Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Christmas seems like that kind of Holiday that is universally celebrated regardless if you’re religious or not.

At least here it is. Lol


With the mc’s family knowledge of the existence of the supernatural like Lucifer, the other deadly sins demons and hell that family would probably follow some traditions of christianity and ignore some others just because they know rather than believe.

Also can Beelzebub turn into a giant fly?


Personally i don’t think it is wrong for Meg and Grey to be ex-lovers, i mean it will only makes Meg and Grey as a more unique RO, i think in most HG/CoG readers expect all ROs to be not involved in a love relationship before, but if a reader really love that RO, i dont think it matters…
In fact to have 2 ROs who may be lovers before only make your story more unique than others, this will add more dimensions and personality to potential ROs so that it doesn’t feel all these ROs are just gorgeous men and women to be placed on display for only to be select by MC
It is Meg 's life and past if she want to endure 's grey attitude, perhaps it will be best we have choice to advice her to draw a line with grey , instead of rewrite her personality just to please readers, because it will feel a bit fake… I mean why dont we are given choice to advice her action, and if Meg likes us she will listen to us…
For example , if i am romancing Eva but i choose to advice Meg regarding her relationship with grey… Meg can replies " what do you care? You already have Eva"…
If we are only romancing Meg , Meg can replies " Promise me we will deal with this together"


In my case I expect some ROs have relationship before, the issue that I find personally is Grey and Meg are part of the RO pool and part of your group, which would bother some people or find it awkward to hit on someone if you know someone in your group has a crush on him or her. :frowning:


No most reader’s do not expect this. Most people realize that they’re RO has been with people before them especially if their an adult. The problem is when that person happens to also be a RO and someone they also work closely with. You say it’ll make them unique, but at most all it really does is make romancing them awkward and off putting when you know they’ve dated or had a crush with someone you know across the room.

Anyway @Rebelgirl has already decided what to do with this subject so let’s leave this alone now because there’s no reason to keep discussing it and flooding the thread with it.


I understand what you meant and was directing towards this issue as well :slight_smile: It is something like , most of us are expecting we receive a “perfect” romance environment where everything should be like in some sort of fairy tales , no past bad history among the ROs, all ROs are single and available etc… some even expect the ROs are all “good” guys and girls , however it differ from one person to one person, such as some will say they are perfectly fine with the ROs are sort of evil … some will say they are perfectly fine with ROs are all “good” and polite person… so everyone will have their own criteria about what they are expecting from a romance pools…

Same thing happening in this case, some people think it is awkward for potential ROs are also lovers themselves , however i do feel that it is actually something Innovative since it hadn’t been done before, just like in real life, we cannot control that the person we love is also in love with our friend/classmates/colleague … If we are really in love or in awe with a certain RO, then there is nothing wrong for us to “compete” with another RO, it will only make the story more “interesting” and less “predictable” . That’s the reason why this is “Interactive fiction” where we are given choice to interact with any situation , limiting certain situation will only limit the grow and innovation of HG/CoG … and that’s the reason why most “choice” or “episode” interaction story elsewhere are basically the same thing over and over again :smile:

In this case, won’t it be better that we are given choice to “solve” this situation , which i truly believe it is a innovative step , rather than pre-determine a “perfect” scenario ?

That’s the reason why i mention readers be given a choice whether we want to pursue such “romance” :slight_smile: since this scenario actually happening in real life too … and unlike real life we should be able to solve this in a more “happy” manner… My suggestion was merely with the intention of helping HG/CoG title to grow on the next level by encouraging a situation (such as this) , so that readers can also experience some of the “awkward” situation which is happening in real life while be given a choice to deal with it in the story :slight_smile:


No you were okay I just typed the words without thinking about it much because I got a little excited as well.

Your making me blush from this apology even though I feel that you were okay. If you meant on the Grey issue I thought we had the same idea of him being an asshole. Also you have incredibly great and valid points from your side as well. Also can’t wait for your story.

Just because something is unique and innovative does not mean it’s good or the best choice to do. Also most people don’t play these games for real life. We have enough of that to deal with outside these game. Lots of people play it for escapism and to not deal with the hardships and awkwardness of real life.

Again, probably shouldn’t have commented anyway, @Rebelgirl has already decided what she wants to do with her character. Let’s just agree to disagree because we both of have different points and I don’t wanna flood this thread with a discussion of something that @Rebelgirl decided and already put an end to.


Okay, but can we invite the Krampus-like creature to MC’s dinner as well?


Would you like me to pass the mash potatoes Sir Krampus?


there is a krampus in the game now?


What happened to Patrick Thanos? Phanos.


Hey @Rebelgirl I was wondering since their is gonna be a faith aspect to the game know if you have any plans to add the golem to the game?


He snapped himself out of existence


I’ve always wondered what if there was a female Titan out there some where. Now he just snapped her away. His species is done.


Well I’m super excited for this one to come out. :smile: Great job with the unique story, and fun characters, also…dragons! DRAGONS! …Sorry, excited.


Could it be possible for a romantic scene for part of the Christmas episode.
For example if you are romancing one of the siblings (Meg orDom) you could send them a present and get a letter in response.
For Cam or Gray you can give them a gift after the mission is taken care of.
For the shop owners you can pay them a visit Christmas eve.
Finally you can just buy something for Eva in hopes that you will see her again that you can give her later for a scene.


Sorry I’m a bit late for the update @Rebelgirl .But damn I love it. Specially the new relationship between Meg and Grey, it makes more sense that way, since he and Dom are close. And it didn’t really make me think as though she had feelings for him either. WE HAVE A BACKGROUND NOW. So great. We are like celebrities of the supernatural world now. And I’m really excited about the choice to choose who do we pretend to be reporters with. I just know Cameron’s scene will be the cutest thing ever.
So we’ll have a Christmas case where the leader isn’t around, feels like it’d be a good chance to show the MC’s leadership skills…or lack thereof.


I very much enjoyed the demo and I’m so interested in the game itself, especially the characters are unique and complex, however I was wondering if you’ve ever thought abt making a blog (on tumblr perhaps) abt your game, so that players can ask you some more questions abt specific lis and scenes, bc it’s easy to get invested in the story and get curious abt the plot etc :smile:


@Kanaya I’m from Romania, a mostly Christian country. For Christmas, my family puts up a Christmas tree, has dinner and exchange presents. Where are you from, btw?

@Nazroth The Universe is made of dimensions. There is no one true religion. All the myths are true. The sixth-sensers know this, and it’s not so much believing, as it’s the choice of which gods they honor.

Beezebub can change into whatever he wants to. But he prefers his human, sexy form. He’s actually a model.

@Eric_knight I know some don’t mind a possible former romance between Meg and Grey, but I don’t want to spoil the romance for those who are put off by it. And just because they only see each other as friends doens’t mean they didn’t have other relationships. In fact it will come up in the story; Meg has…not so pleasant experiences dating and Grey had a string of flings because he didn’t want to commit.

Like @resuri08 and @No_This_Is_Patrick said, is expected that the ROs had relationships before the MC, but when that relationship was with another RO, it may become complicated and awkward, especially if the ROs have lingering feelings.

They relationships will focus on the MC and the RO, and working out their problems together. You get your happy ending, but you also have to fight for it.

Yes. Thanks for suggesting it. I can imagine a goat-horned, hairy creature awkwardly being greeted in the MC’s house :joy:

For the Christmas case.

I didn’t consider it. What would the golem do?

@msyashira Thank you! :blush: I’m exciting for the dragons too, I fell in love with them ever since watching How to tame your dragon

@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa Absolutely! The first things that I think of are character interaction and romantic scenes since I’m a sucker for romance. If you are romancing one of the siblings, you can facetime and text them on your phone during the case.
I’ll add a present giving scene too. I actually haven’t thought of visiting Evelyn and Morgan, thanks for suggesting it. Also, buying something for Eva is so sweet.

@WillyJackson I’m glad you love it! :blush: Some said they feel as if there was something between them, so maybe I’ll edit things a bit. Yes, the MC’s parents are quite famous around the supernatural world, and know MC can achieve fame, too. I’m working on Cam’s scene now.

@bruisedsoldier I’m glad you’re so invested in the game! I thought of making a tumblr account, but wasn’t sure about it, since I didn’t know whether people would be interested in one.

Hi guys! I have no update to show, but I changed the first post and added a tumblr blog for the game. It’s an old tumblr account, and I go by the name llamagirl28.


Could it be possible if we talked and flirted to Eva and danced with her flirtatiously during the Holloween party she could have given us her number?
Maybe call her after the nightmare and maybe during Christmas while she’s away and chat.