Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



ooooh it was the opposite for me!


@Rebelgirl It seems like there’s a bug where the games just skips the rest of chapter 1 when I picked the non-binary gender option. :sweat_smile:


@Eric_knight But Eva isn’t Excalibur, she’s a magical sword created by a sorcerer in the late middle ages for a sorcerer knight. Excalibur was given to the Lady of the Lake after Arthur’s death, but the scabbard was lost earlier by Morgana -on purpose, to weaken Arthur. Also, what made Arthur powerful was also his Pendragon blood, which disappeared when Mordred and he killed each other. There are other ways to stand up to Lucifer though…

If you were to say to Lucifer “bow down to your king”, his reaction would probably be…




“Get in line with the others who are trying to take my power.”

That’s if he likes you enough… He’ll just eye roll, but if he doesn’t, he’ll do a small display of his power to remind you who’s in charge.

Even during Arthur’s time Lucifer was still stronger, what with Arthur being a human with magical powers and Lucifer a demon.

@Umbreonpanda @Hikarin Fixed it!

@Reinaldo_Pimentel I’ll try to, I know it’s annoying when that happens

@Zsero I’ll add one

@VioletHikari Thanks for finding that, I changed it. What part exactly made you feel that she had a crush on him?

@MichaelCrank It wasn’t supposed to come across like that, but now that I think of it, it’s kind of off-putting…

Would it help if I made their relationship more like begrudging friendship throughout Grey’s highschool years, and closer throughout his university years? I’ll also play more with the fact that Meg dislikes rudeness, so she’s always at odd with him when he’s acting mean, but can’t help being friends because she saw in him what Dom saw, too?

@Kanaya Seems so

@Logan3000x The opposite as in it made you want Meg more?

I have a premise for the Christmas case, and I’d like some opinions:


It’s Christmas Eve morning, and the teams is on holiday. But when a concerned supernatural parent calls the team to tell them about a Krampus-like creature that attacked her child’s group of carolers, you, Cameron and Greyson have to step in, as Meg and Dom are in Boston, celebrating with their family. With help from Beelzebub, can you catch the monster and make it in time to your family dinner?




Honestly, I think it’s fine having Meg have/have had a crush on Grey. I feel like that happens a lot with younger siblings and their older siblings friends. Yeah it might be off putting for some but idk it makes her more complex in my eyes. Either it’s a feeling she doesn’t want to confront or it’s a feeling she already did and Grey was like “sorry but no”. It’s definietly something the MC could help her work through.


The Christmas case sounds interesting! And I agree with the others it does seem like she might have or had a crush. Maybe you could make it seem more like she saw him as a brother? It seems like he was more supportive of her need for adventure and that could have made them bond like siblings with him supporting that side of her. And he kinda filled the gap left by Dom always being busy and all. That way she can still have a good relationship with him and still call him out on his rudeness and not like it.


Now that makes sense. How often did we fall in stupid puppy love for the wrong reasons when we were still young? I can get behind her having had a crush as like a youthful puppy love kinda thing.


Beelzebub and Krampus this is going to be a great Christmas


Is it possible to make Eva my sword???


One thing though, this might cause friction with a MC who goes after Grey. Meg might be not be a jealous type but you can’t really say.


I’d hate that. I preferred Meg’s character before, she was nice to everyone unless you were an asshole, then she didn’t put up with it and say F you too. I can get over her being a little more tolerant of him than she was before though.

I’d rather her not be turned into the cliche nice girl that gets a crush on the asshole bad boy when one of her main things is she hates rudeness. Also I’d rather not deal with that when I’m romancing her, people with Grey probably don’t wanna deal with that either. And seeing as it’s already a big turn off from Meg for a lot of people just from wrong wording, making it an actual thing is just gonna have people skip over her.


I see…was earlier assuming Eva is Excalibur… :slight_smile:
Well, for Lucifer’s jest…i was thinking my line will be something like " You may be the Prince of Underworld, I am the King of Living land … so King is still mightier than the prince :-p"


I mean, I can totally see why people would be turned off from romancing her if she had a crush on Grey. I think that’s a valid opinion that a lot of people hold. I mean why go after someone if they’re already into someone else? That being said, it’s kinda unfair to her character to say that because she, maybe, once upon a time had/has a crush on someone who could be considered a bad boy that she’s suddenly a boring cliche. Having a crush on someone doesn’t change who you are as a person, and you can disagree with or even get angry at people that you like/are friends with. Also, crushes are just that, they’re crushes. They don’t last.

Anyway, I’ll stop my ranting now. I’m honestly fine with whatever @Rebelgirl chooses to do with her character, and I’m excited to see how the Christmas episode plays out!


Yes your right it doesn’t turn her into a boring cliche I misspoke and I apologise to you and @Rebelgirl for it. That happening though, to me, would be a giant 180 of her character from what I was used to and remembered, and a turn off from her for me and I just let the words flow out without thinking.


Its sweet of you to apologize but there’s really no need. I’m sorry if my tone seems defensive or hurt, that wasn’t the intention when I wrote that but tones tricky with just written words. Honestly, I just like to debate things! But sometimes I get a little too enthusiastic about arguing and end up being more abrasive than I meant. I’m sorry for that and I’ll try to be more careful of how I’m ord things in the future as well. I really value your opinion on this forum, especially because this isnt the first time we’ve ended up disagreeing on something but I always think you have really good and valid points!


@Logan3000x At least someone wasn’t deterred :grin:

@Apeking4 Won’t it? :wink: Beelzebub is also a RO

@Sailendranath_Murmu Yes, whether you romance her or not, though not now.

@Eric_knight Lucifer wouldn’t mind the MC jesting. He’s Prince of Underworld along his six brothers, though Satan acts more like a king

Prepare for some Meg rant


Thank you all for inputing your opinions. As much as I may want to please everyone, I know I can’t, and I also have to be satisfied with what I’m writing. That being said, I think the best compromise would be having them be close friends, no romantic feelings involved.

While developing Meg’s character, I thought of some ways her relationship with Grey could be:
They dated a little before he took a gap year and making Meg feel betrayed- scraped the idea because I thought it may put off readers

Grey had a crush on Meg when he realized she went from little girl to young woman, but didn’t act on his feelings because she was Dom’s sister, and the crush faded away

They were just close friends who helped each other- he was supportive of her wild, adventurous side, she pushes him to be better.

I will go with the friends relationship, and if there is any place where it feels like there may be something between them, please let me know and I’ll rewrite it.

@rosemary_and_sage Meg’s crush on Grey during her teen years would be interesting to explore, but if it puts people who might want to romance them off, I’m just as willing to expand on their friendship, which is as strong as the one between Grey and Dom. There’s something very spoilery which would maybe make their friendship, despite their differences, make sense.

@Zsero Yes, I’m thinking of having her seeing him more like a brother, it seems like the best solution.

@resuri08 Meg is not necessarily jealous… but if someone flirts with the person she likes/dates she’ll start making displays of affection to get her massage across

You’re right, and I want her to continue being like this. She’ll tolerate Grey because of their friendship.

There’s no need to apologize :blush: I’m glad to hear all opinions. After rewriting their interactions to show she disapproves of his attitude, tell me what you think.


One detail on the Christmas episode summary to consider:


“With help from Beelzebub, can you catch the monster and make it in time to your family dinner?”

The “family dinner” thing means assuming that the MC is either Christian or from a culturally Christian family, which may not be the case, especially in New York. While there is a longstanding New York Jewish tradition of going out for Chinese food on Christmas, that’s not quite the same as a classic Christmas dinner; I don’t know what the traditions of people from other religious backgrounds are. I know I would be annoyed to have the MC I’d been imagining as coming from a secular Jewish background suddenly defined as culturally Christian.


That’s a great point. I kept it at family dinner, but I could change it to a choice up to the MC: if they’re Christian, it’s Christmas dinner; if they are of another religion, they are maybe invited over to Lenny’s or a Cam’s…(Cam comes from a family of both Christians and Jews). Would that be acceptable? Or they could just be eager to get out of the snow.


As someone who does celebrate Christmas and isn’t Christian, I think it’s fine that this detail is included because a lot of the U.S gets time off for this holiday (i know that it sucks that it doesn’t line up with a lot of other religious holidays) it would still be a good time for the Mc to get together with family even if they don’t celebrate Christmas and maybe @Rebelgirl could make the dinner vague enough so non Christmas celebrating people could just see it as a family get together?


I posted just as you did :slight_smile:
The idea of being a family get together with no religion context is good, and I’ll add it a choice. Even Beelzebub is having fun with Christmas presents and Christmas parties, and he’s a demon.