Superstition WIP [Updated 9.30.18]



I like the on the road vibe, it reminds me of Supernatural.


I think it’s good update. It has a good solid hunt, with tension and romance building with Syd. I will say our character going from being in the hunt to i gotta get the hell out seemed kinda out of nowhere. I also think it would be good to have the disscused choice, but that’s your call. If it was all building for something that could change a couple things, but I’d have to see the next chapter before I could tell you if the build up is good.

The only bug I noticed is when searching the house, if you search the floor it starts the chapter over.


I like the new update. But I’m just a simple person at the end of the day so I like what you give me cuz- oh sorry excuse me- cos* it’s free and I like just hanging out with these characters and the Syd is such a tease I can’t :joy:


Planning on doing something like that so using the episode navigation is possible, still trying to figure out how I would implement it though.


I love this. The episodic style is great and well implemented, there are a couple of places were the chapter starts over when making a choice. Over all I was hooked.


Just finished the update, so I’m still kind of processing it…I enjoyed it immensely! :heart_eyes_cat:

Personally, I prefer the ending choice as written. I’ll use spoilers to explain why just in case…

Looking at the relationship stats coupled with the wording of both choices, there is a difference that lends itself to roleplaying, even if the ultimate outcome is leaving. One implies the MC just wants a break and will return (this goes over better with Syd than Chris), while the other seems more of a definite walk out (this goes over better with Chris than Syd). I went with the former, since there is a lot going on but I don’t want to totally distance my MC from the supernatural lifestyle. While this is not /staying/ with Syd, I think it still allows us to define how our MCs feels about the situation which may be explored next episode??? :thinking:

The MC went through a lot this episode (e.g. first specialist hunt, first kill, first disembowelment soup being spilled on them, first rescuing a bystander, etc.), so that paired with Faye’s warning makes leaving seem like a solid option. It kind of almost seems necessary to me? Or at least assessing the trauma and dealing with what happened may be easier with distance, since it’s clearly still fresh. Plot-wise I like it for the MC, regardless of their feelings towards the specialist lifestyle, since the writing made their emotions have such a good build (like the anger overruling logic and getting more incensed with Syd than usual) that leaving was a good payoff. I like the drama :woman_shrugging: . Also, with so much being thrown at them wanting to take a break (momentarily or otherwise) seems so human and natural, which I enjoyed.

I had this organized better in my mind…I swear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Basically, I like the MC leaving (even if I am Sydero trash).

Speaking of which, the leaning-against-the-car-teasing scene was soooo good. I love their dynamic! The building tension now has an increased element of distrust because of Faye’s warning and the mysterious magical take down, so that’s neat. Feelings warring with logical instincts (???) is what I live for…Or I guess heart versus head. Idk, what you call it, but it’s awesome.

The yellow headers that are introduced when a pov switches are a nice touch too.

Thank you for all you do and I hope you’re doing well! :cat::smiley_cat:


its 4 A.M and i’m tearing up cuz i want more. :sob:


ok guy do you like sob or dub amine I like all sob or dub :smiley_cat:


Always choose sub… the anime community can be scary…


BUT there are some really good dub.


Ah,I see that you’re a person of culture as well… :face_with_monocle:


First anime I ever watched was Naruto dub and I was so excited, told a friend and caught hell for it. Ever since I’ve watched sub partially cos it’s good but also because I’m terrified of what will happen if I don’t. Secret anime police or something.

I feel like I’m surrounded by those who love Sydero and I love it!


cough cough Sub.

Seriously though, I have no problem with either, some like @Phoenix_Wolf said are best in dub. Plus, I like to look away from the TV every now and again, sub doesn’t allow that at all. Unless you want to be confused for the rest of the episode.


Ofcourse! :heart_eyes_cat:

I love how it seems like most of us on the thread are living for the MC/Sydero ship, haha. She’s just so interesting–and I’ll stop my Syd ramble short because it would get /long/. :hugs:

Hmm, I’ve done sub and dub, but got into anime via dub (naruto, bleach, yugioh :mage: etc.) with the mainstream stuff when I was younger. Eventually mixed some subs in there…Have not seen anime or manga in a while though. Both have there place, I think.


Subs. Mainly because I’m deaf and I’m pretty used to having subs on for my movies or TV shows. Some people just don’t understand how I can read them and watch them at the same time haha it’s a special skill I’m telling ya.


So many people who love Sydero,this is a good day!


– And my dream to become a monster hunter has finally come to pass! I even got a sidekick!
– Nothing Syd…

Loving this so far. My MC is so pathetically hopeless but I expect him to start kicking some ass soon enough. Or not getting his ass kicked, at least. Or stop getting yelled at…Or maybe just stop smelling.
I love the title picture btw. The cat kinda reminds me of Sabrina though.


Now I really want to see this in the story somehow :joy::joy: just like hype yourself up only to get shot down by Syd


Out of curiosity are there going to be any other female RO besides Syd? Don’t get me wrong Syd is the ultimate RO, but I recall the mention of flings and jealousy?:grinning:


Hell yeah! Loving the story so far, gimme more sydero and sweet sweet werewolf blood.

Seriously though, this is one of the best wip I have ever seen, keep up the good work and a huge thanks for the great story.