Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]


“…the redhead is a gentle, friendly man… Dom is rather nervous, but likes being in control.”
Guess you could say he’s a bit of a gentle dom–

I laughed at my own pun for a good few minutes… Help me.



The Dom questions in the drinking scene is still broken, yes? Or did I click on the wrong link? It only lets me ask him 1 question before it being over…I figured out that if I saved Megan’s questions for LAST, it wouldn’t bug out, but I cant get Dom to answer more than one still

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@Jender Yes, it seems it’s still buggy, but today I’ll get a chance to fix it since I’ll take a break from exams.



Whe choosing not to tell cam that the mc is worried that cam might overwork herself, this choice here makes no sense

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Oh no rush…do what you gotta do! :heart:



@Noah Thanks for letting me know, I’ll rewrite it.

@Jender So it took longer than I thought because of exams, but I think it’s fixed now :slightly_smiling_face:



Ruuuule. :heart_eyes:

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I’m the only one who cannot talk with Meg after your first mission?. Its like the game freeze



Is The whole Dominant Meg and Choker/Collar in this version? I’ve been gone a while

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@Lian Does it freeze when you chose to talk to Meg?

@Jeruspi Not yet, the scene will be later in the game.

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@Rebelgirl exactly. I can talk to everyone except for her, if i choose to speak to her, after or before i speak with the rest of the team, the game freeze, or at least the page freeze, and if i refresh the page i have to start from the beginning



I get an error message and have to restart when i try speaking to meg as well

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I love it I was so into the demo that when it ended I wanted to cry, I can’t wait for the full release I’m going to keep my eyes on this gem.

I also love that the MC has a personality like Shy/Confident & Sarcasm i hope you keep aspects like this in the final release.


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I actually like this idea too it adds a little more depth to the MC.

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Hi guys! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve been busy with university exams, but now I have a free weekend.

@Lian @hapamama93 I haven’t fixed these bugs yet, but I’ll look into them!

@babyboy524 Thank you! :heart_eyes: I’ll certainly keep those aspects, in fact I want to develop them more so the player can shape the mc’s personality! Also, I’ve been thinking of where to add the height choice, and I’ll try to add it soon.



I love books that gives your character more depth it adds to the replay value & how were exams?:blush:



I love it! Hoping to read the full version soon! The concept is so good i am screamingggg but when i tried the dem and i picked the ‘Pick cds with Megan’ it popped up an error.

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