Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



This story is great so far, can’t wait to see more :+1:


Hey @Rebelgirl I was just wondering about the Eva romance path and if that path could give rise to a new King Arthur in the form of the MC since the amount of Arthurian lore and references was intriguing enough with the actual introduction of Excalibur herself. I was also wondering if we would ever meet Oberon and the Fey and elven courts since they are based in New York and if so would our MC’s old boss make an appearance potentially as a client.


I think that should be “I’ve known him since high school”

The Watson’s Investigations Team team :sweat_smile: uh, maybe just stick to Watson’s Investigations Team.


I’ve played through this several times and always forget to say something… When we are introduced to Lucifer for the first time I really don’t like the dialogue option that results from being straight forward and direct.

“I’m here to ask you some questions about a case. Here they are…”

“Direct, aren’t you? I like that.” Lucifer gives you a lopsided smile.

“And if you stopped interrupting me that’d be great, you horrifying pain in the ass.”

I always think, jeez, took it a bit to far there. I’m not the type to be into characters who are cheesy car salesman so I don’t choose the first option and I don’t want to be nervous or intimidated by lucifer. I like direct and honest characters but that doesn’t mean I have to be an asshole right? Specially because I like Lucifer so much… (never thought I would say that :grin:).

Just hoping you might consider changing that or adding another option.


Hi guys! Sorry for not replying, I’m still busy. :disappointed_relieved:

@Gregory_Pena Yeah, but Grey’s father wanted for his son to follow in his footsteps, and the path his only son has chosen has hurt him deeply, because it estranged them. But Grey’s father doesn’t really approve of his son’s career choice. I don’t want to reveal too much. :speak_no_evil:

@Eric_knight Thank you! I like the idea, and in the meantime, I’ve come up with a case.

Meg discovers a app she’s heard non sixth sensers dowload and make accounts- Supernatural Challenge. People are given challenges involving supernatural and myths, none the wiser they are meddling with things they shouldn’t. The supernatural community is not very pleased either. So, to unveil and stop whoever is behind the app, the team join the app and the allnight marathon of supernatural challanges.
Yes, Eva is a RO, and you can flirt with her, but you can’t lock in a romance with her yet.

@MindightWatcher You don’t have to romance Dom to fight the headless horseman, just go in the same direction once you get at the mansion (the crime syndicate’s hideout).

Grey would be quick to loose his patience. Meg would get exasperated after a while. Dom is usually calm. Cam…she doesn’t really care, as long as she gets to use her devices.

@Dragons_Sweets I’m glad! :blush:

@ProGameGeo Thank you! :blush:

@MindightWatcher Actually Eva is not Excalibur, just the scabbard she was sold with is Excalibur’s.
Excalibur is on Avalon, guarded by priestesses. Eva is a Toledo made sword.
The MC, however, if they have a high relationship with her-not necessarily dating her- can wield her.
As for the elven courts, I’ll think about it. The MC’s old employer will make an appearance.

@Isabella_Taylor Thanks for the catches! So you’re romancing Grey? Also, who is that cute doggo? :dog:

@PhilosoTor Thanks for the feedback! Actually, even though I haven’t coded much yet, I’ve been taking notes of things I want to change and add, and these comments which feel forced on the MC will be edited. I’ll be adding more ways to be persuasive: in a salesman kind of way, charming, seductive. Though trying to seduce Lucifer is pointless as he is head over heels in love with Lamia.

And what an adorable kitty you have. :heart_eyes_cat:

So, as I was saying, I’ll be making changes to the game: there will be more choices and character interactions. Magic will be added as a skill. Meg’s character is slightly different. She is more playful, mischievous, and prone to breaking the rules rather than disapproving of Grey’s actions. She and Grey are also very good friends, even if they act passive-aggresive.

I’ve changed this aspects of her as I developed her, Dom and Grey’s backstory.

I realized the characters didn’t have birthdays…
So the Halloween party will have a new scene, as it’s Meg’s birthday.
I’m not sure about the MC birthday, should I let players choose it or have it set?


I’m ok with either but if you choose to let players set their birthday and choose to celebrate it I think you’ll have to write slightly different birthday scenes depending on the date (month, different seasons)


@Rebelgirl Ugh, guilty. I love sarcastic, handsome, assholes.

And that doggo was at a pet store! They have little rooms where you can play with the doggies and we were cuddling with this little guy. We would’ve taken him but he’s expensive and we already have a dog!


Hey @Rebelgirl thanks for reaching out and answering my questions. I hate to do this but I have two more follow up questions one being about the crime syndicate and what exactly do they sell and would we be able to infiltrate the syndicate and help bring them down from within. My second would be on whether or not wielding Eva would grant any supernatural abilities since we no longer have the scabbard. Also in relation to the question on birthdays I can see benefits of both increasing player immersion by allowing players to choose birthdays and a potential world building avenue by making those with the Second Sight be born on a particular date of the year such as a solstice as this wold allow for a sort of mass birthday celebration for multiple individuals who were born on that date which would provide avenues into exploring the closeness of the supernatural community and provide an easy way for introducing new characters. Just a thought keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing your reply and any further updates


In the end, it’s your story. If Grey comes from a wealthy upbringing, then that will be my canon as well. However, I just find thrre to be more potential for conflict if Grey’s family is low-income, since his father would be spending the limited money that he had to try and give Grey a good education so that Grey could get a prestigious career, only to have to deal with Grey basically tossing that aside and almost making a mockery of his financial sacrifice.

That’s just me though.


Awww… totally excited with the available of EVA :heart_eyes:

an all night marathon of supernatural challenge ? That is awesome , now i must decide who to bring for a date…i means challenge :blush:


Got it! and thanks for the response. Your kitty is adorable as well. :grin:

Haha, I do like him but not that much. I would be too scared of Lamia to even think of stealing luci away…she seems like someone you don’t want to make an enemy of.

sounds awesome!


I think I’ve figured out the birth dates for the MC, which they will choose when Meg asks their age: Imbolc February 1, Beltane May 1, Lughnasadh August 1, Samhain November 1. One from each season.

What a shame! I hope the doggo finds a good home eventually. I didn’t know there are pet stores that let you play with the animals.

@MindightWatcher Please ask, I don’t mind :blush:
The crime syndicate used to be lenient and neither the head supernatural creatures nor the team bothered with them, but it has been taken over by a team of four: a vampire who goes by the name of Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory, a witch with blood powers, the Headless Horseman, a dullahan and a mysterious figure called the Dark Doctor with a plague doctor mask.
They manage most of the black market.

I didn’t think of that, but I like the sound of it very much. It would be fun and I could handle the case I actually had in mind better, which was getting a kidnapped alchemist out of the hideout. This way, the MC already knows the crime syndicate’s and the hideout’s weaknesses.
The wielder of Eva, whether they have swordmanship skills or not, will know what to do. Eva’s power is absorbing knowledge, so when wielded she can give that knowledge to the wielder as long as they hold her. Someone with no skills though won’t wield her as smoothly as someone with experience. When wielding her, there is a telepathic bond through which wielder and sword communicate, and they guide each other.


@Gregory_Pena I’ll think about it :thinking:

@Eric_knight You can bring Eva :smirk:

Thanks :kissing_cat:

No, you don’t. She’s fierce as hellfire.


Hey @Rebelgirl glad to help and if I could offer another thought to the infiltration process it might be useful to be able to turn one or more of the members against the others to make the fight easier and give the gang an ally or more on the inside until they could bring them down for good. It could also be cool if the MC keeps their cover within the syndicate as it would give them a source of information into the black market kind of like what batman does as Matches Malone. Not sure how you’ve got the leaders written or if this would be an option but thought it sounded cool. Thanks again for reaching out :slight_smile:


Love the story of the game, the modern atmosphere give me the sense of familiarity and supranatular elements give me the sense of mystery, this game play with our deepest daily life thought, like when we see strangers walk sometimes we wondering maybe that person hold a dark secret, during our walk on the high of the night we we see one of light still on in one of apartment room and thinking maybe whoever’s living in there is a vampire, or when you go partying on club you see woman so beautiful you wender is that person even human. This game is perfect, it’s reflecting our innermost thought.


Oh yay! I’m glad you’re changing this! One of the strangest parts of the demo, for me at least, was that Grey and Meg didn’t get along. Because it just seemed like they would? And considering how protective Dom is of his sister it also didn’t make sense that he’d bring someone onto the team that his sister openly disliked (no matter how good of friends they were). It also made it hard when playing the game, because I wanted to be best friends with Meg but also didn’t really mind Grey, I always felt like I was being forced to either wholly disapprove of Grey’s existence or risk pissing her off. So I’m glad they’re friends now!


I’m glad to see there’s still activity here. I definitely wish I hadn’t left for so long when I did. I missed out on the Cameron sleepover scene during the initial release. Well, I’m glad I played it now. It was adorable.
We get pets now too, also adorable. It’s exciting to see how much more detail is planned for this game.


Hey @Rebelgirl I was wondering If you have any plans to add any new members to the gang during the game over the course of the investigations at all? For example if you encounter an individual during your investigations who is on the wrong side of the tracks and you bring them into the gang to set them on the straight and narrow path as your apprentice


Hi, guys! I’m sorry for being absent so long. This past months have been stressful and busy as I graduated high school and had to get into university. Now that I’ve taken all my exams and entered my university of choice- Technical University, I’m going to study Computer Science :grin::blush:- I have time to work on the game, which I have.

The update is more of a revamp; the new content is in the first chapters.
What’s new?
-I added more background about the MC
-More choices.
-Meg’s character in the old version wasn’t what I saw her as when further developing the game. What changed about Megan? She’s still cheery, full of energy, sweet, silly, but very much playful and rule-bending. Also, her relationship with Grey is changed.
-In chapter 2, you choose who to go play pretend with as reporters- right now the choice doesn’t do anything, as I haven’t written the scenes yet, Grey is still the default choice. His scene will also be expended.
-Magic as a skill stat

What I plan on adding and rewritting to the first chapters
-Reporter scenes with teammate of choice
-Visit MC’s mom at work with Dom for the nightmare case
-More interaction

What I also want to do is change and clear some things about the game. I’ve been told the plot is vague- hopefully it will be after I add the new content. I’ll also rewrite the first post, since I feel like the summary doesn’t make it justice. I want the game to be more character and relationship orientated.


@MindightWatcher I had no idea of Matches Malone. Batman may not have superpowers, but he surely has resources. The MC, Grey and a member of choice will be infiltrating the crime syndicate under false identities, and will alter their appearances with magic. Assuming the identity after rescuing the abducted alchemist won’t be possible, though, as during the mission their identities are revealed.

@Zen1 I’m glad you love the game! :blush: I’ve had those thoughts myself. A winding path through trees will make me wonder where it leads, to fair folk lands, an old house and abandoned places will conjure fantasies, a person will make me imagine who they are.

@rosemary_and_sage It made no sense, and annoyed me too. Now they’re close friends.

@TheAnalyst I’m glad you came back and enjoyed it!

@MindightWatcher Yes, actually, there will be a new member later, Eva the sword. She comes back and settles in New York, and wants to join the team.


My Mc name is Cassandra but i was called Skyler when Gray showed up.


Oops, thanks for the catch!