Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



I am from the United States, since you asked so nicely. I had girlfriend once from Romania! She was a fun girl! Most of the people I’ve met from Romania have been pretty cool ^^


Well I guess that would depend on how you would want to use it within the game. It could be encountered on a case where the Golem was stolen from a rabbi with supernatural and is being used to commit crimes which is how the gang is brought into conflict with it. During the case a Jewish MC or one of the members of the gang of a Jewish background could use their knowledge of their faith to defeat and return it to the rabbi who could potentially gift it to the MC as a guardian. Just a thought but it could work as the Golem is controlled by feeding it pieces of paper with orders written on them though it could be made have some sentience in the game as well

Edit: If you like i can also provide other possible faith related creatures


Hmm… i am not sure that’s Eva’s personality the last i read , she is still living in a medieval mindset and seems despise of people taking advantage of her :slight_smile:


If you flirted with her she flirted back and she also dances really close to you of shes into you. I asked if she could have given us her number then we could have talk while she’s away. I’m not sure what that has to do with taking advantage of her.


Well… if my memory serve me correctly, since it had been a long while the last i read , Eva said something about based on her experience , people will only approach her if they require something out of her…

Hence , asking Eva for phone number when she only knows us for short period may seem “suspicious” ? :slight_smile:


Yeah but that isn’t taking advantage of her. I’m saying if she ends up liking us enough after the party especially if you flirt with her, which she does back, then she’ll give us her number so we can talk while she’s away.


Well… of course i don’t mind if Eva really allow us to have her numbers :wink:


Just let me say, Grey is relationship goals. Like, all future boyfriends now have to measure up to a fictional character, lol. At first he was just cute and fun, and the the dagger of adorable sweetness stabbed me in the heart repeatedly after he and the MC started dating, especially with the sleepover stuff.


@Rebelgirl I have a question, and it was inspired by the scene where the MC and Grey are taking a short break from all the interviews they’ve done. My character is the shy/insecure/nervous type. Anyways, Grey decides to try to “read” her. After he makes his guess on why Skyler (that’s my character’s name) is the way she is, there’s multiple choices to choose for her to react to what he said. I chose the “you’re mostly right” choice, not really thinking much about it. However, he then started giving Skyler tips on how to be more assertive (or to at least appear more assertive), then he said he’ll figure out what it was he got wrong about her. Now at that point it got me thinking, and now brings us to my question, will there be a possibility for us (the players) to choose why our insecure character is the way they are? Or is this just going to lead to nothing?


@No_This_Is_Patrick That’s a great idea. She’d certainly like to stay in touch with an MC she liked. Call her after the nightmare added as a choice to calling a teammate?

@Kanaya Would you mind me asking where in the Unitated States are you from? Have you been to New York? I haven’t had the chance to travel to US, but my grandfather has. I think the things he said and brought and the media made me curious about America :grin:
I’m glad you had good experiences with Romanians!

@MindightWatcher I don’t want to add anymore cases because they’re many already, but I like the idea of the crime syndicate controlling a golem! Do you know interesting creatures from Islam? I know about djins, which are mentioned in the game.

@Eric_knight Eva is afraid of easily trusting people, but she’s also a good judge of character, and knows who she can trust. She’s wary that as a powerful creature and weapon, people will want to use her. As for medieval mindset, she adapts quickly. So, no worries.

@Jeremiah_Sanchez I’m flattered Grey is boyfriend goals, he’d totally deny it, but swoon inside. There’s more cutesy stuff in his romance route ahead :wink:

@VioletHikari When I wrote the scene I thought of whether or not to let the MC decide their reason for their insecurity. I can edit the scene to add the choice! But what could be the reasons? I want to make sure they are comprehensive. A reason could be because they are afraid of making a mistake and how people will see them for it? They have social anxiety?
I’m quite shy, mostly because I think too much and I’m overconscious, I’m afraid I may make a mistake. I’m not shy once I’m comfortable with someone.


Yes! As well as make it clear that we’re interested in her. Talking to her after the nightmare and during the one chapter she’s away could give us a little more interaction with her until the next chapter when she returns and we can officially start romance with her.


totally makes sense and it and it could be a fun part of that fight

Hmm I know a couple but apart from Djins and demons most of the creatures I know from Islam might not really fit in to your universe. There are a couple of interesting vampire like creatures but they are mostly mindless and don’t really mesh well with the lore you’ve already established. There is one that might work… its a kind of sand creature that tricks travelers to steal their possessions. I’m drawing a blank on the name but I’ll get back to you on it after I check my references. Keep up the great work


This had me dying. And the fact that our dad’s name is John just- UGHHGHHGHHHHH


@Rebelgirl In my opinion, he’s the best, because you have to break through barriers to get in, but then you, or at least I personally, see that once he considers someone valuable/important/special, he’d do anything and everything to keep them safe. Like I said, boyfriend goals. I guess it helps that I have a thing for the wounded soul type myself, lol.


That gives me another thought , so Eva is an Immortal who can mostly outlive everyone else … won’t it be cruel for us to romance her and then leave her alone (again) like her previous master if we aren’t going to live longer than a normal human lifespan ?

I feel sorrow for both Eva and myself , when i imagine Eva will need to adapt herself again in the future to love another person :weary::cry:


From Islam there’s also ifrit. A fire demon essentially.


Hey that is in the Dungeon and Dragons Lore as well… It is refer as “Efreeti” in D & D :slight_smile:


Thair are many D&D monsters that are similar to those in many cultures and folk lure. It would be cool to see more of the more exotic and lesser known monsters not only in D&D but from around the world as well show up in a COG.


For example what if a MC was searching a house and found a chest and chooses to open it just to find it trying to consume them


I know what is that… that is a Mimic from D&D :wink:

Well, i personally hope we can capture or slay some of the entities from urban legend like Bloody Mary or Slender Man… if without copyright issue, i even hope we can fight Freddy Krueger and Jason voorhees :slight_smile: