Superstition WIP [Updated 9.30.18]





I know exactly what you mean, I literally was fighting with myself the other day on this. :joy:


I can’t wait to see what happens with Syd, and if we end up getting a silver sword like a Witcher lol


This has been amazing so far!

I can’t wait for more!



The update is amazing!

I like that we learned a bit more about all the characters and that the dynamic between the trio (if the player elects to go that route) was illustrated. I enjoyed that the MC is given the opportunity to kind of mediate between the two. I agree that perhaps Syd and Chris may form a begrudging-friendly-rivalry-type of relationship /if/ Chris continues his behavior and acceptance that was displayed towards the end of Episode 3. If not, I could see him getting on Syd’s nerves even more so. If not for the sincere apology, my MC would have stayed cool towards him after what went down, but I think what happened illustrated some good character growth for him!

Oh, I love the fanfic trope of having to share a bed with the RO so much :heart:. This part especially made me smile!

Also, the comment my MC made (due to orientation preferences, I believe) about the fairy situation made me laugh aloud. Useless Lesbian^tm. I think it added a nice bit of levity to a pretty intense scene given the potential for human sacrifice and what not…And because there was some suspense built up as to if Sydero would actually come through with the rescue. I just really enjoyed that whole scene!

I still am devout Sydero Trash… er, even if she may be engaging in some shady magical practices. :thinking::hugs:

I mean, the faeries were kind of mean and the MC wonders about how many lives were sacrificed for the forest to be that lush, so I was not that broken up about this particular ritual…Not saying it was totally ok, but I was not horrified either. I am also assuming innocent creatures have not been used. I am actually more concerned if taking those potions (?) for the power boost makes Sydero lose some humanity?

The warning Faye gave us about Sydero makes me very curious about her affliction. The term ‘beast’ was used by Syd, which is interesting considering I would not usually associate controlling a beast aspect with a witch as compared to a werewolf (a literal beast) or vampire (blood frenzy that reduces their capacity for thought) etc. Basically, I would not expect her to possess those instincts from the lore I know. It’s very neat! I hope the MC can help her feel better…Or maybe find an alternative means to cope with her situation.

I may have used spoilers too liberally, but I wanted to be safe… :smile: Sorry about all the blur.

This story is awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us and hopefully things are going well with you. :smiley_cat:


Just finished playing the new update, this game has a very interesting story, awesome game!:smile:


I’m really enjoying being an asshole towards Sydero. Even though I can tell my MC is just going to end up kissing her, they’re just being assholes to each other right now.


It would be possible for us to have more than one accessory? Or i won’t be possible because of coding reason.


It wouldn’t be an issue at all. :grin:


I love how much chemistry the mc and sydero has rn


is the MC a normal human or are they supernatural or have a connection to the supernatural world


But I thought dreaming was lucid?”
“It can be, most of the time it is.

What does the first sentence mean? I don’t understand what point is the mc trying to make? That sentence was in response to the therapist saying “your brain is adding more to it each time”. Isn’t lucid dreaming when you know you’re dreaming? Most of the time when dreaming people don’t know they are in a dream.


Wasn’t the MC almost killed by a demon in the beginning of the Demo?


Ahh, I might need to re-look at that sentence, I think I was thinking something else and everything just got . . . discombobulated.

It’s a spoiler soooooooooooooooooooooo


I can’t wait to see where this goes


Note about Update
So I’m pretty indifferent to this update. Part of me think it’s great and sets everything up for the next chapter, but the other part hates it. I would love to really hear what you guys think.

I’m also going to be taking a second look at the stats cos I feel like some of them aren’t needed, and others would do a better job. And I still need to look at some of the things you guy pointed out so I haven’t forgotten about those tips.


How dependent is this story with stats? Will they matter at all or . . .

Onto feedback . . . I liked this chapter. Ending wise it did feel a bit rushed. I suggest adding more description of the motel or someting to slow it down. It feels like one moment we’re prepping to leave and the next we’re at the motel . . . well that’s what happens but you know what I mean I hope. If anything I just have questions dealing with the ending. Is it possible to stay with Sydero? With how you’ve written the story so far, choice - no matter how big - has obviously been a thing. I mean the fact that we can either kill off an important character like Chris is proof of that. So I was just wondering if there was a reason to this.

I personally would love to say that the way you wrote that romance/teasing scene was great. For me, that’s how I literally felt. I don’t trust Sydero but I be damned if I care and don’t want her to have way with me.


They will. It won’t matter romance wise, but it will end up effecting your story and some of the dialogue and that kind of stuff. Like an optimistic MC won’t say the same things as a pessimistic one. I won’t add most of those in till later though.

In regard to your question, I’m still thinking. For me to allow that choice, which I actually originally had, I would need to write two entirely different chapters. I want to because that would just make the experience that much different but I would have to write one of them first before making a decision.


can we get a character customization and core choices that affect stats when skipping between episodes?


Dont touch my wall. lol

I liked the way you write it in a proper episodic format like actual tv series with a sneak peek at next episode too!