Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



In what? Do you want me to pick an actress for Evelyn? :confused:


Not necessarily. What I am asking about is only if you had a certain actress/model in mind for Evelyn, or whether you made your own imagine of her based on the description. From your reply to @Quaintrelle, I gathered you have a different view of the elf :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I guess I’ll go looking then


Does that mean if the MC were to be quite average in personality and intelligence that they would be the one person to stick out from the group?


Basically. Honestly, of the group, the least intelligent person of the bunch seems to be Megan of all people. Not that she’s dumb by any means, but compared to Cameron, Dominic and Grey, she’s definitely not quite as smart as they are.

If the PC is a nerd, he might have a somewhat easier time than someone who isn’t, in other words.


Picking the last name of Darcy comes out as Potter… Not to sure if it has been mentioned or not…


This was so fun to play through, I hope to see the bonded dragon again, it tugged at my heart more than it should have!
Though I must replay as I messed up the Halloween party with constantly going to other people in lieu of sticking with one, it could not be helped, it’s so fun reading everyone’s dialogue.


@Gregory_Pena Yes, Megan is not smart in the kind of way the others are, I understand what you’re saying. When it comes to booksmarts, she is mythology, folklore and fairytale savvy. She is good with people and action-oriented.

If the MC is that intelligent or a nerd, well, the team wouldn’t mind, because the MC would have other valuable skills.

@Dpwjeremy Thanks for the catch!

@Poetica I’m glad you enjoy the game! There will be more of Hu for MC who bonded with him. Do you have a favorite character? How about a RO?


To be clear, I never really meant that Megan was dumb. It’s just that her knowledge tends to be focused on other things when compared to Dominic, Grey, and Cameron, but she herself is quite smart in her own right.


I have never loved a moment more than when I gave my MC Soren the last name Potter, waved Lenny’s wand around, and had practically heard the moment the vampire decides to impersonate Snape as he said ‘Put the wand down Potter’ (I imagine he does a really-over-the-top version of Snape’s voice). :laughing:

Been enjoying the story so far; the characters introduced so far all seem likable in their own way (even Grey; he’s likable in a way that makes you want to have snark-to-snark battle with him in good humor), and I love dealing with the Supernatural beings with as much diplomacy and intelligence as possible. I can already see him and Morgan becoming fast friends the more he’ll get to spend time together with the older man.

Though I have to admit, I thought Soren was going to be screwed when I made the choice to grab the sword (like why did I even make the guy with average physical capabilities grab the enchanted sword). Now I picture the guy as being the type who is quick to think on his feet and follow through with a choice with no hesitation, but not exactly remembering what he’s able to realistically do in that situation (because thinking about a action and managing to actually do the action are two whole different stories). :sweat_smile:


@Rebelgirl I can’t wait! Hm, I really enjoy everyone each one brings forth fun exchanges. Romances though, I’m torn between Megan and Cam(Cam being who I had the highest % with), they both have their own quirks that makes me want to pursue them.
And Grey, hardcore bromance in my first playthrough.


@Gregory_Pena I understood what you said and agree with you, I was merely pointing out Meg’s skills that make her valuable to the team; and so is the case with an MC that may not have intelligence too high, but other sets of skills.

I’m glad you liked the scene! At first, the possibility of making a reference for an MC called Potter escaped me, but a user drew my attention to it so I thought, why not Snape?

If Soren is interested in learning magic, they could ask Morgan to teach him and spend more time with the wizard.

I was replaying Tin Star and Soren reminded me of the quote Fortune favours the bold used in the game.


Hey, any news? How is the game progressing? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t ask about updates and don’t post on WiP threads that have been inactive for more than 14 days, it is against the rules.


I thought it was 30 days…


No it is two weeks.
20 char


Hi! Progress will be slow, both Roxy and I are busy with school


Take your time! :heart:


Take all the time you need!


@FutbolDude21586 @Umbreonpanda Thank you! :blush: