Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Lamia, as in the baby eating snake vampire of Greek myth.t

Hopefully her nutritionist put her on a no baby diet. :slight_smile:


Her name is Lamia and I know Lucifer is in a relationship with her, which is why I wouldn’t have Skyler flirt with him even if she did have the option to flirt. She’ll still act like the biggest fan he’ll ever meet (like asking for his autograph and stuff like that), but that’s as far as I’ll have her go… until maybe (hopefully) Lucifer and Lamia break up, but what are the odds of that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right Lamia, apologies.


Not particularly, it just happened that they are opposite.

Perfect dog doesn’t exi–


Wait, never mind. I got to chapter 5 now. My computer was lagging and it was taking a while and I accidentally refresh the page. Also, if this is not too much to ask, but when are you going to enable a save system?


@Rebelgirl Something I noticed a while ago but keep forgetting to mention is that when you first meet the Chinese dragon his name is Hou, but whenever the MC is talking about him you keep calling him Hu…


Back to the topic of the Nightmare, wouldn’t it be fun if we could be the betrayer? Think about it, we join forces with Dominic and the others with the genuine intent of helping them with what they do, but after meeting with the Nightmare, you decide to betray the others! I think that might be a nice little twist, don’t you? Or, you could “join” forces with the Nightmare, make them think you are going to betray the others, gain their trust, but then turn around and betray them instead! Figuratively stabbing them in the back, or literally! :smiling_imp:


Honestly, I rather play as the neutral but your ideas is amazing.


@VioletHikari i like your way of thinking

honestly riding Hu is the best thing ever happened :cry:
Lamia was queen of hearts for halloween…the nightmare is a reference to alice in wonderland…I wonder… :thinking:
If the puppy is a hellhound then what’s the kitten?
Who you gonna call? ghostbusters



repeated line from previous page


@VioletHikari My cats can be little troublemakers too, but I can’t help but love them :heart_eyes_cat:

I added the choice to flirt with the nightmare :smirk:

There will be a demon RO who makes his appearance in this chapter :smiling_imp:

@stsword She’s been on a no baby diet for centuries :slightly_smiling_face:

Unlikely :wink:

@APHRussia Who is your MC romancing? I’m curious who everyone is romancing.

I’ll fix that. I did the same thing with Grey’s name, I kept spelling it Gray

I like your ideas, they’re interesting. Being the traitor would certainly be a nice little twist. Though you might end up double-crossed by the demon, or defeated by the team. Pretending to help the nightmare would also be risky.

@Umbreonpanda I’ll try adding a saving system.

Wonder what? :thinking:

The kitten is a magical cat.

Hi, guys! The link isn’t working properly at the moment, I’m tinkering with chapter 1 so there are errors. I’m too tired now to finish the editing tonight, but I’ll try to have it working soon, and with a small update too.


Since you ask, Cam is my girl.

The magic sword and the elf gal are also quite interesting, so I’m sure I’ll romance them one of these days.


Grey of course. I’m curious about the demon ro though…


It’s between Morgan (is that how you spell his name?) and Dominic. Occasionally it’s Grey, but only because it’s easy to romance him… now that I think about, why is it so easy to romance him? Shouldn’t he be harder to romance since he’s an ass? It’s always a pain in the neck to bring up Dominic’s affection, but it’s so easy to bring it up with Grey… I mean, just be outgoing, sarcastic and flirty and boom, he’s all yours! But with Dominic? ‘sigh’ It’s just too hard. It’s a good thing I like a challenge :wink:


woop woop! (Not sure if anyone pointed this out or nah)


i believe that is likely the reason why it currently says "Link not working"
Edit: sometime in the last 18-ish hours it broke i think.


Ah okay thanks, I honestly did not notice the change in the name. (It keeps getting longer… :neutral_face:)


Yay! I am so glad to see one of my favorite WIP update! I can’t wait to see the additional content once the coding error gets fixed.


bc deep inside, grey is thirsty for love :rofl:

@Rebelgirl that Lamia has something to do with the nightmare


And I’m thirsty for him


Hmm, I never had problems romancing Dom. I’m always nice to him , pick the option to hit the books and always choose the flirty options and in the party we start dating :relaxed:

He is very adorkable but my main is always Grey :relaxed: