Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]

i have the screenshot of the said scene that Escanor described. it’s particularly confusing for me since i chose a mocktail.

Screenshot of said scene



Thanks for finding those bugs and typos! I’ll fix them as soon as I can!


oh I really like this game! tho I thought that knight costume is more gender-neutral tan masculine that and that it would be nice that they/them pronouns are added soon!

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I will say this while I could do 2 of the 3 choices the first option has in real life I wouldn’t as my alarm is my phone as I got rid of my alarm clock in the early to mid 00’s. I did throw my old alarm clock occasionally though…just to get the angry noise demon away from me early in the morning on the days I didn’t wake up fully coherent.

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@CitrusTabby The knight choice should be nore neutral, but I can’t remember how I wrote it so it probably doesn’t come off that way. I’ll rewrite it.

@Drakeye I imagine the mc has an old alarm clock cause at the time I wrote it I liked them a lot, I even got a Barbie one when I was little, but once I heard what a racket it made I decidesnit would be ornamental. I could change it though so some of the choices say mc has a phone alarm so no throwing against walls or windows, and keep those ones too.

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no no the way you wrote it is fine! I just thought that instead of being on the masculine costumes category it would fit better on the neutral one!

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Oh i love this , the demo is absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for the full version. Keep it up im so excited for this to come out😍

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@CitrusTabby I see! I forgot it was in the masculine category, I’ll change it to neutral!

@Idon_t_havaname Thank you! :blush:

Can you romance your roommate? and I love dom …his character, he is such a great r o

Theres an error, when you’re at the chinese café with Megan, and she asks you to dance, if you choose to look loongingly after her, and then chose to dance with her anyways