Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Unfortunately, I also got the same error message as before when talking with Grey


Wait please tell me Krampus makes an appearance as an enemy or at the very least Saint Nick himself


I’m still getting an error message with grey convo…


Ye… Me too, error when talking with Grey


The bugs are fixed now!

@No_This_Is_Patrick I don’t know how many chapters there will be…a lot probably. It’s not very far until chapter 6 storywise, the demo goes to chapter 5, which isn’t finished; I don’t know when I’ll write chapter 6, since I have a lot of scenes to add to the first chapters.

Eva is strong-willed, fiercely loyal, ruthless sometimes but always merciful with the innocents; she’s snarky, but not rude; she’s seductive; she isn’t afraid to admit her weaknesses

@Vox Thanks for catching it, it’s fixed now :blush:

@MindightWatcher I wasn’t planning on but I like the idea. I can see Krampus as an enemy. I’m not sure what Saint Nick would do- on Saint Nicholas Day we clean our boots to receive candy and presents in them- what folklore is there surrounding him?

Thanks to everyone for letting me know, I hope you enjoy the game!


Sounds like I will love Eva tbh.


Well the original legend around St. Nick has him rescuing children from being pickled alive (Yep myths are darker than any horror movie) and then giving them presents. I could see him and Krampus being locked in an fight over children possibly since Krampus wants to punish them and St. Nick would want to protect them. Though this would also depend on which version of Krampus you wind up using but I would recommend the looser interpretation of the Sack Man a figure that steals naughty children and carries them away in a large sack over his back with a hole in the bottom that they can possibly escape from

Edit: Another possible option is Tonton Macoute (AKA Uncle GunnySack not the criminal security force that worked for Papa Doc in Haiti) as adding Tonton Macoute or the Sack Man to this would expose people to a legend that is at the moment unknown to the majority of western audiences


I grew up with the legend that St. Nicholas rescued three girls in a family from being sold into prostitution by sneaking gold into their freshly cleaned socks drying by the hearth as they slept.

This video is a nice little overview of a lot of the more modern versions and interpretations of Santa Claus:
Loose Canon: Santa Clause


I noticed two errors.

Either the ever lovely Cam is cheating on us or is really bad with the names, because she calls my character, named Vincent, something else- Sorry I pasted the error, but somehow my notepad document ate it when I pasted the next error.

Cameron is also apparently a shapeshifter who is also Grey on the side, because she morphs from Grey to Cam in one scene-

"You put your arms around her, mindful of the kitty in her lap. Cam wraps her arms around you too, and smiles.

Shadow spends some time in Grey’s lap before hopping off and heading back to its makeshift bed in your room.

Cameron stretches, arching her back like a cat and sprawls on the sofa. Looking at you through half-closed eyes, she murmurs, “I think I’m gonna fall asleep.”

Oh, and if you’re going to include Santa Claus, really Odin has more to do with the myth than St Nick.

Hangs out with elves, flies through the sky thanks to magic animals, comes from the frozen north, when Turkey is neither frozen nor north, and I doubt the Turkish St Nick had much interaction with elves.


Hi guys! I posted a small update, Grey’s reporter scene. If you didn’t choose him, it should skip to the scene where you go home and talk to Lenny.
Also, I’ve changed some of the stats. Now there is a shy/confident stat, and depending on it the conversation with Grey during this scene will vary. I’m not really happy with some of the transitions, so I’ll edit them. I’d like to know whether you get the shy or confident banter.


@MindightWatcher I really like the idea of a Christmas themed case! So far I haven’t decided on the case, but it will take place on Christmas Eve and it will feature just MC, Cam and Grey since Meg and Dom are in Boston celebrating with their family. Beelzebub, a RO who only appears in chapter 5 will help them.

In Romanian folklore, children are told of the black man with a sack who kidnaps misbehaving children.

@rosemary_and_sage I haven’t heard that legend of Saint Nicholaus! Thanks for the video, I’ll watch it tomorrow, right now is night and I’m quite tired :slightly_smiling_face:

@stsword Thanks for catching them!
Yes, Cam is cheating on you with Skyler, my preferred name of MC when writing notes outside of coding. She and Skyler will elope :joy:

There will be a shapeshifter case so I guess you already solved it :wink:

That’s interesting. I’ll see on what case and lore I decide.


I had read this since long long time and EVA is already my prime RO since then;-)
@Rebelgirl so if EVA accept our courtship, that means we can claim descedent of King Arthur right? Can we have option to proclaim such title so that next time when i meet Lucifer i will say “bow down to your king” :slight_smile:


Lucifer is way more powerful than Arthur…


Doesn’t take much to be stronger than a dead guy


Lucifer is a buddy, he won’t mind me … he already signed me his autograph :wink:


Not sure what happened, but I played the non-binary’s choice and… it skips the introductions of the team and begin where MC have basically played the good cop (or bad cop) with Lucifer. Love the new choices though!


This game is great, but need a save system, every time i want to play i have to begin again because i play in my smartphone and sometimes it refresh the page.


I was wondering if it is possible to add a back button when choosing a costume for the Halloween party? The titles of the choices don’t really give a clear idea of what costumes wait behind them and that combined with being locked into the choice can be a bit bothersome?


Sooooooooooo, this sentence doesn’t really make much sense with the new Megan…


Also, I don’t know how I feel about how close Megan and Grey are… I mean, at first they actually seemed like close friends. But during the party, after we caught the fairy, when Megan started talking about Grey, and how much she hung out with him, and all that… I don’t know, it kind felt like maybe she had a crush on him? I don’t know if it was just my imagination or what, but that was the feeling I got…


Yeah I got the same feeling as well. It kind of put me off when I was trying to romance her. Like I just completely lost interest in her and decided to go for Cam instead.


Sounds like this needs a rework. Lol