Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



will there be
friendship bracelet


Oh my god, The new scene with Grey in it… oh the things you do to my heart and my MC’s.


Am hey i got a suggestion with the dragon riding scene if you don’t mind expanding it, the one with lenny, we tease him while riding or before.


Yey! Thank you. I wait in anticipation.


@blob Yes there will be :grinning:

@Umbreonpanda There’s more to Grey’s sleepover and I have updated it, so enjoy :wink:

@Karl341 Sure, I’ll revise the scene! I was still not sure how to use the if command so I kept the scene short.

@TheAnalyst I hope I can get it done soon :blush:

Small update Grey’s sleepover for MCs romancing him is done and I added part of Grey’s sleepover as friend/flirt.
Enjoy! :blush:

You might have noticed I keep posting small updates, and I’m sorry if the lack of a saving system is annoying, I’ll try to figure out how to add it. I won’t be changing the name of the thread until there is enough content for a big update, but you can keep an eye on the thread if you’re curious about small updates.


CJW save system?

if that the case, here are how to do it

First you have to :ballot_box_with_check: this:

And then add *sm_init supernatural_in_new_york | 3 in startup.txt

If that not what you mean, sorry for not being a help :sweat_smile:


May I suggest something? Can you add a “go back” option when choosing your Halloween costume? I play as female but checked the gender neutral options but they weren’t my liking and I couldn’t go back :confused:

Also when talking with Lenny about the dragon that conversation is still present not grayed out like the others.

Also also “Your Unknown hair is messier than your usual bed hair.” I don’t think unknown is a pretty hair color xD

ALSO ALSO ALSO “I hide, because…because I’ve been doing so for a long while, Skyler, and barring it all to someone…it doesn’t come so easily to me.”
My MC’s name is Cassandra


Wait there’s a dragon riding scene!? Where and how!? :heart_eyes_cat:


Yeah, you have to tame Hu and then in Chapter 5, I believe, you visit the Forest and ride Hu with Lenny


Wait, what?? Are you kidding me?


And how do I visit the forest? :expressionless:


Did you bind the Asian dragon?

I believe that is all it takes to get the option to visit after the party.

You can talk about it with the elf girl, since she came dressed as a dragon it can work itself into the conversation.


@SabrinadizaLS I didn’t even know what saving system is used, so this is very helpful, thank you. I’ll add it soon.

@cookiemonsta The hair and Skyler errors are corrected now, I’ll see to the others when I get the time :slight_smile:

@GamerDude @Umbreonpanda Yes, there is a scene in which you ride Hu if you bonded with him as @L0G1C and @stsword said. If anyone bonded with Hu and didn’t get the scene let me know.


I didn’t get it. I bonded Hu hundred time before but never got the scene. :frowning:


So some people got the scene and others haven’t. I’ll take a look at the code when I have the time.

I have a question though, when you bonded with Hu in chapter in chapter 3, was your persuasion over 60? Though you can tame the dragon no matter what your persuasion is.


I don’t exactly remember, although I’m pretty sure that I did not choose that as one of my options. I just checked with Grey again and omfg, you just made the scene more sweeter.


Maybe it has to do with me being on mobile? :thinking:


Nah, I’m also on mobile


Just replayed the game and having my MC dating Grey and for a person insisting he isn’t boyfriend material he sure can be a genuine sweetheart when he wants to be. Like MC says “What a (cat-loving) softie” :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh even when you’re only friends with him, he can be really nice at times. It seems like he’s the type of person who doesn’t trust very easily but could be very protective and loyal of the few people he actually consider friends.

My main MC is usually really good friends with Grey (I think he’s the NPC I’ve the highest % score with). I really like their dynamic of being two snarky smart-asses with each other. ^^ The main difference being that my MC is very diplomatic and tries to be friendly with everyone and a lot less arrogant when interacting with others. She’s currently trying to romance Morgan. He’s adorable so far (and my MC is so aggressive when she flirts, I mean seriously the thirst is strong in that MC, it’s hilarious. :P)


@Umbreonpanda I’ll check the code again. I’m glad you like the Grey sleepover :blush:

@GamerDude @L0G1C I’m also on mobile and didn’t get the scene when I tried the game…

@Ventura Yeah, Grey only shows his soft, protective side when he gets close to someone. And cats :smiley_cat:
Your description of him as a friend is accurate, that’s what Dom sees in him and why they’re best friends.

I’m glad you enjoy the snarky banter, it’s fun writing it, and so is the aggressive flirting.