Superstition WIP [Updated 9.30.18]



This WIP was great, I just finished it. Keep up the great work.


I loved this and can’t wait to see how deep you go into it, even more of a plus is that you looked to Charmed and Supernatural for inspiration. Sydero and her snark is already one of my favorite things. My question is when you say that they’ll be offensive material, what will it entail exactly? And do you have an idea about who the LI’s will be?


From what I have planned they’ll be violence, gore, language, and sexual content. And there’s officially four LI’s at the moment, two girls and two guys. Chris and Sydero are two of them, and the other two you haven’t met yet. I’m thinking about adding another one, but there will also be the opportunity to have flings throughout the story.

Also for those who have read the amazing Wayhaven Chronicles, do you like how seraphinite does the POV’s? I’ve always wanted to do it but didn’t know how it would take until they did it. Any thoughts? (For those who haven’t read, the POV perspective just changes to the LI’s at some points, so you see what they’re thinking).


Oooh okay. And in response to your question, I actually liked it a lot and have actually wondered why I don’t see more of it in games. I’m self-centered in these games :sweat_smile:, I want to see what others think of me, especially romance partners. Biggest thing for me is to just make it clear that the POV shift is there. I think you do a good job by putting the dividers that you have already did.


I enjoy the switch in POV’s quite immensely! :smile: After seeing how Sera was able to carry it out in Wayhaven, it’s something I’ve wondered about while reading other works on here…

I find it interesting to see what the RO is thinking about developments in the romance/events because it reveals more about their character and personality (e.g. how a RO reacts differently in a certain circumstance. Er, that’s kind of vague :blush:. I mean something along of the lines of the patrol scenes in Wayhaven.). Personally, I enjoyed how the bulk of the POV was the MC but the little snippets from the RO (usually relating to a moment shared between the MC and RO) made the romance feel deeper or more two sided (?). The isolated/specific instances did not lead to immersion breaking compared to if a longer section was in the RO’s perspective…

I’m all for it!

Your writing is really engaging, so I’m sure whatever route you choose to go will be well received though! :smiley_cat:


wow, literally, everything you write is a hit for me :heart_eyes: ily soooo much, u wonderful, creative creature, you!




this means characters jealous because you’re not with them, because they want who you are with our means you jealous?


If you flirt with multiple people then that can cause it. Also some of them might have a crush on you, even if you don’t have one on them, so talking to others and doing flings might cause it.


And here I was thinking this wouldn’t ever get an update. Loved the update and can’t wait to see how you write it when we start hunting. Gosh, I’m actually really excited about this. I think I saw a few grammatical errors but I feel like that is bound to happen.

Great work!


I what my revenge on all fairy tale cops :cold_face:


Seems interesting I’ll be sure to give it a read when I get back from my dentist appointment


Tried to leave a comment once before regarding the update, but there were a /lot/ of emojis and exclamations points since I was so excited (still am)… >.>

I love Sydero so much! :heart: :heart_eyes_cat:

Also, curious if the vague portent Faye mentions regarding Syd alludes to our romancing of her (if we go that route), since I took that as Faye implying there may be something more to the relationship. I may replay when I get some time and see if it changes if she’s just an acquaintance…Alternatively, I could be reading too much into that because I’m Sydero trash…shrugs


I really like that you went the RO point of view route! I feel the scene flows really well with the narrative and it is clear we were changing perspectives. Also, I think the length is just right too (like to give an impression of what the RO is feeling, but still allowing the MC pov to explore their actual dynamic further in real time. Not sure how to word that exactly, but you balanced it well! I smiled when it switched over).

I also think it’s cool that you allow the MC to still be grappling with/processing the trauma of their life being uprooted . I like that the revelation is not just a one-and-done type thing…? It feels more real to me the way you’re treating it (the amount of options/variations, bringing it up even as time passes, etc.).

I feel like I had more to say…Anyway, this is a lovely update! Thank you for all you do and I hope you’re doing well. :smiley_cat:


Ahh quick question too, and I guess I should consider it a spoiler: how important will Chris be in the future of the story? Like I know he’s a potential LI, but otherwise will we see a great shift if he isn’t there?


Yes. He’s not just some character that pops up when it’s convenient for the main plot, he ends up playing a lot into the story. It’s enough that either way you get a different story. I’m still trying to figure out if I should just leave his fate like how I have it now, or change it to where he always survives.


HI love the game and interactions with the grup and how i was able to define myself with the choices that you present. And wanted to imform that i am unable to say to Chris that he should stay with us becuse this episodetwo_actthree line 452: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block appears.


Thank you! I fixed the bug.


Ok i really love that part about keying somebodys car. lol


inhales deeply Well that was quick lol, at first I thought that it was just a bug fix or something but nope, whole other chapter . . . episode . . . content! I, like some others, am Sydero trash and though I love Chris, my love for her is unrivaled right now. So, exactly what am I dealing with here? Cos that one part was kinda . . . I don’t know how to word it. I just love her and don’t want to end up like Samurai of Hyuga where I’m battling my inner saneness with romancing Junko, or Zombie Exodus where I end up asking myself, do I want to date the guy who tries to kill me . . .

I love how every episode explores all of these characters further. At first, I was questioning Chris’s flip from ‘okay you’re not a liar’ to ‘nope this ish doesn’t exist’ and then I realized denial and everything. He got on my nerves but not in a bad way. It’s like I can see where he’s coming from, but I also (as my MC) am like dude get a hold of yourself. I’m really interested to see how all of their personalities mesh together on hunts. I feel like Sydero and Chris will end up having that annoying sibling rivalry styled friendship.


…There’s already a new update??? :hushed:

screams internally in excitement

Ahem…yeah. :sunglasses: I’ll definitely play it soon! TheBum’s comment has me intrigued and very curious about what happens with Syd, but I’m too tired to fully appreciate your writing atm. This brightened my night significantly, so thank you! :smile_cat:

(Er, I also will either edit this or add another comment with remarks (and flailing about-the-Sydero-scenes) regarding said update, since I know this is not the most substantive reply…But just /wow/.)