Supernatural in New York (WIP) [Updated on 10/2/21]

If you ever need help with anything gun related, I frequently visit gun ranges and seminars for stuff like that for my job. Feel free to ask me


Oh, one more thing, on the “I’m good with firearms” answer for skills on the job interview.

Now, I’m assuming you mean handguns here… did you really mean 50ft, or 50 yards/meters? 50ft really isn’t that impressive, pretty much all shooting sports (minus air pistol and such) start at 25 yards or meters, that is, in the vicinity of 75-82 feet… Barring something like ipsc where the distances can be extremely variable. 50 meters is the olympic longer range variant, usually 50 yards in the States. You probably meant yards?

Also, if I’d be bragging about being a good sniper, it’d be more on the 800+ yards range or something like that, since it’s long range shooting from cover with a rifle ;). Sharpshooter is the word you’re looking for, if you mean general accuracy and proficiency with firearms.


Sharpshooter really is the word I’m looking for, thanks! I have to do some work on the stats once I finish the public demo.


I updated the demo! What’s new: Vesper’s second scene and Eva comes back.


Happy Internet surfer noises. Also, yay, update :slight_smile:


Finally !!! We met Vesper a second time ! It’s awesome !

I really think his power over dreams/nightmares is really interesting. Imagine being able to create a whole world. Immaterial but still ! I hope we will learn more about his power.

Obviously our interactions with Vesper will shape our dreams differently.

I’m glad to see Eva back, I really like her friend path. I think she will be my partner for the next mission ~.

Now I’m waiting for the next Morgan scene and screaming internally so we can see Bill and Vesper more !!!

Yes, I promise, I’m not forgetting you Grey. Just a little more Bill and Vesper and Morgan then I will be screaming for you too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Just started playing and i’m already hooked in the Bill Grey LT :confounded:.
Also found a couple of typos, dunno if anyone already reported them but here they are

I think this was suppose to mean cloak and dagger

Passer-biers isn’t a word, the plural for passerby is passersby


I think it’s suppose to say “like” and “shocked”

And a few other mini I errors

The* probably wasn’t suppose to be there

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My dog is sleeping against my side… Guess I’ll have to play from the start on mobile since i cant move to my computer


@Moonbreaker Thank you! I’ve corrected them, and I will update the files soon!

After playing it for couple of hours I’ve got some feedback:

  • There’s a lot of RO’s and if you play someone flirty and friendly, you feel as if you are constantly hanging out with people and/or flirting - needs more action, maybe some side quests?
  • I feel like the events move too fast sometimes when we are not flirting or being friendly
  • People are very quickly won over, maybe we lack time to get to know everybody?
  • Is there an LT route?
  • More opportunities to add depth to MC and everyone else would be nice
  • minor typos, played the nsfw version

I hope we get more badass moments later :3 I enjoyed taming the dragon but it would be nice to play the agent more - maybe make spells, since we can be a mage.


The LT route is Bill and Grey, I think

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that’d be a very interesting a LT- I hope the MC doesn’t get ripped into two :sweat_smile:

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Playing second time, damn it’s super hard not to flirt with Dom :flushed: Hoe pt it is


I picked swordfighting and magic as 2 of my skills and have been building a relationship with Eva, so I really hope we can wield her in her sword form eventually :laughing:


@Mango_Pirate Thank you for the feedback! I know there’s a lot of scenes of interacting with the characters - hopefully they’re not too boring - but the action does pick up next chapter!

Like having to choose between the people you spend time with?

Yes, with Bill and Grey.

I really want to revise the chapters in the demo - for typos, bugs, rewriting some scenes - and I’ll keep these in mind!

You can later!


Personally I LOVE the character interactions. I love being able to spend time with the characters. It really has me falling for the characters. I feel like they are almost real people lol. I would even enjoy getting to spend more time with them, doing non work related things


I agree with all of that. Getting to do things that aren’t work related with the team is awesome, and it makes you feel like your MC knows them instead of just being told that the MC has gotten to know them. It gives a good feel for who they are. And I loved the Christmas dinner (even if Grey pissed my MC off). I can’t wait to see more scenes like that!


Oh most definitely lol. I’d love just small scenes, where the team goes out to eat and just small talks and stuff like that. Or even take individuals. Even if it’s not your RO.