Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 26 July 2018]



@AAO But the sword will be a RO when she returns later in the game :grin:

Now there are four female ROs and three male ROs, and I’m planning on adding a fourth male RO. He appears in chapter 5 and is centuries old.

@RedWindmill There will be a sleepover the characters didn’t plan in chapter 5. MC has problems sleeping so they can call a teammate they get along with/date. If you’re dating, the scene will play out differently. If not, there will be the opportunity for friendly bonding or flirting.

If you locked in a romance there will be additional small scenes with the RO, scenes with them and cases where you choose to team up with them differ. If you don’t lock in, you can flirt and hang out with the ROs.

Later in the game there will be a date which will be the second lock in point for those not already dating. If the MC is already locked in, the date will entail the same activity as the lock in date but be a little different.

Do you have a favorite though? Someone you’re more obsessed with? :grinning:


I’m probably most obsessed with Grey :slight_smile: I just really love characters you have to put an effort into getting to know, it makes the end result seem all the more worthwhile and realistic to me. I enjoy finding underlying depth to a character that might not seem apparent through your first interactions and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of that with Grey if you get into a romance with him. I tend to play as a shy, very easily flustered MC so it’s super interesting to see him interact with her.

I also really love Megan, she’s sweet and adorable and I really like ladies who can kick somebody’s arse. I am actually really excited to see Morgan and Evelyn in future chapters! I’m really curious to see how their romance plays out.

Honestly I’m just really excited about the whole thing!


Forgot to say this earlier, but that’s what I meant when I suggested matching costumes. Like, for the Adventure Time costumes, you could always have the MC dressed as either Finn or Fiona, or something along those lines.


I see, I misunderstood

That’s exactly the choice I added :grin:


Sweet, I’ll check it out after I get off of work today :grin:


Oh, no, I mean in my word file, not the link, I didn’t send Roxy the edits to code yet. I’ll tell her to do it when I’ve written some of chapter 5 :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. Well, I still look forward to when it’s in the actual options. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Rebelgirl remember to add a choice to flirt with my sweet… i mean Eva before she goes away? pretty pls?


I will, I actually thought of adding a choice to interact with Eva during the case :slightly_smiling_face: How could I say no to that cute kitty? Reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek


Its his nephew Fluff Boots…


Why not have Eve go to the Halloween party? That way the MC can flirt with her and dance with her. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see her dressed up in a costume?


Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face: Eva can put off leaving to Toledo


Oh, before I forget, I’ve been meaning to say this before; every time I interact with Morgan at the Halloween party, and you describe his costume (hook and all), I can’t help but imagine him as a hot version of Captain Hook…


wich Toledo, as in toledo , spain? old arab city? :thinking:


That’s what I had in mind when writing it :smirk: Here’s a sexy Captain Hook

Toledo, Spain, where she was crafted by a wizard. I choose the city because it’s renowned for the Toledo steel and sword making.


Toledo, Ohio… (USA)


The funny part is, I’ve seen this picture several times before, so when I was doing the playthrough with Morgan at the Halloween party, that was the exact image I was thinking of when I was imagining his costume! Now, my question is why don’t you just flat out say he’s dressed as hook in the party? Why just say he’s dressed like a pirate?


thats why i said wich Toledo, spain or usa… but is spain… she did refer to this —>

:heart_eyes: i love medieval history, nice to know someone else that is pretty knowledgeable in that…:smirk:


@VioletHikari Initially I had him dressed simply as a pirate, but as I started to describe his outfit, I realized I was writing a sexy Hook. I can edit it and say he’s Hook :slightly_smiling_face:

@FutbolDude21586 It seems America has a lot of cities named after Europeans ones

I love history, and medieval is one of my favorite periods :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello guys!

Small Update

Enjoy! :blush:

The game hasn’t been updated with chapter 5. I wrote some content to chapter 1, a conversation with Lenny and Eva at the Halloween party, more Halloween costumes and some edits. I told Roxy to add Eva to the relationaship stats.