this scene and its variations existed long before I even learned about the senator.

I was making a joke about WoW culture. No magic here.


A Viking Seax knife is similar to the Bowie but definitely unique - that way you can use the same basic fighting technique but still have some differences.


That’s a new one on me. From first impressions, the shape reminds me of a Roman gladius. From the 20" length that I’m seeing, I wonder if it’s more short sword and less knife. (Even though Google tells me it’s literally “knife” in old English.)


Well there are many factors that decide a knife from a sword. The thickness of the blade, hilt size, intent of it, geometry of the blade and many more factors than just length.


It was the “all-purpose” knife of its day - much like the Bowie is used for lots of different things from chopping to gutting …

Its length varied throughout the centuries but most blades were 10"-12" with a tang of about 12" - the geometry supported its general purpose usage by strengthening the blade for chopping but the blade’s curvature is (like the Bowie) great for cutting too.

Edit: “Long Seax” is a hybrid but a “short seax” is the original:


Huh, I’ll see if I can pull up some more info on it and give it some research. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


Team Stealth stat check!

It’s definitely a knife.


Today’s inspiration -


Take your pick.

I really want to be coding the hand-to-hand combat by the end of today.

In other news, I will be implementing stealth as a stat. Tracking will start once we get to the warehouse. (Soon, I hope.)


I shall bathe in the blood of his interrupters!!

Also, Jeet Kune Do… <3 I read an interview of Chuck Norris where he said that if he and Bruce Lee had actually fought, that Bruce would have mopped the floor with him. Bruce was just far too fast, which lends credence to the rumors that I heard that when filming Bruce’s fight scenes, he had to slow down to half-speed and they used special film to capture his movements, otherwise it would be just blurs or it would look like he never even moved.


Exactly. As much as I love Chuck Norris and what he’s done for martial arts, Lee’s thinking and fluidity had way more impact in a shorter lifespan.

While some initial physical strength will be given to the MC if the player goes down the martial arts path, I’m more inclined to make it a speed-based skill. Speed and movement were the two greatest components that were drilled into us at the school I went to when I was in my early 20s.

I might also include some jiu-jutsu for takedowns as well. It won’t happen as often but it is another option. (Personally, I wish I had experience in Muay Thai or Krav Maga. :heart_eyes:)


Yes let the hand to hand rule all Hahahahaa!


I cannot give Mola Ram enough likes.

How would you feel if you could punch a hole in one of the fighters from Chapter 1?


Dude… stop it before I think you’re me!! LOL

Oh man… that reminds me of a kung fu comedy from the 2000s… Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.


I should’ve specified Brazillian Jiu-Jutsu, if that makes any difference.

Otherwise, I knew you were good person, except for having no moral qualms for killing the Virgin Mary. :sob:

I have watched it.


hmm i may like it during one play through style.


Hey we can’t start you at Saitama’s serious punch now, can we?


This would be a Bad thing to show that much power even if we were overconfidant.
Edit: no parting the atmo for us