Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting anything in a while. Roxy and I are busy with school, so I offered to take up coding the game to make things easier.

UPDATE It’s a small update, the beginning of chapter 5.

Enjoy! :blush:


Oh look, time to lose 3 hours of my life again! Keep up the great work!


If we had as a dragon pet this how I imagine it would be:


@L0G1C Thanks! But it’s a fun way of loosing time, isn’t it? :wink:

@OracleD3 That’s so cute! :heart_eyes: The dragon pet will be a mix of cat and dog when it comes to behavior.


Like the update!


I played as a male (this is the dragon capture scene).

“…this is my sister, Megan, and my team…”

That comma shouldn’t be there.

Left FOR Toledo.


I love the small differences in the update!




Not sure if I said this before, but I love how MC can reject anyone at first but end up together in the end. It allows the “opposites attracts” relationship and MC don’t have to agree with everything just to romance someone, or be flirty, catch my drift?

Anyways, I love the new update, you gave me an adorable pokemon, er…puppy, I named the puppy houndoom.


There…is a dog involved?


In the newest section you can pick up a dog or cat.

Hopefully they’ll get along with the pet dragon.


I had chosen the puppy option but it mentioned it as the kitten instead.

And this should be They.


@FutbolDude21586 Thanks!

@Umbreonpanda Thanks! Yes, there’s a dog involved, a hellhound actually :dog: Didn’t you get the choice with the cardboard box in chapter 5?

@APHRussia I’m glad you like it! Is your MC pursuing an “opposites attract” romance?

I googled Houndoom and it’s devilishly adorable.

@stsword We’ll see :dog: :dragon_face:

@DemonArcher13 Thanks for the catches! They’re fixed now.


Lenny was watching Carmilla, I bet he’s excited for the movie!!!:laughing:


No, I didn’t… at all. :cry:


You’re walking down the street in the rain after the sword mission. I almost missed it myself.


@Popi Of course :grin:

@Umbreonpanda You didn’t get chapter 5 at all?

@FutbolDude21586 What? I’m a little confused.


@Rebelgirl Sooooooooooo, will we be able to flirt with the Nightmare? :flushed:


@Rebelgirl Sort of hints as to where that scene is for @Umbreonpanda since they didn’t get that scene.


@VioletHikari Would you want to flirt with the nightmare?

Is that your cat in your profile pic? It’s cute :smiley_cat:

@FutbolDude21586 It’s curious they wouldn’t get the scene, the choice to adopt the magical cat or hellhound found in the cardboard box should appear in chapter 5. It’s the first chapter of the game which I coded and I’m not sure if everything is working properly.


Yes, that’s my little Opal (that’s her name). She’s a little rascal sometimes, but I love her to death! :heart:

Maybe? :wink:. Lol, honestly I’m not sure. For me, it would really depend on my mood when I’m playing this game. For the most part, I try to play my MC (whom I named Skyler Potter) as the shy girl who is slowly breaking out of her shell the more she hangs out with the others. But there are days where I play her as a more adventurous/brave character. On those days, I could totally see her flirt with the Nightmare, especially just to see what their reaction would be like.

Also, another reason why I want to know is because I am still a little sore on the fact that Skyler can’t flirt with Lucifer :sweat_smile:


I think that’s because he’s in a relationship with Lania (is that the right name?)