Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



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It’s part of Grey’s friend sleepover.


Speaking of thirsty MCs, how come the story requires me to address Lucifer as ‘red-eyed handsome Dementor,’ even if I’ve earlier referred to him as ‘the definition of sin and corruption’? And why does it seem like so many of the Gray-related dialogue options involve hitting on him (compared to other team members), even if an earlier choice establishes that I prefer women?

P.S. I haven’t gotten through the updated demo yet, so take my comments with a pinch of salt.


So a question about vampires and their blood

1: how powerful are they, on a scale from above average human to kizumonogatari levels
If you don’t know how strong that is here is a video(cartonishly graphic and spoilers for the movie)

2: could we ask Lenny for some blood for personal use, gaining some of his powers?


Kizumomogatari is far too high a threshold for vampires, especially if the template given is Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. Supernatural entities in general are forces of nature in the Monogatari series, and vampires are the apex of the supernatural.

Now, JJBA is far more likely, at least for antagonistic vampires. Still outside normal human capability in terms of speed and strength, but the actual degree of their strength depends on the potential of the human in question.


That’s a great idea! Andtheir hypnosis/natural charisma abilities could add to the hypnosis skill
Also you remembered her full name? Even most of the charecters couldn’t do that slow clap
I’ll switch it to dramaturgy levels


Just something that stood out to me: Shinto is a Japanese religion, Akiko is a Japanese name and kitsune are from Japanese folklore, but Akiko claims to live in Chinatown. She was just introduced, so maybe you dealt with this already, but it seems kind of weird to me that she’s pretty clearly Japanese, but seems to live in a Chinese neighborhood, you know?

Otherwise, it seems well-researched.


Played after a long time and remembered how fun it is! :smile:


Megan looks back and forth between you and the black-haired man and shruggs


"Cameron!” Megan calls out the very focused girl, who didn’t even flinched when you came in. Seeing as it doesn’t work, she takes a deep breath and almost screams: “CAMERON!”


Dominic’s freckled face lightens up and shakes you’re hand a bit too vigorously, in an eager way. Note to yourself: Don’t try to pick a fight with this guy if you’re not up to it.


“But I think you’ll do great, if Megan is so excited about you.” He gives his sister a soft smile and she grinns, obviously proud.


"That was all.” You say , , satisfied to have talked to him

take out one of those commas

"The rookie in on his first case and he already got us another one.” His voice is, naturally, edged with sarcasm.


Dominic nods at your choice. “We’ll split. The two of us and a member of your choice with go to Emerald City and the other two will go to the other club. Who do you want to take with us?”


You catch the fairie’s brown eyes, who study you with interest and seem to find potential in you, because as you get closer, his smile all but begs you to take a seat next to him.


"Thanks. But…I really shouldn’t.” You say, reluctant yet not convinced. “It would be my fifth…so, six drink tonight, and… You know what, buy me one.” You resolve, firmly.

no, sixth

“Ah, I’m an expert. When I cook, I wear an chef hat and my food is 4 star restaurant worthy.” Truth be told, you suck.


“Then, we met Cam and she joined us, though she didn’t become and official member until she graduated high school.”


“You and Lucifer seems to be on friendly terms.”


Actually something you look forward too. You’re sure there’s more to Grey than being a jerk.



Bro maybe its bromance. :wink:


Stahp. I don’t want a bromance, or a romance, or a flirtatious friendship, with either of them, so why is the game pushing it on me? :frowning:


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Sorry for taking so long to reply! I’ve been busy with Christmas preparations and homework.

@Boreas Thanks for letting me know where it seems the game forces opinions on the MC! I’ll edit the scenes.
As for Grey, I know I shouldn’t have favorites… Some love him and some love to hate him. Does the friendship choices feel like flirting too?
The sexual orientation choice doesn’t do anything at the moment, that’s why you still get flirt options with everybody. I’ll code it soon.

@Natman1025 1: I don’t know where my vampires’ power would be on a scale. Perhaps somewhere in the middle :thinking: Vampires have super speed, super strenght, they can learn magic. Their blood has healing properties and other species can use it for power, like steroids. It depends on whether a vampire wants to be more powerful. They also have weaknesses. Sun doesn’t kill them but it burns them (think someone with a pale complexion spending a day in the sun withouth sun cream). If they don’t drink blood they can starve.
2: The MC could ask Lenny for some blood for missions.

@Hannah_Minger Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve never been to America so when writing I researched on the internet, but it seems I haven’t very thorough here. I wasn’t sure whether there is a Japanese neighbourhood in New York. I thought I found a Shinto shrine in Chinatown but I searched again and it was in Brooklyn. I’ll edit it. I happened to see on your profile that you’re from US. Have you been to New York?

@AmericanShakespeare Thanks for the catches!


I want to become a supernatural creature


Not until this summer, I won’t have been. It’s about a 6-hour drive, but like, every American book, musical and movie seems to take place there, lol, and I have a few friends from there.


Ah, I understand how that is. It’s hard not to have a personal favorite. For me, though, Grey falls firmly into ‘love to hate.’

One example that stood out to me is the scene where you play darts with Grey. Option 1 is to say ‘Do you spend all your time going around being mysterious’ or something to that effect. If you choose that option, Grey will ask if you fantasize about him. Two of the three possible responses are essentially ‘yes’.


Speaking of magic, what are the plans on us possibly learning some magic?

I remember you said something a while back about mabye learning some cantrips


@Harley_Robin_Evans What kind of supernatural creature?

@Hannah_Minger Yes, New York has a certain charm…

@Boreas I’ll add some more choices. Are there any other scenes?

@Natman1025 The MC can ask Morgan or Evelyn to teach them magic. Sorcerers and elves magic differs. They will teach the MC spells casting and dispelling, rituals, potions. Magic that six-sensers can learn. They can also learn magic that could help them resist and fight the nightmare’s magic.

Enjoy! :blush:

It’s Grey friend sleepover and Cam’s sleepover as your girlfriend.


I would love to become a hubrid like vampire and werewolf that would be cool and it’s never been done before apart from some films


@Rebelgirl I was wondering if it’s possible for you to add more “shy” options? I’m trying to make my character the shy type that is slowly opening up to the group. There are a couple I have noticed, but there are more options for the outgoing type…


@Harley_Robin_Evans I haven’t thought of adding the choice of becoming a supernatural creature. I’m not sure about it.

@VioletHikari Sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Cam’s sleepover as girlfriend is now updated.


How come your not sure about


@Rebelgirl I do wonder why we’re required to partner with Grey during the ‘journalism’ mission. Also, when bantering with him in your guise as a journalist, there’s a set of choices in which the only ‘rejection’ option (the remaining being ‘I want to get to know you better’) and ('I want to jump your bones) is extremely rude. Why can’t I just be cordially indifferent towards him?

(Grey, please stop giving me your Smoldering Glare; it’s creeping me out.)