Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Yeah i also have no problem romancing Dominic, i actually have to avoid being too nice with him (same with Cameron) since i’m going for Grey and his stat keeps rasing with every interaction lol Not that i think it’s bad :3

Also, good start for the new chapter!!


I do the same things, but his stats always seem are still so slow to go up, especially compared to Grey’s is what I’m to say.


There’s some kind of error at the beginning. When I enter the lobby and a girl greets me. There wasn’t any bug before. I hope you can solve it. Thank you!


Hmm yeah you are right about that :upside_down_face:

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have enough interactions compared to Grey :thinking:


@Eli_Knight It was already explained by @Rebelgirl what was going on:


Thanks! I got it now. I didn’t read the post


@stsword So the clueless genius

@Morphine I hope you’ll find him interesting once he’s introduced :blush:

@VioletHikari @cookiemonsta There are more scenes with Grey than with Dominic, I believe that’s why progress with him seems slower. I’m glad you like the challenge though! :grin:

@blob Grey’s thirsty for love and attention. And hugs too.

I can’t give any spoilers, but it may just be that I like Alice in Wonderland themed things


@Nami Thanks!

Am I the only one or do Grey and Cam seem to be quite popular? I know other people mentioned them as favorite ROs too.

I’m still struggling with the code of chapter 1. I only wanted to add some variables, and then I decided to rearrange some things in the page, and now it keeps giving me bugs I can’t even find :cry: Do any of you know how to code or should I post in game development? I think I might know what the problem is but I’m not sure what to do…


What sort of errors are you getting?

You might’ve accidently deleted something or put labels out of order while you were reworking Ch.1.


The thing is chapter 1 was first coded by Roxy, and it was written in a bunch of text, if you understand.

I added variables for he/she/ze etc because she didn’t and I rearranged everything on different lines (text on a line, *choice on a different one, #… on a different one) and now it doesn’t work properly.

I’ve shut my laptop and it’s late in the evening here so I won’t be coding anymore tonight so I can’t send a photo right now.

The error are on lines I don’t have in the file, that’s the problem. There are about 900 lines in the file, but quicktest says the bug is on a line over 1000. I know Roxy said she did something with the indentation but I’m not sure what.

I hope you understand something, I’m bad at explaining.



Some thoughts
  • If memory serves me well, CS is very finicky when it comes to indentation, which means trouble if two people work on a file with different indentation standards. Did you try and keep the indentation consistent?

  • ESPECIALLY check in with Roxy about the indentation. Miscommunication is a common problem for code not working as intended. If you are not sure what Roxy did, that can spell trouble in the future.

  • It’s not a good idea to rearrange the code when it was working before, even if It’s a little hard to follow. What if you rearranged your code to what it was before?

I can’t do much more without a screenshot, unfortunately.


Hi guys! The link is now working and I added a few things to chapter 5.

Small update
Enjoy! :blush:


:grinning: I’m so glad that the updated link is up and running. There’s already so much to enjoy with the added details throughout the story, and even what I have already seen in chapter five I am enjoying. Care to share what your plans are for what happens between the MC and the person they call? Truly I was not expecting the possibility to flirt with the Nightmare.


I really like the small background story about Dom and Meg! and really looking forward to the sleepover :smirk:



it seems mc’s last name is always set to skyler



@TheAnalyst Thanks! The person who the MC calls will come over the MC’s place for a sleepover.
The flirting was @VioletHikari’s idea, and I’m glad I added it. Although the nightmare isn’t a RO, the MC can flirt with the nightmare just for the fun of it, or maybe try to seduce them.

@blob Then you’ll be glad to hear I updated the game with a part of Grey’s sleepover for MCs who are dating him :wink:

Small update
I added part of Grey’s sleepover for MCs who are dating him.
Enjoy! :blush:


no sleep tonight :smirk: by that i mean it’s 4am and i just knew this update :joy:

grey’s sleepover is just :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: question: do we have to date grey (or other characters) to have a sleepover? what about people pursuing morgan/evelyn/eva?


It’s midnight here and I’m lurking on the forum wondering if anyone is playing the update :joy: I’m flattered you chose it over sleep.

No, you don’t have to date Grey to get the sleepover scene, but the sleepover when you’re not in a relationship differs and is an opportunity to flirt or bond as friends (and I haven’t coded it yet).

As for Morgan and Evelyn, I thought the MC is not enough close to them to call them in the middle of the night, but there will choices to spend time with them. As for Eva, she’s in Toledo and will appear later.


Hahaha obsess much, i like the update the 1st one haven’t tried this next one.

Is it only grey?


Agreed. I was looking forward to that sleepover with Cam.


Heck yeah! I was hoping for this to happened! xD


@Karl341 I’m glad you like the update!

Yes, it’s only Grey at the moment.

@TheAnalyst I’ll code Cam’s sleepover after Grey’s.

@Umbreonpanda :wink: