Supernatural in New York (WIP) [Updated on 12/26/19]

oof i did to

@AmerHST The combat affects hand to hand combat, I should probably be more clear in the game.

@Whie_fnag Thank you! :wolf:

@Dartknight Eva is infertile and will tell mc. You can use magic to have kids together.
I’m still thinking about details. Dagger babies, that’s a funny idea. Would they grow into swords?


I’m kind of sad to hear that we’re almost halfway through the book, playing this, I’ve felt that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the world you’ve created(in terms of immersing myself as a player). Just curious, will we at least meet Bill in the first part and possibly flirt and date like we’ve been able to do with the other characters? If that’s spoiler and you can’t or won’t answer, I understand.

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Actually, it’s not really almost halfway through. Sorry, I’m bad at this. Yeah far from halfway. I should change it.
Also, no spoiler at all! You’ll meet Bill and can start dating on Valentine’s day.

@Dartknight Lol. A heartwarming moment.


Helloo, ran into these two errors in my playthrough

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Fixed them hopefully!


Hi ! I’ve been following this WiP for a long time now and absolutely love it (I’m more part of the silent mass than of the on who comments)
Just wanted to show my appreciation for your work and the additions you’ve made
I can’t wait to see more ! :grin:

Also I came across some errors in my playthrough, they were in the date with Grey part and both of the choices lead to an error that prevents me from loading my save…

Hope I made sense and I didn’t make too many mistakes since English isn’t my native langage


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also, your English is perfect don’t worry!
Fixed it!


Error when I tried to pick:

“What did you think about me when we first met.” For Gray’s route.

Great game btw💕

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Hello, when I try to view the stats it launches an error. Something about expecting a #

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Thanks! Should be fixed!

Hi Rebelgirl I was replaying the demo and at the beginning where you choose to either put on slippers or glasses I get the slipper scene no matter what option I pick not sure if that is intentional but I thought I should mention it just in case

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Thanks for letting me know! It’s intentional, meaning you do get the glasses but I should add a sentence to make things clearer!

Ok I wasn’t sure but after learning that I managed to continue reading enough to come in contact with some real problems on the technical end. First I was around the scene where Dom is introduced and got an infinite loading bug. The reason I can’t tell you exactly what page it happens on is because when I get to gender pronouns I get: chapter 1 line 452: non existent variable ‘s’
Sorry if I’m being a bother I really do like this wip and have played through a bunch of times and wanted to try Grey’s rout this time only to be stopped by the code. (It’s always the code. I think dashingdon is just bipolar😏.)

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Lol. I’m sorry to stumbled into those bugs! I made a small change to chapter 1 last night so probably that’s the problem, will fix it soon! Thanks!