Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



i was trying to input my own cosplay but i keep getting this.

Also, will you be putting a save file index?


Thanks for catching that, I’ll tell Roxy to fix it. As for the save file index, I told Roxy about it, but she’s having trouble adding it.

Roxy said she fixed the cosplay error now.


The magic that can teach you Morgan, is the same magic that can teach you Evelyn?
And you have to be in a relationship with one of them to use it?


Greetings. Something I’ve been curious about regarding this game is whether by the end of it the MC will have a more official role set in the team depending on their skill set or choices throughout the story. For example, perhaps it’s something more official like handling more scientific aspects of investigations such as sample collecting and processing or seeing how magical spells and properties affect certain areas. Or even managing the team’s filing system on each case and profiling more consistent culprits and clients. Another possibility could be a kind of unofficial role such as being the moral compass in the five man band.
Possible Five Man Band:
Big Guy-Grey
Smart Guy-Cam
Heart-MC (Possibly? Mostly depending on skills and choices.)
Another example could be a analytical investigator, the one who puts everything the team has gathered so far on a board and tries to make connections to find another lead when the team gets stuck.


I’m curious about this as well :thinking:


@Max_Varon Morgan is a wizard and he is good at charms, spellcasting and rituals, while Evelyn is an elf and her magic is nature inclined, elemental and potions. They both teach you the same things though, with a little bit of variation.

You don’t have to be in a relationship with them, you can ask them to teach you in chapter 5. Learning magic with them does bring you points that could help you romance them.

@TheAnalyst Hello. That’s a great question. The MC, being the newbie, does a little bit of this and that- desk jobs with Megan, field work with Grey. Frankly, I haven’t given it much thought, but MC can surely play different roles in the team depending on their skills. I will add some choices to let the MC take whatever official role they want in the team. As you said, MCs learning magic could investigate magical leads, intelligent ones could play an analytical role, persuasive ones could interrogate suspects and witnesses.

I remember reading about the five man band on TV Tropes, so I went and reread it now; the trope inspired me to make the team. The characters do blurr the line from time to time, though. I do see Meg a little bit as Heart and Dom and Brawn, and I see Grey as a Lancer sometimes, despite not being the co-leader, as he is hot-tempered and arrogant unlike calm, polite Dom. Cam is no doubt the smart guy.

The MC could certainly be the Heart, especially if they built strong relationships with others or are persuasive, and become the most influential of the teammembers.


That all sounds quite promising.


So if we choose to learn magic we will be a wizard, or a simple “magic user”? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Besides that, if we learn it, we will be aging like Morgan and have his lifespan?


Has anyone else thought about the concept of the team and the description of the characters and imagined something like this?

Ok, maybe Grey isn’t too much like Shaggy, but the rest share more similarities.


The MCs scooby!!!


I suppose Grey could be the villain unmasked by MC’s love to reveal a champion cuddler:
“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling kid…”


Wow! I wish I thought about something like that, what a wasted opportunity!


Makes sense, I always did think Daphne was cute :wink:


While I do see where the idea of a Mystery Inc. version of the team stems from they seem to only share superficial traits. When you compare the groups of characters and their traits it doesn’t hold water, but admittedly both Velma and Cam are my favorite characters from their respective universe.


I’m not fond of the depiction of Grey in the image. I view him as pale-skinned, but not grey in skin tone. I also view him with deep blue eyes and dark black hair that swoops over his face in bangs and is a bit on the shaggy side, as well as a good deal of stubble.

He’s definitely an interesting character, though I have a soft spot for the brooding loner trope.


@Max_Varon Morgan is a wizard by species, so the MC would be a magic user, but could be informally called a wizard or sorcerer.
The MC could learn some tricks about how to keep their skin young and stay in good health :wink:

@MockTurtle The drawing is so lovely :heart_eyes: I liked Scooby Doo a lot as a kid.
It’s funny you drew the team as the Mystery Inc, as in chapter 5 someone, who is the fourth male RO and will play an important role in the plot, comes to HQ and compares the team and the members to the meddling kids, and he does so just as you drew them

Grey and Shaggy both have wild hair and are tall, but that’s about it

@Quaintrelle That’s so cute :hugs: Grey’s cuddly side finally revealed

@Lizzy Then you find Megan cute, too? :wink:

@TheAnalyst That’s true, they’re not very similar, but the mystery solving can’t help but make me think of the Mystery Inc.

They’re both smart and cute

@Gregory_Pena I couldn’t help but imagine season 4 unkempt Sherlock when I read how you see Grey


Exactly. I have a thing for intelligent characters, and intelligent people in real life as well. Especially when they also happen to be adorkable.

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Grey would be an interesting depiction. Funnily enough one of the roles I imagine the MC could have is the Sherlock of the team. Just sitting at their desk with the evidence in front of them and walls covered in pictures, maps and lines with pins to illustrate connections in order to think of a lead when the team gets stuck. This would also entail performing experiments to process the evidence and learn about supernatural principles.


“Brainy is the new sexy”- Irene Adler
Intelligent people are fun to be with because they’re knowledgeable in different things and can have interesting conversations.

I can just imagine the MC sitting in front of the investigation schemes with their hands in a steeple and expression pensive as they consider all leads, evidence and suspects.

This reminds me of how Sherlock turns the aparment into his lab


First. Nice use of Sherlock quote. Second, I’ve always thought brainy is sexy as does anyone who’s ever been with me.

Imagine them introducing themselves to a newbie. It would probably be along the same lines as Cameron, except instead of being pulled away from their workshop they’d be pulled away from the deep intricate depths of their mind.

Yep. That would very much entail taking on such a role.


It would probably play out like this:
MC is standing in front of a complex scheme, when Megan approaches with a stranger
"Hey, MC," Megan begins, but you interrupt her, “Not now, I’m in my mind palace.”