Superstition WIP [Updated 9.30.18]


I’m super excited to see how the rest of the game turns out! Your writing style is very unique, imo and I already love the mc, even though they are a bit clueless, which is understandable since we are only at the beginning. :smile:



you won my heart with the supernatural series like thing

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I can’t wait to see me of this wip



This is interesting so far, and I caught this error.



This was so much fun!! :slight_smile:

Charmed is probably one of my fave shows, so it’s cool that it is a part of your inspiration. I really enjoy your writing style and the choices flow very naturally along with the narrative, which is something I don’t always see in games. Also, your act/chapter headers are gorgeous.

I’m already rather attached to Sydero :heart_eyes: . She kind of reminds me of one of my fave Dragon Age characters…
For a moment I thought she was squaring off against our uncle (like for who watches over the MC), but it seems like she does not know the MC. Curious as to who the blue eyed person is and what that altercation was about. Even more curious as to who Sydero “loves” to loosely quote the blue eyed person since I want my MC to romance her so hmmm. :eyes: :thinking:

Best wishes! Thank you for sharing this with us. :cat:





Love what there is so far, wondering if we’ll be turned into a creature at some point.



Nice game so far. I hit that ‘lied address’ bug and unfortunately couldn’t go any further, but I did like what I read.

One thing was when I chose my gender, then later during the bar scene after choosing the handsome man as my “sexuality” of sorts, he refers to me as handsome. I’m identifying as female, so I’m pretty sure being called handsome is a bug lol.

Can’t wait to see how this game develops!



Thank you for pointing this out, I would’ve never noticed lol.

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I really enjoyed your game so far. :smile: The intro was beautifully haunting, and you could really feel the emotions of the protagonist (same with the scene in which they find their dead uncle).

I also looked a bit at your code and have some remarks:

As it stands the jeep is by far the best choice for a car (relationship bonus with Sydero + a better chance to save the uncle, if you don’t pick the choice to immediately turn around and head back home). Will other car choices get some advantages too later in the story? Especially saving another major(?) character is a really big benefit.
I find it a bit weird that girls can eye Chris, but guys and non-binaries can’t. It’s something the MC would do, and in theory no one could really stop him from doing so. :thinking: (PS: Please let him be bi or pan - starts a prayer circle)

Great start to a very promising game so far. Keep up the good work :smile:

And I agree with @rachelamber, that your chapter headers are really nice to look at :blush:



A uniquely original story that fits well with the upcoming fall season. I was immediately pulled into the world and felt like the characters were easy to visualize and connect with. The world you set up is extremely interesting and I would like to see more. I wish you luck with your project.

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In regards to the car question: yes, every vehicle will have their own stats scattered throughout that the others won’t.

And can you explain what you mean with Chris? I feel like I know what you’re talking about but I think I’m getting confused about the scene you’re referring to. But Chris is straight, though if the MC goes after him (respectfully of course) he can turn bi/pan later on in the story. Kinda excited about writing that.



Sure :smile: I think it was in act 2 of chapter 1. When the MC and Chris are at the library, Chris walks off after some time to get him and the MC something to eat/drink. While he was leaving, the MC gets the choice to either look at Chris and blush, to smile and continue working, or to roll their eyes. Female players get another choice in which they eye Chris and his body. I only thought that it was a bit weird that this particular choice was gender-locked…because, even if Chris might not be interested in a male or non-binary MC, they (the MC) could still be interested in him and check him out. I hope everything I said makes sense. English isn’t my first language :sweat_smile:

That’s nice to hear. Somehow, characters who start questioning their sexuality are really rare (the only other one in a CoG that I can remember, is a character called Ricky from the WIP “Model Citizens”, which is great btw). I’m really excited to read how it will play out :grin:



episodeone_acttwo line 463: Non-existent variable ‘liedaddress’



Oh I see, yea good point.

@Logan3000x and thankyou, I’m about to hit my head repeatedly on the wall because of that error.

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Just read this and think it’s great. Love Sydero and the interactions we get to have with her.



Fantastic demo.Really had a blast reading it.

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How it going ToxicDreams



Still writing this but since it’s not my main project, it doesn’t get as much love. :sweat_smile: Plus I’m having that personal struggle where you want every chapter to be interesting but you’re dealing with one that is more mellow.



Nice I just finished; Keep up the good work.