Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



You’re welcome.

Oh, that sounds quite awesome. Is there weather kind of dreary and humid?

More than in the rest of the world?

Thank you.

The child would have some cool toys, and would most likely have to be in the most child proofed house to potentially account for two parents inevitably dealing with materials ranging from ectoplasam to fairy dust. Also the most awesome response to “What do your parents do as a job?” Which would be. “Protecting the city by building machines you’d see in Ghost Busters and figuring out how supernatural forces work.”


Grey will slowly open up to the MC, as @Gregory_Pena said, but it could be infuriating for MCs to keep facing his walls, but not a problem if they are stubborn. He is difficult, but hopefully it will be rewarding when he lets the MC in :blush:

I managed to make yet another one obsessed with the Time Warp :grin: Out of curiousity, have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

@pauleno2000 Hopefully, if Roxy manages to code it.

It’s been dreadfully hot, actually. It only gets humid when it rains. But it’s a beautiful, mountainous place.

Awesome indeed, but I doubt that they would be taken seriously by those who don’t know about the supernatural. Those who know, however, surely will be awed.


YESSS! Magenta is my favourite. Wouldn’t it be fun if some supernaturals were to resemble the Rocky Horror characters… :smirk:


I lean towards Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the sweet transvestite :wink:

It would Tim Curry laugh


Team Rocky…

And now I can’t stop picturing male MC arriving fashionably late to the Halloween party in nothing but gold lamé briefs and a sheepish grin.

So, Wilde, TRHPS, and Ghibli are all very inspiring to me. More references such as these and I’ll be wondering if I’ve been sending my dream references telepathically.

And as to who I dream as Grey?

Yes, all this talk of his mystery is dreamy and does wonders for my usually black heart. Although, I suppose I now have a grey heart, love’s dart and all. picsart_08-20-04-45-12

Grey: "No, don’t look at the painting!"
He moves to hug the picture but you pull the dropcloth off away, and in one tug it pools to the floor. Painting Greyson has his open arms draped in a neverending quilt and is surrounded by wee bunnies and marshmallows the size of pillows.
You feel the downy fabric enclosing you within strong arms before you can even turn your head.
MC: “Serial snuggler!” You manage to accuse breathlessly through a smile.
Grey’s voice vibrates against your skin: “You made me what I am…”


Aww. That seems absolutely adorable.


The MC would make quite an impression at the Halloween party. I’m sure Lucifer and Lamia would approve of their attire.

Perhaps I have a nightmare demon at my beck and call which enters your dreams and tell me your preferences :wink:

He’s certainly good-looking. Who is he?
Do you have actors in mind for the other characters, too?

When I’m writing Grey, I usually imagine Ian Somerhalder, as I think he can pull of that smoldering, cocky, rugged look.

The scene between MC and Grey is so cute and funny, and references the Picture of Dorian Gray :smirk:


For some odd reason, I can only image him being Rakan as in the bird guy in LoL.

…but with black and grey and white.


He has light blue eyes like Grey, and a confident smile and look.


Honestly, Rakan’s personality remind me a lot of Grey.


I haven’t played Lol, only heard of it. So is Rakan arrogant, mysterious and hiding a heart of gold like Grey?


Well in a way, yes.
Rakan and Xayah Interactions
Rakan Interactions
Rakan and Xayah Teaser


I was merely going to assume you have quality taste, but my dreams have rather been 90% nightmares these last few months…

and now I am truly envious of your dark powers…

Actor Giulio Berruti of Italy. 6’3" or 191 cm. Intense swagger game on lock. Just the kind I would marry if I were the marrying kind.

Apparently I do now. :blush: Though, I gravitate more naturally to models rather than actors–the more obscure the better as I have a tendency towards more symbolic interpretations of a character.


Jeff Tomsik


Chrissi (Tanya Markova)


Charlotte Free


Sen Mitsuji



Ashley Moore


Brent Clancy




Madalina Ghenea


Aiyana Lewis


Leslie Odom Jr. was one suggested visage as Lucifer on the WIP Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil, and yet I did believe his Supernatural elegance was far more suited to your “red-eyed handsome Dementor”…:wink:


JiHye Park

I also recently discovered Greyson’s (our most beloved of dart-playing snipers) surname Fletcher has its origins in arrow-making. Clever, clever.

And a happy forum anniversary to you! {{curtseys}}


So many cute people. Hot damn.


Other than Evelyn who also happens to be my favorite RO, I agree with all your picks


Especially Jake.

Well, don’t leave us in suspense. :slight_smile:


He has beautiful eyes.


I also just realized that pretty much all the characters on the team could technically be viewed as nerds in one way or another. They’re all pretty smart, and they have a lot of what would be viewed as unique interests.


@Umbreonpanda Thanks for the links! I’ll watch them when I have Internet powerful enough for Youtube.

That too :wink:

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having nightmares! I hope you’ll have some sweet dreams! (Maybe of Giulio Berruti as Grey?)

The team will start having nightmares, though the cause is supernatural

I searched him on Google and oh my! :heart_eyes:

As for the cast, they look so gorgeous! I don’t know most of them, expect for Madalina Ghenea, the Romanian model and actress (we have the same nationality) and Leslie Odom Jr., as I like Hamilton very much, and his character in the musical, Aaron Burr, is one of my favorites. Also, I think he has a beautiful voice. I can certainly see Leslie as Lucifer :blush:

Jake :joy: I don’t know what I expected, after all, I wrote no description of him yet.

Cat Dorian Grey is just…:heart_eyes_cat: That smile is so adorable, he can almost fool me into thinking him innocent.

Thank you! :blush:
At first I was bewildered as to why should there be a cake beside my username, then I went to my profile and it dawned on me.

I agree, now you piqued our interest.

Indeed, they’re a team of intelligent and quirky people.