Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



Ah yes, the mind palace. A wonderful place that is.

(In the situation of MC dating Cameron.)
Megan: It seems similarities attract just as much as opposites.


Poor Megan, having to deal with two absent-minded geniuses


Totally! My favorite part so far is when it was me and her hanging out at the office, the “do you like me?” note was an expecially cute moment :heart:


Soon that will apply to all of the team, with certain MC’s. Certain personalities could make things interesting for the MC to have. Such as the MC being flirty with the whole team, I wonder how much tension that would cause.


I also like the idea of Sherlock Holmes type mc(I like inteligence and rationality) he is my favorite character from all the books I have read(probably L and Conan are his closest second). But hadn’t Sherlock Holmes said that being in relationship will affect his ability to solve cases, so he will never be in any.
I think the elf will be better romance option for Sherlock mc as she is old and can understand absent mindness.

@Rebelgirl but that type of mc will require more subtle flirtings than bold moves.


I do think of something slightly similar to that, except for Grey being somewhat younger and the hair being a tad bit wilder and longer. Along with that, I also see him as the kind of guy who could have a five-o-clock shadow and he could grow a good beard if he were to leave it alone.

Grey is also a bit mischievous and certainly not one to spoil secrets, but in my mind, he is fundamentally a good guy, hiding some kind of secret so painful that he refuses to share. That’s just me though.


True. Sherlock is a man married to his work, and his sexuality has been discussed for quite a long time. My personal conclusion being he is asexual, but biromantic. Although I compare a potential analytical role for the MC to have with being the Sherlock of the group I really only mean his skills and capabilities since I play my MC with a more cooperative and light hearted personality with a high intelligence and perception stat. Which is why I play with Cameron as the love interest most of the time, and also sometimes taking interest in Dominic.


If the MC is not in a relationship, the team just accepts that the MC is flirty, but if the MC locked in a romance with someone, flirting with the team or others, they could receive interesting reactions

I’ve only watched BBC’s Sherlock tv series and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies (and read a simplified version of a Scandal in Bohemia while learning English and another few stories) but I love Sherlock in both versions. Also, L is my favorite character from Death Note, I can’t help liking smart yet socially clueless characters.

Yes, Sherlock did say that- but what I’m referring to here is the MC being the Sherlock of the team as in being analytical, as @TheAnalyst said

The flirting I wrote so far seems to be either bold or bashful, so I’ll write some subtle lines, too

Right on point. Grey is hiding a secret, and he prefers wrapping himself in mystery than giving explanations, and well, he is quite used to not saying the truth


Grey isn’t really honest. To put it bluntly, he’s a liar, but unlike a lot of liars, I feel that his lies are motivated by good intentions as opposed to bad ones. I also feel that his whole “devil-may-care” attitude is a coping mechanism that he adopted to deal with a rough hand that he was dealt. Perhaps he suffered some kind of deep betrayal or some kind of loss, probably that of a loved one or a close friend, with whom he developed a close relationship, and the loss of that person ultimately led him to become more aloof and distanced for fear of getting too close to someone and then having that person either abandon or leave him.

Basically, his whole aloof, distant, lonely rebel personality covers his true personality, which is far more vulnerable than he would like to reveal or admit. Until he feels a closeness to a person—a person whom he can feel that he can confide in and express his sorrows—a person in whom he could reveal his vulnerabilities—he will continue to maintain an aloof and distanced demeanor.

This is all just guessing though and I could be totally wrong and just overthinking things. Who knows.


That is a very excellent conclusion which I have to agree with. It’s even supported by the circumstances of his upbringing and general circumstances as well as behavior during his childhood. Which could very much be the circumstances that caused that loss or was the result of them.


That was my take on it from having read the game and seeing how the character interacts with the PC. He has a sense of braggodaccio, of a sort of swagger to him.

At the same time, however, both Dominic and Megan mention that he is a good guy. Especially from Megan, who dislikes Grey intensely, it does suggest that he has a nice side.

Plus, in most interactions with the PC, he might look angry, but he has never really been mean to the PC.

Along with this, a later statement by him stated that he didn’t feel that the PC would want to probe into his past, suggesting that he wants to keep his past obscured.

This, coupled with the fact that he is mentioned as being a rebellious kind, yet also an intelligent guy (he studied Chemistry in college for crying out loud!) suggests that he perhaps had to adopt a different sort of persona.

These things aren’t ever explicitly stated, but the hints are there in the game; you just have to be really observant.

As to the personality, he lived in a poor neighborhood, and perhaps felt a need to adopt a tougher personality not only to compensate for the loss of someone but also to avoid being called a “nerd”. He may not be quite as smart as Cameron, but he’s definitely a smart guy.

But all these other aspects bring him back to the past, which he does not yet want to face, and since he cannot face it himself, he does not want to share that past with another, especially since he views it as highly likely that he might lose whichever person it is who he shares it to.


@Gregory_Pena I won’t say much about Grey yet, but I will tell you some parts of your theory were right, and I like how you picked up on details.

Dominic is the best friend he found in Boston is which he confides, with who he lets down his defences. It wasn’t easy for Dom to do so, but he saw something in Grey, and he knew there was more to him than a haughty rebel.

Megan doesn’t like Grey so much because when he befriended her brother, she thought he’d be a bad influence on him, and she knew Grey hid something. He didn’t open up to her, but she caught glimpses of his gentler nature.

Morgan, also, knows Grey’s true nature and his vulnerable side, being the friend he made when he came to New York.

The MC can discover Grey’s true nature befriending or romancing him; despite always keeping his walls up, he wants to let the MC in, but he’ll have to trust them completely first.


There is an idea I have been considering for some time. Though this mainly depends on the mythos of classic horror stories and how they would come into play, if at all in a story like this. What if as a kind of counter team to the one MC is a part of there was a group of classic horror characters who were akin to a kind of crime syndicate? For example, the leader would be the boogeyman and be a very cunning and authorative individual who leads his team with various skills as a counter to Dom? Bloody Mary could be an individual who seems nice and easily approachable, but actually uses magic (if you’re going based on the legends that portray her as a witch.) Or going based on the legends that base her off Queen Mary of England, maybe supernatural forces kept her alive through many years which could allow her to train in various fighting forms and she could be a counter to Megan. The Wolf Man could be a monster in control of his transformation so that his bestial form could be used in combat while using his human form as a disguise, thus being a counter to Grey. Now a counter to Cam I am more speculative about, the best fit would probably be Doctor Frankenstein resurrected through the use of his own experiments and more akin to the maniacal character seen in the movie as opposed to the man regretful of his ambition seen in the book. However the gender matter if wanting to be kept more consistent could make Cam’s counter be a female, but much more obscure mad scientist such as Olga Romanoff or Zalma von see Pahlen. A counter to the MC faces a similar problem if there is a wish for gender consistency, but I think the best choice would be Dracula since having had so many adaptations have made him quite diverse and genderbending them could be fun. To match a intelligence oriented MC, Dracula could be portrayed in classic book and movie depiction as cunning and planning. For an action oriented MC, Dracula could be portrayed with a more combat focused interpretation such as Alucard from the anime of the same name. Not to mention how Lenny could be an important ally or enemy depending on his relationship with the MC. A mummy is also an option for a counter to the MC that I have considered since they’d simply have to be someone resurrected from a culture that practiced mummification, and could have any combination to mirror the MC from there. Although I imagine them to be named the Night Terrors that would be best fitting if the team the MC is on is called the Night Watchers. A good sense of build up would be having each member of the team face their counterparts individually on a solo case, and later talk about it with the team to know what’s going on. Later a case could come up in which the opposing teams would face one another and be a kind of skill test.

I also wanted to offer a fun suggestion to my fellow fans of the story. How do you mainly play the MC, and based on that description what kind of funny or otherwise entertaining situations have you thought of happening in the story if you had control of what happened in it? These can be based on skills, personality or any combination the MC may have. For example, the following is a situation I have thought of before based on an intelligent and analytical MC in a relationship with Cam who I imagine would also have a full or makeshift laboratory to examine evidence and magical items. To make the script format simple the MC in this case will be referred to with the gender neutral name of Alex.
Dominic: What did you find out about that gem we found at that golem hideout?
Alex: Well good news, it’s not an illusion creating artifact. However they do make an excellent energy source.
Dominic: It must be what they’re using for power. We’ll have to track where they’re getting them as soon as we have a lead.
Dom steps out for a moment
Alex: Hey Cammy, I found the perfect battery for your new stun ray.
Cameron: Oh, it’s so pretty and sparkly too.
picks up gem
I finished that specialized lens for your microscope. Come on, you should take a look.
Takes Alex’s hand leading them to the workshop
Megan: Eavesdropping
I swear, if those two have a kid they’ll be smart enough to bring world peace or take over the world.
Grey: Well I’ll keep the latter from happening and make sure no bad influences come around.
Megan: You’re a bad influence. They’d be better off with me watching them.

Mentioned child could be conceived or adopted.

General shenanigans others have considered among the team or on a case would also be fun to hear.


Interesting idea. It would be like how Moriarty is a consulting criminal, in contrast with Sherlock being a consulting detective.

This counter team case could be added as a chapter in its own right, or I could work it in the already planned chapters. There is a case which is not fully developted at the moment- a case which is not so much a case- but I think I could fit in your idea with it. I’ll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

You mentioned Dracula as the counter of MC, and I think that would be fun.

I am Roumanian, from Transylvania. I haven’t read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the character is inspired by Vlad the Impaler, voivode of Wallachia and the Dracula name actually comes from the Order of the Dragon. I was fascinated by him in History class, as there are many legends surrounding him.

I’d love to hear them too. xXOtakuKonekoXx also wrote me some between her MC and Grey at some point, it was fun reading them. I like your scene with the team, Alex and Cam are so sweet together, helping each other with their work. Also, Meg and Grey’s exchange was funny. Can you imagine the couple raising a child? Cam would keep tinkering with the child’s toy to make them into cool magical toys.


I love your analysis. Grey is definitely my favourite RO.

I played the updated demo for the first time today and YASSSSSS MC WAS ABLE TO KISS HIM! So amazing. Simply fabulous. Brilliant. I was screeching. I was a bit put off by his it’s-just-fun attitude at first, but it got better, especially because I understood it’s just a defense mechanism (which is still unhealthy though). I hope he’ll let MC in more with time. :heart_eyes:

Now I’m downloading the Time Warp thanks to this game.


Based on his character, I’d assume that he probably will, but you’ll have to deal with quite a bit of frustration and disappointment before he gets to a level where he would feel as though he would be willing and able to confide in the PC.

On that note, what did you like about my analysis exactly?


If I weren’t ready for frustration and disappointment (and weren’t accordingly stubborn), I wouldn’t continuously choose Grey as my RO. :sweat_smile::wink:

I especially liked the part about why he might be that aloof and what it might take for him to open up. I generally always like analyzing characters who aren’t what they seem/characters who hide their true nature and the reasons for why they might be doing so. I dig the tragic-backstory type, whoops.


To be fair, I went out on a long shot, but two things in particular stuck out to me. First of all is the fact that he is incredibly evasive and reluctant to open up to anyone, suggesting that something happened where he got too close to someone and a betrayal or disappointment of sorts occurred.

The second thing I noticed is just how smart Grey is. He studied chemistry in college (a subject not known for its ease) and appears exceptionally well-read. He also is shown to be very knowledgeable about history, in particular the Victorian era. This all suggests that he is smarter than he likes to let on, but tries to show it subtly.

Those hints led me to piece together that he probably was a nerd—a studious, bookish one—growing up until something happened. What exactly happened though, we of course don’t know yet.


Would it be possible to add saves?


Couldn’t agree more, my friend