Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



I still don’t get the scene with Cam :frowning:


I’ve been playing the Sims 3, and as I’ve been fiddling around with the character creator, I decided to try and create what I think Grey and Dominic look like.

Here are the pictures.

Grey is at the bottom and Dominic is at the top.


Hm. Dominic looks right, but Grey’s face is a little more punchably smug. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just reading through the demo again and was wondering about the introduction of any local New York urban legends and haunting’s added to the game at some point. Just a hope


Hi, guys! Sorry for the long absence, I’ve been busy with school and still am. I’m ashamed by my lack of an update so I lurked about the forum withouth posting, but even though I still don’t have any new content, I’ve been working on the story, and plan on rewriting some scenes.

Sorry for the long time I took to reply.

@Harley_Robin_Evans I’m not sure because the point is the MC is human, but has certain abilities, and this will be important in the nightmare case.

@Boreas I will add the choice to pick whoever you want from the team, and rewrite Grey’s choice, so you can be civil yet indifferent.

No! It’s my seduction and my intimidation technique at the same time!



@WillyJackson I’m rather late, but did you get it eventually?

@Gregory_Pena I like them! I like how neat and casual Dom is, and how ragged and elegant is Grey.

@MindightWatcher I love it! I’ll try and introduce some. I’ll have to do some research. I believe I know one of a crocodile in the sewers, and abandoned places in New York. Do you know any urban legends or haunted places?


While not necessarily haunted there is a stop on the subway that is abandoned (Actually I think there are quite a few abandoned stations, but this one in particular I wanna say is on the 6’s route). Anyway, it was one of the earlier stations, and it was created to be beautiful, with tile work and chandeliers in the art nouveau style. Unfortunately, It was later abandoned because they ended up lengthening the train cars and trains could no longer fit. However, if you stay until past the end of the line, you can actually catch a glimpse of the old station! My aunt and I did it once for fun and we got so excited and screamed so loud the conductor came out to check if we were okay.


It’s good to see you back. And yes, I just checked and the scene was there this time. Cuteness overload by the way.


The idea was that Dominic, as the leader of the group, would want to look inviting, so him being clean-shaven and having short hair would make him look presentable, while the clothes he wears would look nice, but not too formal, so that he doesn’t seem to be haughty.

Grey, for his part, always struck me as being the dressy type, hence why his outfit is much more elaborate than Dominic’s outfit. However, he cares less about looking inviting, what with his persona, and so eschews the whole nicety of being clean-shaven, especially since his facial hair grows back quickly. He has long hair because he’s a rebel, and short hair, for whatever reason, has never really been his style. At least, that’s the way I see it.

I could of course be completely wrong on all of this, but those were the assumptions I made.


Well where to begin first great off awesome to see you back on and don’t worry about not posting anything forever real life always takes priority and as a fellow individual trapped in academia I completely understand how much of your life school takes up and if the COG community has anything in spades it’s patience since we understand that time equals quality. As for New York urban legends where to begin depends on if we are talking about the city itself or the state. In the city there are the Reptilians in the subways and sewers who abduct to their underground cities for food, the haunted ghost ship, and the gargoyles that come to life and kill and a million and one legends that could have come over in the various immigrant communities that are in the city. In fact since you have the dragons in the city already it might be cool to look at the various communities in the city and use some like Baba Yaga from Russia or others from Europe.


@rosemary_and_sage The station sounds interesting. Is it the City Hall station? There’s a case which will have the team hunting a shapeshifter in the subway. From what you said, I take it the abandoned station is not open to visitors, or only to guided tours?

@WillyJackson It’s good to be back. I’m glad you enjoyed the scene!

@Gregory_Pena You are right about Dominic wanting to look inviting- he pays attention to always look nice, face shaven, clothes pressed, as he is quite a neat freak.

Grey, on the other hand, dresses practical on jobs which require fighting- longcoat or leather jacket is a must- and more elegant, with a rock or goth edge, outside work. A five a clock and longer haier suits him.
Grey is a rebel, and I remember you some time ago coming up with theories regarding his background with I enjoyed a lot. I think you were guessing Grey would be coming from a poorer family. To nudge your theories in the right direction, Grey mentions avoiding being expelled despite all the trouble and mischief he did in high school- he doesn’t say it was a posh school in Boston and his father was financing it to persuade them not to kick out his son.
I like the theories you come up with, and to tease some secrets, Dom and Meg may have as much baggage as Grey.

@MindightWatcher Thank you for the understanding and patience! What I love about this forum is the awesome community.
I like the idea of using European legends. In a case the team will go against a crime team lead by Dracula, and consists of Elizabeth Bathory, a headless horseman and a mad scientist.
Baba Yaga, was it the witch with the house with chicken legs? It gave me nightmares when I was little.


Yep Baba Yaga was the witch with the chicken house and yo are right to be scarred of her shes the only Russian myth I know anything about and she scares the living hell out of me to this day. And secondly we get to fight a Headless Horseman!!! This just became one of my most anticipated games yet. And finally don’t worry about us ever loosing patience the COG community knows better than any other I’ve seen that time equals quality as opposed to haste making waste and with what you have so far is any indication of what shall follow then the quality will only improve the more we wait.


Yes, it is the City Hall Station! And I believe it’s open for tours? But only at specific times and yeah they have to be guided. My aunt and I just did it the cheap way and saw it for free. We were dumb though cause we went at night so we had to hold our phone lights up against the glass to see anything, but what we did glimpse was beautiful (and creepy)!


My idea was that I see Grey as the “rugged scholar”. In that depiction, he’s not out doing any missions, so he’d able to dress more formally than what he would normally do.

However, I can’t see him liking short hair. He probably got in trouble for not having his hair cut a certain length, but Grey just wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for the five o’clock shadow, Grey doesn’t want a full beard, since that would detract from the look he wants, but at the same time, he has other things that are more important to him than shaving his face cleanly every morning, so he just kinda lets it out until it annoys him enough.


@MindightWatcher I don’t remember the stories of Baba Yaga, so I read a bit on Wikipedia and she seems to have been depicted as good, bad and ambiguous. The only thing which comes to mind is the house with chicken legs.
I’m glad to have made you so excited about it. :grinning:
You get to fight different villains depending on which direction or which character you choose to follow. The MC will face the headless with Dominic.
Again, thank you for showing interest and patience. It’s great being in such a supportive community.

@rosemary_and_sage I googled it and it seems you have to be member of some museum to get a tour. Like you said, at specific times and quite expensive. I saw some photos, it’s so hauntingly beautiful! It’s a good place for the characters to search for the shapeshifter in the subway.

@Gregory_Pena “Rugged scholar” is a very accurate description of Grey. I do enjoy the fact you take time to explore the details of his character and conjecture about him.
I was just looking at your Grey Sims and realized I can’t quite tell how long it reaches.


As to his background, him being from a wealthy upbringing would explain quite a bit, but I still find the idea of Grey coming from a lower-class background to be more interesting, especially since it would make his father even more upset at the fact that Grey would spurn the high end school that he would struggle to pay for.


I had just start playing your Title and it is an amazing interaction fiction… i am really looking forward for your work to finish, patiently :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… in case you are looking for more potential urban myths and legends to add in the story , or if you are planning a future sequel, perhaps you can consider some cases based on the “Dangerous Games/Rituals” which are famous in social media like Reddit… i felt that currently these modern day myths had yet to be implemented into novels or movies , hence it will be quite unique and refreshing if you apply them in your story …

One example of such games/ritual is the “Hooded Man Ritual”

it is a game about dialing some number to have a tour to Hell via a taxi/cab drives by the Hooded man, and based on this myths… some people (from Reddit) “claim” to had tried this ritual and added that they met some sort of Fallen Angel , an entity called “Father” who tempted them into joining “HIS” herd…

Well…based on this myth there are some unique and fresh entities ( such as the Hooded Man and “Father” ) who can a case for your story :slight_smile:

Btw…i am currently pursuing the Romance route with Megan since she is the one who welcome me the most, but is it even possible to Romance Eva the sword entity ? :thinking:


No worries always happy to say a kind word and your right on about Baba Yaga, she was either your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you treated her which could make an interesting relationship mechanic as near as I can tell from the legends she was damn near the most powerful supernatural creature running around Russia. Also a quick thing about fighting headless do I have to be following Dominic’s romance path to fight him or do I simply encounter him on a mission with him


Great idea mate the dangerous games and ritual urban legends would fit right in to the game’s universe and it might be cool to see the agency investigate a case that is supernatural but affects people without the sight. It would be cool to see how the gang would interact with regular non supernatural people who don’t understand that the game is very real and dangerous


yes agree… these dangerous games/ritual provide good story background for us to explore , and they mostly inherit an entity for the someone to deal with :slight_smile:


I love reading it,hooked me right into the story